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  1. I'd love a sig using the crap from my favorite game of all time, san francisco rush 2049. here's a link to the cover of the box art from the game: http://juegosyvideos.com/Catalogo/San_Francisco_Rush_2049_NTSC_FRONT1.jpg if someone with their mad skills could drop my handle(in the font that they have on the box) where it says "Rush" and get rid of San Francisco and 2049, and the stupid dreamcast logo, I would love them forever. if you make other embellishments, that's cool too. thanks, guys.
  2. teh mix r awesome for drinking. can the djp alcoholic?
  3. reviewers giving stupid praise aren't doing anything any good, but that's not really the point. the fact that they are doesn't give you the right to say whatever you want. people who say "omg teh mix iz teh rox0rz!!!" aren't pissing anyone off. you are. omg I guess ur rite we r teh dumb, tho irrelevant. is DCT all the sudden a remixer who has all sorts of influence on this site as a postmaster plus, a judge, or a project coordinator? Oh wait, he doesn't, your definition doesn't apply, good bye. no offense to DCT, of course, and he may soon have influence if his own site gains some more deserved support.
  4. This really is groovetacular and can be enjoyed by any with the barest sense of rhythmic awesomeness. Dryness issues don't bother me, and neither do the samples of questionable quality, as they just add to the vibe. Problems? Drop the volume of the drums, man, they're dominating the song and aren't doing much. Every down beat I hear the same synthy drum crashing over the rest of the song. You don't even need to change the sample, just quiet the percussion! And vigilante is right. Cop-out ending, although the song is hawt to loop, which would make the issue more... negligable.
  5. you're entirely missing the point. your posts aren't criticism. if you want to criticize the genre, this is not the forum. criticize what you feel isn't strong in the song with respect to what the song could have been. this has been said a billion times, but apparently it needs to be said once more. Back to the song... the arrangement, when viewed in the scope of the genre, is excellent. the beat is strong enough to not even really need the rapping to be enjoyable. The different emphasises on various sections of the harmony and melody is very original. That being said, I would have liked a greater integration of the rap with the rest of the remix. Maybe during a refrain. Whatever, small nitpick. Thumbs up.
  6. First off, you're entirely right. Now I'll write a better review. Right off the bat, the strings sound very muddy. They need to be seriously played with and have been known to cause lushes to assume entire songs suck. The accompanying percussion seems poorly sequenced and lacks real oomph. The sections with the flute are MUCH better and do provide excellent contrast. Yuck, the same problems with the strings are there again at 1:30. The Nimbus Land theme seams somewhat better, but there are still an awful lot of problems with muddiness. Very few of the notes are nearly as crisp as they need to be. The insertation of the SMW forest theme is the first solid arrangement idea yet. Around 2:50 the mix is sorta sitting around doing nothing... maybe it's trying to come to a climax, but I have no idea because it's so muddy. There seems to be an *attempt* at a smooth transition at 4:20, but it really seems to jump anyways. The Forest Maze theme seems to be the best of the three, but it's also the song that has gotten the most coverage, which is dissapointing. There seems to be some attempts at reinterpreting the melody, such at the five minute mark, but to me at least they seem more like bad notes than genuine reworking of a theme. There is finally some real arrangement at 5:45. I like the chimes (although they are to loud), and it's unfortunate that they then quickly disappear. I really don't like the ending. It seems like you were finally trying to bring in some more arrangement, then the song died. There are some consistent problems, like the brass. Many of the issues here are similar to the ones with a previous submission nearly rejected by the judges panel. That brass sample that was pooped on is still being used very poorly. Furthermore, the lack of arrangement is really killing me. All of the SMRPG themes have an element that lends them very easily to remixing. Look at the two Booster Tower themes- they are both pretty short, maybe around :30, but they have produced awesome remixes here and elsewhere. You got a minute thirty out of Bean Valley. Each of these songs, by themselves, has enough material for a six minute orchestral piece. djpretzel said that these songs lend themselves very well to orchestral. That's true. However, if you strip away, say the addition of the SMW forest theme from the Nimbus Land section, what are you left with? An instrument upgrade. These songs were orchestrals to begin with. This ReMix isn't awful, but the fact that many are already refering to this as something a high school band would play is very telling. The entire song sounds somewhat amateur with awesome source material and phat samples.
  7. DUDE IT CAN TOTALLY BE THIS WITH MORE REMIX AND LESS ORIGINAL, TEH COOP, AMIRITE??? and yes, I was being half serious. I liked and could "hear" Synth Sonic"
  8. i'm utterly trashed but I can say one thing: the volume levels of all the instruments need MUCH better balancing. it makes incredible source material sound somewhat mediocre, the entire thing somewhat difficult to listen to, some of the samples sound awful, and as if it were trying to be someone entirely different. Get my gist? Sudden transitions and stretched samples does not a good remix make [/wingless]. EDIT: and yes I can still catch the referance to the smw castle theme. So for now at least, my opinion holds.
  9. When I said "almost" I meant how well she imitated the synth, not how close to the tone. I'll be the first to tell you that I don't have the musical ear the differentiate a quater of a semi-tone. The dissonance was in the original, and I don't think that was being acknoweldge. If it still is off considering that, then that is a perfectly legitimate strike against the mix. Well except for how the chords found at the very beginning in the song (and are subtly repeated during the mix) are an integral part of the original. All three of these aspects (the "oh-ehs", the marimba, and the introductory chords) are incorpoated into the new material as well as could ever be expected. Listen to how this chords that I mentioned are then transformed into the beepy synth (which I said before isn't the best choice in the world for this mix). If this is still a reinterpretation rather than an arrangement, there is no way to arrange this song. and give me a break about "almosty"... I wrote that 2:30 in the morning. I almost pre-emptively apologize for butchering any musical terms.
  10. Can the wingless djp? hawt song. Strings=awkward, but not as glaring as your earlier work. piano in second part should be louder. beepy crap at the beginning is a great intro, but it shoulda been brought down just a little bit volume-wise after a little. I just got a nasty urge to add a randomly selected dj shadow drumloop to the song and email it to you. not gonna happen.
  11. It does get a little screwed up around 3:40, but she's imitating the synth in the game. And ridiculously well. If you can drag your mind bag to 1998, it sounds almostly precisely as the effect in the forest temple. I'm not trying to claim that it is instantly enjoyable, but I think it is somewhat of a musical accomplishment. Except that was precisly done at one point in the source. It could have been better with a re-record, but this is not an issue with arrangement. The phrase in the original is the closest thing in the original to a "climax" . For such an important aspect of the orginal, I would have rather seen it leveraged more, not less. Blah.
  12. Gorgeous remix covering difficult source material. The use of in game music, vocals, and synths is cohesive, I can't see how this would be construed by any as a boderline case (I can see some people rushing to compare this to other remixes with the originals "rapped over"). Of course, the highlight of the mix is her voice. The fact that she inmitated the synth choir from the game I simply find amazing. For qualms, I think a slightly less buzzy synth could have been used to carry the harmony. Some warm pads would have been better intergrated into the mix. And although djpretzel suggests the lack of climax is natural in a piece like this, I really have to disagree. A slight upping in intensity, even if it was subtle, would have done wonders for the mix. I also think a little bit more could be done with the percussion, but that's probably just my mind subconciously forcing comparison's to "Frame of Mind", with which this mix holds some similarities. Wonderful mix.
  13. This is standard high quality techno fare from our good friend AmIEvil. What makes this one different and downloadable for the masses is obviously the bass. I mean honestly, if you have anything resembling a subwoofer, you won't be able to hear the melody since the bass is jacked up so high. The only reasons why this doesn't detract from the song are that it perfectly complements everything else AmIEvil used and that the bass is so wonderfully high quality. 6/8
  14. Loud, overbearing, and still somewhat fun. The instrument (whatever it is.. my ignorant self has no clue) that comes on at the beginning is blaring and annoying, but the rest of the song as a variety of well done instruments that paint a nice picture for the original. The best parts are undeniably the vocals, which for once at a tremendous amount to the feel of the song without drowning out the other elements. 4/8
  15. It's rock, but I don't see anything else recommending this. There are PILES of better smb remixes out there, so really don't touch this one with a ten foot pole. The songs are so poorly done that I'm 90% sure that the posting went like this: guy #1: Hey remember that time that guy told you to play super mario brother's music and you did? guy #2: yeah, so? 1: I recorded it. 2: And? 1: Well I found this site online that archives different video game arrangement. We should post it. #2: Video game Music? Ha losers. Well why not? It'll be good publicity for the band. 2/8
  16. When I've seen Ballad of Windfish remixed other times, it loses a LOT in the translation. Hermit though keeps the slow paced spirit and delivers the song wonderfully. The song takes a little while to get going and really does fall apart at the end. I don't care if it's supposed to sound neat... really dude you updated everything else beautifully, why not make the intro more majestic and screw that piss poor ending? I'd give it a much higher rating if you had. 4/8
  17. There's a fine line between creative, "hip" originality, and utter uselessness. I enjoyed LostWoods South Central fully, but I'm sorry dude, you difinetly took a major step back in both animal village and certainly here. The piano-ish combo of instruments blaring the same notes gets annoying after the first 15 seconds. The drums aren't bad, but they don't help either. But that "guitar" is a killer. I sounds like you're strangling a high pitched cat. Then Malcom X comes out of nowhere and starts going on about equality, but I can't even make out what he's saying. I'm not trying to knock the whole Civil Rights Movement thang either, it's just I think there's better and more deserving places than the goofy atmosphere of a video game remix. Oh... those sirens were pointless, too. I'm not trying to be the jerk that I usually am and offer some serious construtive criticism here because I really like your stuff. I have no choice though and give this remix a rare 1/8.
  18. Mmmmm... generic mediocrity. You know the drill. Techno-download-if-you're-a-fan-of-the-game-but-still-completely-disposable. The best part of the song probably is the title, which I find a bit humorous. 3/8
  19. Oh YES. This is my personal favorite on the site. Whenever you talk to me about any game samples, well applied techno, medleys, or great remixes, this will be the first one to come to my mind. This is my count of the songs remixed: Ghost House Theme, Castle Theme, Forest of Illusion Theme (better than da phunky forest), Donut Plains Theme... and I'm sure I'm missing one. So that's five songs remixed better than anywhere else. Did I mention the best-placed fx from the game ever concieved? Since I'm the most evil human being in the world, I have to state that the donut plains section at the end seems random, but I can't touch this. 8/8
  20. I'm not enjoying this nearly as much as everyone else. Sure the samples are great, but that doesn't make the song by itself. The utterly massive pauses are obviously there for affect, but there simply too long, especially considering that they happen 18 times. When the melody comes back the first time it's neat enough and the remix would have been short and sweet had it ended right there. But it doesn't. It basically repeats the first two parts again with the same instruments again, which just gets annoying. When you're listening carefully to this song you might be able to enjoy it as is, but I guarentee you it will be lucky to stay on your playlist for that long. 4/8.
  21. I could never really get into this song. All the random arrangements from zelda 64 seem well.. dry (GET IT? PUN?). It seems like AmIEvil was just mixing his way through it going "alright that's fun let's make a slow paced intro reminiscent to song of time... with some rain in the background of course... then more rain... then the actual song of storms... then more rain... then a poorly placed ending". Yes I'm oversimplifying terribly and being a complete jerk considering the exceedingly high quality of the fx and the instruments, but the "medley" of some sorts is formulaic and unimpressive. Vatever. 3/8
  22. How can you go wrong? Classic Christmas Music+Classic SMW Music+Dale North+Mustin=best mp3 medley EVER. Then again, it occassionally seems slightly forced, but it never gets too bad at all. I love the song tho- it's originality, faced paced, and FUN. TRA. LA. LA! 7/8
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