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  1. You can see the fighters, as wind-up figurine-dancers, acting out their conflicts across the stage upon the music box that is the world of Eternal Champions, forever locked in grand duels....blah blah this is awesome. Listen.
  2. Is awesome in its own way. Or they're all awesome in the same way. They're either good music ramping up to beating down some street thugs, or winding down from said delivered beating whilst overlooking the city skyline-by-night. Preferably from a bridge or rooftop. This is squarely in the former category.
  3. MOAR Ryan8Bit. ('< . . . Love the drivin industrial crunchy rhythmz.
  4. when driving and walking around at night, usually across the river from the City, on the emptier side-streets, just me, the street lights and the occasional late night bus. It's perfect for that.
  5. Although a decidedly simple tune, this has only grown more appreciable for me as the site's aged and taken on a deeper repertoire of more polished and sophisticated tracks. I'll echo the sentiments already expressed about wishing it were a little longer, but that's what looping is for, heh. A soft little tune to play at the end of a day. Or around a late spring dusk.
  6. Very relaxed. Sounds like it'd make great bgm to any classic Leisure Suit Larry game, actually.
  7. Great work, Mr. Rock! Look forward to hearing more.
  8. somewhen, this is the soundtrack to an awesome futuristic conspiracy 1st person RPG. Deus Ex 4?
  9. This is so addicting. A work of staggering brain melting awesome. LISTEN TO IT NOW.
  10. This was my favorite NES game EVA. I loved the into, the bgm, the story, the gameplay. And this remix made me love it all over again.
  11. Great flow, great backing, great mood, the lyrics tell a great story.
  12. Love this. This waltz does just fine on its own- it rocks out far too hard for polite company, anyway.
  13. !!This should stay up for all time just because of how awesome the intro is. Nostalgia-funk all the way.
  14. Like powdered creamer, this is insta-zen - add beat, stir, and: enlightenment (or at least an artificially close suitable approximation)
  15. I'm sure I'd like it even more if I was familiar with the source tune. It's good "focus" music - by I feel like with the fade out at the end, it doesn't pan out/end as satisfyingly as I'd like.
  16. A nice little jazzy pieces that conjures images less of bar hopping than perhaps sitting in a crowded lounge, chatting it up or dancing over a drink or two.
  17. This makes me blue, because djp was feeling blue at the time. I should hope he's a lot less to feel blue over, and much more to be proud of, these daus : )
  18. Definitely liking the 1st half more than than the second, and both tunes don't feel as well integrated as they could be. Still, anything than showcases Auron's tune is a welcome addition.
  19. I love this and that Linus Spacehead mix. They're very...galactic. Cosmic, even.
  20. This is brave, and I can hear the earnestness of the singers coming through. The lyrics don't get to me, but the singing itself is lovely.
  21. Love the Celtic variations on Suikoden's OST. This is great music to start any adventure with.
  22. There isn't one SOR mix on this site that I fail to find completely and utterly awesome. This is certainly no exception! DA and ambient take an already incredibly catchy beat and make it downright infectious!
  23. DA's vocals are like a cozy, soft blanket, just wrapping you in a perfect mood listening to this.
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