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  1. It has the Terminator theme, a wonderfully retro feel. Cyborgy goodness.
  2. The sea's not the only thing this calmed. I especially like the wave and gulls effects.
  3. Reuben's contributions will be sorely missed. One only wonders what he could've gone on to do.
  4. 8 years and counting, this is still awesome. Those whip-cracks, man - they make it rock.
  5. Feels a little Randy Newman'ish? Like it'd be right at home in a Pixar movie, or something. It's warm and comforting.
  6. As others have said, atmospheric, transporting, portentous...I find it all a little creepy to listen to in the dark. **turns the lights** That's better.
  7. Dwarves and Rock and ...saxophones? It all works. Remixes of rocking dwarf tunes are always a welcome tune.
  8. I love quirky mixes like this. A perfectly played-straight cheezy mix.
  9. This has a fresh, hopeful sound, perfect for mornings. A perennial favorite in all seasons.
  10. Makes for a chill Christmas morn indeed. Smooth, mellow stuff.
  11. This thread would notable just for orkybash being a first poster - I remember his mixes, his Ultima one is still on my playlist. This game's music didn't actually stand out to me - but I do have the tracks that play in April's room when you use her music player. Here's a sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLB6Q6PaIlY Even years and years afterwards, The Longest Journey is game with a great storyline. Any adventure gamer who hasn't should definitely play it, and its sequel, Dreamfall.
  12. Another Mixer I'd always hoped to hear more from. Great song. Hopeful, inspiring, it perfectly captures the uncertainties of life.
  13. Oh, McVaffe, your last mix was way back in 2008....come back and mix up more beautiful things like this. This piece is superb - deep, moving - it just moves you, man. You listen to this and feel nothing, you're not a man- you're a stone. And when that piano comes in...bliss.
  14. Definitely a classic - I dunno about dated samples (I can't tell) but it sounds good to my ears, smooth and mellow and moody.
  15. this reminds me of Tommy Tallarico's stuff fr the Earthworm Jim OST- the drums/beat. Good stuff.
  16. Garrooovy. Hot Ice. Perfect for chilling during these cold winter days.
  17. Still beautiful. Glad many early Mixes were not purged. Who can listen to this and not be stirred?
  18. Another "sonic gargle" mix - put this between other mixes as a sort of palette cleanser to help you enjoy them more. It's good on its own, too; but it seems to work real well scrubbing audio after-tastes from your ears.
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