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  1. UGH. That's what most people say after downloading this. Well maybe. How should I know? What I do know is that bassline is terrible. On anything besides the cheapest computer speakers (AKA mine) the bass needs to be dropped to nothing. Otherwise the pain starts. Everyone in the world seems like they're obsessed with bass, so this is a bad thing for peeples. His other stuff is great but, really, even if you can get passed the bass issues, you still end up with a mediocre remix. 1/8- it would have been 2/8 but the voice told me otherwise.
  2. GAH... I'm not sure if I'm in love with this one. Djp tremendously overdoes all the (them) techno stuff in both volume and pitch. This is one song though that doesn't have that many other remixes to compare it with, which works in its favor. After the "oww my bleeding ears" intro, the song does bob along nicely with its classic melody. 4/8
  3. I reckon here I've found yet another high quality Super Mario RPG mix. I have to wonder why more people don't remix the game, considering the results are usually so good. I guess the song does sound expondentially better if you've beaten the game... though this song is one that takes the "let's update the instruments and do little else" style of remixing well. 5/8 (4/8 if you've never beaten the game, 6/8 if you have)
  4. This one's alright, but I think djp overrated another. There are simply better smb remixes out there. There's (them) techno effects everywhere to be seen, but they seem to be used to give an excuse to derivate the melody for the purose of extending it. The rest of the instrumentation is wonderfully accomplished, however. I recommend it, but not very strongly. 5/8
  5. AUTENTIC?!?!?!?!? YOU FOOLS, STOP SUCKING UP TO HIM, YOU ONLY ADD TO HIS POWER... I mean... uh.... sorry. Moo. I'm sorry, I just can't enjoy this one at all. I'm all for djp's style usually, but it doesn't fit at all here. The subtle change to the melody worked great in Pachabel's Ganon, but it screws it up completely here. There's like 5 acoustic guitars rambling on together at many points so I can't tell what's going on at all. For about 30 seconds in the middle of the song the melody is dropped more or less altogether in favor of further pointless derivation. I just can't see what everyone else sees in this remix. 3/8
  6. Streets of Rage 2 is probably the last game that needs it, but it's good to have another decent non-techno remix. I'm not sure if I'd really call this "jazz", but it's mellow and fun enough. Any of you anti-techno, "I run when I hear an artificial base beat" crowd should like this. 7/8
  7. Wow, I'm actually glad to hear a techno remix. This is by no means hardcore, but it's Zelda and not jazz nor generic quasi-techno. That should be reason enough for many to download it. 5/8. IT'S FUNNNN
  8. This is definetly the best Super Mario Bros. 2 remix in existance. It doesn't mess around with doing (them) fancy techno tricks and just sticks to giving the melody everything it deserves. I can't stop cynical self from thinking that there's something missing in this remix... though my complete and utter lack of music knowledge keeps me saying exactley what it is ... 7/8
  9. Ug. I'm not a fan of this one. This must be djp's turn to mess with a classic theme terribly and screw it up just for the sake of it... jk, djp.... NO PLEASE DON'T EAT ME WITH UR PRETZEL POWERS!!!... uh.. more specifics... the actual "Russian" instruments are unbeliavably annoying and only detract from the song :vomit: . The techno stuff is decent, but that's a dime a dozen around here. I guess if you spend enough time listening to it, you'll get treated to some fun effects at the end. But then you'd actually have to realize that you're spending a large amount of time in your life trying to find out what's good in a remix of a tetris song. You could just get a regular hobby instead , but I think we've all been down this road before. 3/8
  10. honestly, who doesn't have this now? I know people who never have gone to this site but downloaded it from kazaa. That's all besides the point.... this stuff is great original fun. This should be everyon's first downloaded mix. It was mine. 7/8
  11. EXCELLENT FUN FUN ORIGINAL. This song works on a great many levels. It screws the whole "let's change the lead instrument to something slightly better" idea and takes the original, which immediately lends a nostalgia factor. The background instruments are all of exceptionally high quality. Each time the song deviates and decides to do something completely different it actually sounds right. 7/8
  12. THIS is one song out of the many that is actually suited to having a techno track forced onto it. The original was somewhat sparse, so adding the random techno junk works for once. NO I'M NOT TRYING TO ENCOURAGE YOU PEOPLE TO MAKE MORE TECHNO REMIXES. I'm just saying that it works effectively here. I especially love the beginning tho... mmm... volume control. 6/8
  13. oh zut alors this is good. It's jazzy, it's fun, it uses techno effects without sounding forced and moronic. This baby has it all. My only quibbel (which I admit is probably bigger than it would be for most people) is that it strays (HA PUN ) so much from a song I truly enjoy. 7/8
  14. Ugh. Everyone's applauding a song I don't enjoy at all. Though you could argue the lyrics make this original and different, then I guess I'm not that interested in originality after all. The lyrics quickly lose their novelty and I usually lose interest before the song is over, you know with the incredibly annoying melody BLARING in the background. Wait, did I just call a classic video game tune "incredibly annoying"??? AHHHH KILL ME 2/8
  15. Methunks that djp overrated this one a little bit. It's s'more of that wonderful techno fun for about the first 1:10, then it FINALLY goes into the theme we know and love. BUT THEN AFTER ONE LOOP IT STOPS. That's simply inexusable. There are much better darkworld remixes out there, so I'd only recommend this to absolute hardcore zelda fans. 3/8
  16. AAAHHHHHH IT'S ROCK WITHOUT A STRONG TECHNO INFLUENCE!!!!!! WHAT HAS THIS SITE COME TO?? This is a simply beautiful remix... I love it. It NEVER drags for a second, it NEVER does some random (them)techno effect just for the hell of it, it NEVER gets annoying.... unless of course you weren't in the mood for a (seventies moment time) rockin' loud good time. 8/8
  17. I don't want to have to so outwardly say this, but this is probably McVaffe's worst work I've downloaded. BUT IT'S STILL ABOVE AVERAGE. The piano et al. are excellent, but after the first minute and a half, I wanted the song to go further. It never does. I'm sorry, you can't turn a 30 second loop into a 5 minute song without more variation no matter who you are. There is a coda of some sorts, but it occurs only half way through the song, then the thing more or less loops entirely. Well, not quite, but it seems like it unless you're listening intently. Nevertheless, I'm just nitpicking because I am once again a jerk. 5/8
  18. THIS IS MOST LIKELY THE BEST VIDEO GAME REMIX IN EXISTANCE. This is one song that djp puts it all together to bring us what video game music should be. Yes, there's the techno junk that I have a natural aversion towards, but the song is neither relient on it nor does it stand out from any of the other instruments djp uses. You just got to love this, folks. The songs remixed themselves are so tightly wrapped up with original pieces that djp could probably publish this without nintendo knocking on his door... 8/8
  19. I originally thought that this would be gimmicky, but after time I have come to enjoy this remix. It has neither the annoying techno beats or the candy canivalish flavor that most have. Kudos to you, M.S. Mehawich, for doing something different and enjoyable with the Mario Theme. 6/8
  20. This is a marginally generic remix that I would only recommend since Saria's Song remixes aren'te extremely prevalent. The song does have some enjoyable aspects to it and manages to avoid getting repetitve despite being such a short loop. 4/8
  21. I playes Zelda 64 repeatedly for 2 years, beating the game over and over. Through all of that I though that the shop theme WAS the chicken dance and nintendo just ripped them off. I excitedly downloaded this soon after I discovered this site, got up to dance, and found out THAT IT'S NOT THE CHICKEN DANCE!!!!! THE HAND MOTIONS JUST DON'T WORK.... wait, that didn't sound right. Anywho, there's nothing wrong with this remix, but it does have that bland, generic flavor. It seems like the dude just messed with the instruments and left everything else as is. Oh well. Moo. 4/8
  22. AAAHHHH!!!!! NO REFERENCES TO COWS, YOU FOOL! Umm... that randomness aside, I feel that this song should set a true example for all other remixers, even those without vocal talent. Fart jokes and poor random humor made cartoon network popular, so why not use it to expand our little community of video game music. 7/8, only because he runs out of things to say at the end and repeats himself
  23. All of you, be quiet! Are you here to review and post supposedly constructive criticism or to complain about mislabeled music I liked this a lot.... but whether or not this guy is on drugs is completely different matter. Best of all, it's not techno, nor does it have anything resembling techno. It's short, fun, and simply beautiful. 7/8
  24. I like this... I like it a lot. I may go as far as saying it's arguably the best zelda overworld thing on the net. The (them) techno-ish effects are actually incorporated seemlessly into the song. I guess that would make it unique. I'm only not giving it a perfect score because I'm a jerk. 7/8
  25. I certainly enjoyed this. There isn't that many other remixes of this song to begin with, but that's irrelevant. I don't think this is quite as "repetitive" as some others believe it to be. I dunno what else to say... whatever... fun for the whole family. 6/8
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