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  1. Ah, chill, electronica, ethnic, synth - these tags describe my favorite remixes. Another Soundscape lives up his name, because that's what he creates best - beautiful, enveloping, encompassing, expansive soundscapes. Just listening to this puts me into a sort of reflective, ponderous, negative thoughts-turned-positive trance everytime.
  2. Love these ambient electronic beats. Highly recommended for chillaxing.
  3. jazz piece sounds great during the holidays - this one is no exception. Jazz and Zelda = great combination.
  4. A nice staple of my holiday mix playlist, every year. The bells really do it. Happy Holidays, all : )
  5. The word may be over used but this feels at once both epic and laid back and energetic, movie-score quality. Even better than, even.
  6. perfect to wander about beneath the falling snowflakes with this on
  7. Love it...but it cut off while I was listening to it off of rainwave cuz of slow Internet, wargh...must download and relisten immediately!
  8. this is what the Brothers Dragon chillax to, imaginably. Great work!!
  9. I miss Gecko Yamori's music...I wonder where he's at, or whether he still does remixes...(this song's nice, it prompted that thought)
  10. Aww..every year brings a crop of lovely holiday mixes, and I actually play things like Holiday Frappe and Super Mario's Sleigh Ride during this time of year : )...well they'll have good company in rotation on my player alongside this track! Great work !!
  11. So smooth, so alive, so mellow and yet present and active. Great work!!!
  12. Zangief Motif? Suitably subtle enough for a jazz rendition? Surely! Now Imagine the Red Cyclone, grinning ear to ear, snapping his fingers behind a pair of dark round shades...
  13. Someone please. PLEASE make a mix of a MegaRace track.
  14. One of my favorite games of all time. My favorite track from the game. I used to run around the Hong Kong level just so I could listen to this on repeat. And that dragon nano-tech sword was the shiz. GREAT WORK!
  15. Such a great track, so few comments - a testament to OCR's abundance of goodness!
  16. As the day I first heard it. One of my most favorite remixes.
  17. A perfect accompaniment to a summer's evening jaunt.
  18. Cinematic definitely describe this. Feels like a good theme for a cyberpunk thriller.
  19. This track kept me listening attentively - it wasn't content to sit on loop as background music to chillax too, no: it's busy, and got places to go and things to blow up (in an understated, relaxed, jazzy way). I only wish it were longer!
  20. This make me think of a cold uncaring future. But it's still a groovy one. There's rhythm but no passion, but that's the point. I listen to this when at work when there seems to be no end in sight to things to do but I'm not leaving any time soon anyway.
  21. If Eternal Champions' had an arena with fans or spectactors, this tune would be pumping through the speakers pre-fight, and they'd all be jamm-thrashing to it.
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