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  1. Visitor messages, brodude.

  2. Nowwwwww! (6/1 is the original final deadline)

  3. Hiya, unfortunately the statue's already been claimed. Sorry!

  4. Doing the Soul Splint thing and letting you know I added you to my 3ds list. Need more Bravely Default villagers! :)

  5. Thanks so much! The whole album is awesome, but I might be biased :)

  6. By June do you mean June 2013 or June 2012? Currently the inbox is clear through January 2013, meaning that if you submitted in June of this year we have not gotten to that point in the inbox yet. If you can tell me the name of the track or the remixer name you provided I can look it up in more detail.

  7. Hey, you can resub your track whenever you finish fixing it up, and we will add it to the panel for judging. ~Deia

  8. Hello Kanohi, we can absolutely remove your submission so that you can put some more effort into it. Can you let me know what your submission is, and I will mark it in the inbox.

  9. Awesome! If you can, I'd love a picture of you wearing it!

  10. Resending with the link will be fine :)

  11. Hey Ozuka, just letting you know, if OA didn't already, that your mix is indeed in the inbox. :)

  12. I see you voting! Nice work!

  13. No DA gallery (yet), just works with my name :P

  14. If you look at the Judging Process thread, it says what date we are up to for the inbox itself. Right now we are up to Jan 4, so if you submitted on or after that date we haven't gotten there yet.

  15. I do not see your submission in the inbox. Did you check out our guidelines page and follow those instructions?


  16. We were just playing UNO.

  17. Yep, cool people get custom avatars.

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