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  1. The title of my post's kind of ambiguous, but that's only encompassing way I could think of to describe this track. It's so many things, at once- relaxing, but it drives you while it unwinds you. I only wish it were longer. Hmm, it actually makes me feel like going across the bridge to Chinatown and eating something yummy on a summery evening after a thunderstorm or something ^^.
  2. New Junk City was always one of my favorite pieces of game music. I enjoyed hearing the opening so much in the game that I wouldn't actually for a few minutes after starting the level. I also OD'd on the MIDI. Really looking forwar d to seeing this get better and better!
  3. This is one the remixes that first brought and kept me at this site back in 2003... Westwood's somewhat forgotten adventuer series are hidden gems- they may not be up there with King's Quest or the Curse of Monkey Island series, but they're still fun, quirky and a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. The tunes from the first two games, which I played back when I was around ten or eleven, were quite memorable, and pretty catchy (I sometimes catch myself humming them unconciously). Ryan's remix exceeds the awesomeness borders by a few hundred miles, and then some. Gotta love that crunchy guitar! Now I wish someone would turn their attention towards remixing something from the Quest for Glory series, or the second Legend of Kyrandia game (Hand of Fate).
  4. This remix makes me nostalgic for the old early 90s TMNT cartoon =) And it also makes me want pizza.
  5. Stressed and not-yet burnt out from studying for finals, listening to this make makes me smile without trying, and makes me wish I had a singing robot = )
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