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  1. Yeah, I have to agree. A Sparkster mix would definitely sound neat-o! =D
  2. As I was watching the entire speed run of this NES game, it would sound cool if somebody could do an electronic and/or rock version of these two songs:
  3. Oh heck yeah, a remix of Top Gear Rally would sound great. I remember playing that N64 game when I was younger. =D
  4. Although I didn't play too much of AeroGauge when I first rented it a while ago, I would love to see a remix of this underrated racing game. In my opinion, it would be cool to hear a remix of the credits theme. For those who are going for that approach, if you don't know what it sounds like, either download the soundtrack at USF Central (the song is known as "sparse02" atm) or watch this video around the end by clicking this link:
  5. I agree. I still remember renting the two Snowboard Kids games on Nintendo 64. Great games.
  6. For many years, I kept trying to create a decent Top Gear 3000 mix of this song, but the results weren't as successful. Therefore, I decided to make a request instead: If anybody is willing to compose an electronic jazz mix of this old-school video game song, that would be fine by me. This would also sound sweet with sweeps, strings, synths, and pianos. Oh, and if you don't know which song I'm talking about, here's a link to SNESmusic: http://snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?profile=set&selected=3064 It's the one labeled as "Main Theme 1"
  7. Again, thank you! Also, I didn't think your feedback was harsh at all.
  8. Oh, okay then. Anyway, thank you for your feedback, Nubioso!
  9. Whoops, thanks for the reminder. I haven't visited the OCremix forums for a while... http://snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?profile=set&selected=3064 It's the one labeled "Main Theme 1". I hope this helps!
  10. After years of numerous attempts at creating a decent Top Gear 3000 mix, I finally went ahead and redid my old "Distant Technology" mix, using Modplug Tracker. It's not quite finished yet. Enjoy listening!
  11. Okay, I decided to redo one of my older VGmixes, just to improve further on my musical skills. =) About the VGmix, this is based on the hidden musical track in a PSX/SS game called "Impact Racing". Yes, I know it's obscure to some gamers, probably due to extreme repetitiveness, but at least it had a fair rating at Gamespot. =) Anyway, here's the link to the song on FileHo: Chill Down, Please v2.0 Also, if you want to listen to the original song, here's the link on FileHo: Original 'Chill' Song Any comments and/or suggestions about my VGmix? ~Rapidkirby3000 <(D_D)>
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