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  1. I really do think plants would grow to this if you played it for them at night I love how this makes me feel both calm, relaxed, and alert.
  2. is a pretzel that never gets stale, apparently, and neither do his mixes. Whether it's copious amounts of salt, or some secret ingredient, even the oldest of his works sound great to me. This makes nice work out music.
  3. and all tunes like it. More, please. The piano is simultaneously heart rending and stirring. This can soothe a sad heart, but also bring on the tears, if in the right mood.
  4. Love how this segues from orchestral to mad beatz. One of my "you think video game music is lame? Listen to this!" mixes.
  5. This is like a mental mouth rinse. It sort of leaves the palette clean, or resets it to neutral, which is good after putting up with a loud of noise or some such. Although there's no refreshingly minty feeling afterward.
  6. The video to this really is fun to watch! This is just like the site's two Passing Breeze mixes- lovely, laidback music for a a sunny, summery afternoon drive.
  7. This makes me want to simultaneously dance and fight gangsters. In Denim Jackets. With Mullets?
  8. Love the upbeat nature to this tune! Like good cheese, this is delicious and comforting.
  9. I don't think my ears are keen enough to notice all but the most heinous of poor quality samples used, especially when it comes to submissions from the site's early years. Held to the standards of then (as opposed to now, I like this. Alot of what was posted in those days reminds me not so much of professional, polished video game music remixed, but...like, video game music enhanced. This qualifies, and still deserves its space on the server
  10. This somber, evocative piece is great for these contemplative rainy days. Whether he's a girl or she's a guy, I'm glad DJ Redlight's got a plethora of mixes on the site, although ones hopes we'll see another posted submission soon (the last one was 2007!)
  11. I love this as much as Slow Moon Groove. And that's a whole lot. This comes on, and whatever my stresses, I reflect, I rewind, I unwind. Thanks you mv, thank you OCRemix, thank you Yuzo, for this.
  12. is beautiful to listen to if you get up to the sun rise with it, get ready early, and break into a run down some deserted streets as the tempo picks up. What? That's what I do when I listen to this, anyway
  13. I've had this on the playlists of my various music players for years - it's a shame the submitter never posted anything else (that we know of) to the site. I wonder if he has submissions elsewhere on the web? Indian dance fights? That sounds interestin'
  14. I also wanted to say thank you for releasing this, it's very pretty music that I love listening to. Thanks also for making it available via direct download - the torrent wasn't working for me.
  15. ....,./\ . ..//`-||-'\\ .(| -=||=- |) ..\\,-||-.// ..`...|| ' ......|| ......|| ......|| ......|| ......|| ......() i approve.
  16. Very poignant, has a nicely mournfully meandering melody to it.
  17. I consistently use McVaffe's excellent work to convince non-believers of the validity and awesomeness of video game music mixes. This track is no exception.
  18. Lemmings building their way through the world with this music driving them on would be so chill and focused that nothing could stop them!
  19. I immediately love this. Awesome mix. Kinna' makes me nostalgic for the ocremix era when Gecko Yamori posted mixes.
  20. Great beats. I love actually walking through my Chinatown with this on, especially on hot afternoons. Mm...dumplings *mind wanders*
  21. I miss the Gecko! His mixes are still on my playlists after all these years.
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