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  1. The Mega Man III intro theme! Though I've never played this or any of the other Mega Man games (other than Maverick Hunter X for a few minutes), I've always enjoyed their music. Especially this track. Starts off kind of slow and dramatic, then POW! In comes that galloping rhythm that metal guitarists love so much. Just a wonderful bit of music that lends itself so easily to heavy rock covers and remixes.
  2. I'm reeeeeeeeally liking it. Finding it hard to stop playing sometimes.
  3. Just bought the Digital Deluxe edition and am installing it now!
  4. That is very weird. Anyway, I got my package today from my French Santa. Clothing, food, AND literature! A thanks and a very Merry Christmas to the Merovingian.
  5. Shipped! Should arrive in a couple of days.
  6. I'd like some bathroom vgm.
  7. I like good comics and good books. I have mostly fantasy books but I'm up for reading anything good. I'm also always buying strings and picks and stuff like that so gift cards for Musician's Friend, Sweet Water, Zzounds, Guitar Center and other places like that would also be great.
  8. That was me! And yes, it was F'ing awesome.
  9. As I remember it, people posted wish lists and stuff last year and the year before.
  10. Hnnnnngh I can't wait for the the dragons 'n' shit. Plus, there's dragons 'n' shit.
  11. I had finally tried a McRib last year and it made me a little sick. Figured it was just bad luck and wanted to try one again but I'm a veg now.
  12. Yes, I would definitely grab a nice preamp for your mic. I have one of these. They're pretty great, you can blend between tube and solid state.
  13. Fucking. FUCKING. AWESOME. Even if you never get to play!
  14. Ernie Ball strings for life! 10-46 for standard tuning on my Strats and Ibanez, 11-48 for standard tuning on my Gibson SG, and 11-54 for lower tuning. Green Dunlop Tortex picks, .88mm.
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