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  1. What a great, relaxing, lovely mix. It feels like a country trip in the summertime, through rolling green hills under a bright blue sky = D
  2. Love the awesome thump-thumping beat. This woulda so psyched me to face Bowser or his kin (or run through a Vanilla Ghost House)!
  3. Listening to this makes me grin like a fool. I think I'm distracting other people in class.
  4. spacey and nice (0_0) hard to concentrate on doing anything with this playin heh
  5. Seconded, I'd love to here remixes from old Sierra adventure games!
  6. Like how this just carries you along in rolling but not too merry-over-the-top way.
  7. We need to swashbuckle to this kind of stuff. I totally digged the fx.
  8. No doubt it's Purple Tentacle's plan to take over the world with finely wrought piano mixes.
  9. *grooves* *shake* Woo! Woo! (yeah!) edit: 12/01/2010, 5:56 PM EST: **still grooving** **still shaking** Woo! Woo! Yeah!
  10. Didn't feel crazy about the ''lost your touch'' sample. Otherwise the song was fine. Didn't quite get the same vibe of ''chill'' tho'.
  11. Oh Robo, you're totally IN the party, man. Er, robo. Robo-man. You know what I mean. Lucca+Chrono+Robo = Fire Zone FTW
  12. It's surprising there are so few comments on this song! I do wonder what's out west for K' tho'...
  13. Love the music hate the ''rise from your grave'' phrase. HATE. Only djp song I don't have =p
  14. I SOOO used to play this game ALL the time back in the day. I doubt ppl would find it impressive these days but it was SO much fun.. http://www.mobygames.com/game/nes/solar-jetman-hunt-for-the-golden-warpship/screenshots
  15. Defintinely the kind of mix that transports you. I can't decide whether it's more evocative of dune or jungle crossing tho'.
  16. Excuse the corny phrasing, hah. This has been on my playlist forever, and with good reason. Tis awesomely relaxing.
  17. Nice groove to unwind to, I always have a hard time describing music but ''really really good'' never suffices..unfortunately it'll have to here.
  18. This is such a relaxing, smooth song. Makes me just unwind. Avien was clearly a very talented person. The world is a nicer place for his having shared with us things like this before his passing.
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