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  1. if I were to make a list of arrangements that I would actually consider art, this would be towards the top. a beautiful composition.
  2. dood that's Chrono Trigger noob Did someone fucking mention Chrono Trigger? I'll be actively shunning WIPs and other filters that come out of this project for maximum surprise effect months down the road. bLiNd for the win. Edit: Oh, and make the Turks / Shinra / Rufus Welcoming (if it's in) fantastic! Actually I could name at least five RPGs featuring dudes with spiky hair. But I'm not going to so HA!~ *wants to sing for you guys * WE ALL GOT THE JOKE THE FIRST TIME AROUND STOP KILLING IT.
  3. that made me cry a little on the inside. don't tell virt or gwilym.
  4. Even in a compliment, I dislike you. No problem. What does this have to do with anything though? I was talking about your piano music. He's saying that even when you're giving a compliment, you manage to be insulting. backhanded compliments lol. This was one of your better pieces, certainly karl. but the criticism I have is "MAEK UR SONGS LONGER PLZ" It feels like the song is just taking off when it ends. My favorite of your works, Suicide for Two Pianos (ocr submit??) takes all of its ideas and climaxes beautifully. I WANT THAT IN THIS. kthnx.
  5. "Shane" uses phat b33tz. I'd pretend I know what I'm talking about to give "criticism" but that would be a silly sick joke on par with Gigli. Ok fine, I will. I want more instrumental variety considering you used drums, bass, and two synths for the entire song. I want a break from your infatuation with that sine wav. Ben Affleck lol.
  6. just to be contrary, I will claim the opposite of what Liontamer is saying. I think that folks in this community are far too lenient on vocals because of the "OMG VOCALS. OMG PROFESSIONALISM." factor, judges panel included. But that's just me, and I'm n00bfaceX. etc. etc. anyways, I thought the intro was pretty neat, but I can certainly now hear that it is a bit sloppy on the performance side. That's more because Darangen did such an incredible job arranging this song into rock. When I first heard this via vgmix, I was flat out amazed that you pulled it off. The original is no Castlevania; it hardly screams for electric guitars. The only thing I didn't really get was the ending, and I was very suprised that the judges neglected to mention it. It has nothing to do with the rest of the arrangment or song as a whole, feeling both extraneous and superfluous (I'm assuming you haven't changed it since the vgmix version, on which I am basing my review ). A fade out would have made much more sense. One of my larger issues though is the singing, but I wish to say it isn't predicated on the way your voice sounds. I thought the faster portions of the chorus simply needed more takes. Seriously dude, it sounded like you were slipping over words at certain points. I'm glad to hear that you're taking singing lessons, but this work could have certainly benefited from more chorus and doubling. That will probably be true for the arrangment no matter how good you get; it's just the nature of the song. However, those are my sole criticisms and I would have said this in a review a while back on vgmix if their account activation wasn't so gayed up. With improved vocals and a real intro and ending, this song would be up there with Pillar of Salt. Seriously.
  7. Maybe that's what I ended up doing. Been so long I can't remember. All I know is I saw a little shiny thing on the ground, walked over to it, and next thing I know I'm fighting Lavos with no gear and my lvl below double digits. wuss. zeality would have one. I coulda took him Zeality has never finish Chrono trigger BTW. no u
  8. Maybe that's what I ended up doing. Been so long I can't remember. All I know is I saw a little shiny thing on the ground, walked over to it, and next thing I know I'm fighting Lavos with no gear and my lvl below double digits. wuss. zeality would have one.
  9. Both the leads -the sax and the guitar- have incredible tone. I disagree with djp about the bass; I thought it makes its presence known and drops out when I feel it should. The strings provide adequate harmonizing akshun when they're there and I think the loopiness of the drums doesn't detract from the song, but the acoustic strumming leaves something to be desired. It is very reminiscent to Roetaka's Dreaming by Your side, and he got criticized strongly for that. This is still my favorite rendition of relm though. Nice Work.
  10. Does that mean he sounds like Larry? That's a burn If I've ever heard one! I sound brown!
  11. I'm not too crazy about this one. Everything sounds pretty low fi and the sounfield feels pretty empty. Many of the samples are downright awful- for example the strings- and in desperate need of humanization. A lot simply doesn't sit very well in the mix. The various little synthy ornamentations sound haphazadly pasted around at :45-1:30... and more or less throughout the song. I like the use of a breakdown to emphasize melody. The groove is pretty reasonable, and the drums do change, but really, that's all there is positive to the song. I actually don't mind the compositional choices 3:50-4:10. It was a nice breakup from the rest of the song and was probably the best segment in the arrangement. I feel this is well below the bar. The production doesn't come close to even say, BitMap's BottledMetro, and the arrangement doesn't come close to making up for it. Sorry.
  12. that's pretty good, but I'm going to wait and see if anyone else takes a look at it. Thanks.
  13. to the relief of many. I finally wish to get rid of the seizure sig. that sig is an edit by joyzilla- . I do, however, wish to change my forum name to "The Existentialist" In reference to that, I provide the following picture of Albert Camus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Camus.JPG and http://online.chabotcollege.edu/shildreth/isls/gifs/camus-albert-03.jpg finally, I would want a "theme" of loss in a meaningless world, if possible. Think of the vibe in, say, ICO, as what I'd be going after there. Part of that would probably be the use of the font in the Chrono Trigger title screen with the words in the title being swept away. Also, here is the original cover to san fransisco rush 2049: http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B00004TTTQ.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg that's a lot of random ideas. I'll be VERY pleased if anyone can pull ANYTHING like that off.
  14. It always takes me a full month before I enjoy a shnabubula mix. Probably because they have actual complexity and meaning and so on, instead of just being... sonic shiny rocks. Sonic shiny rocks have their place, but in the long run, shna's music rocks. QUIET, N00B. POSTMODERNISM ROCKS, TOO.
  15. !Nekko!. you're a cool dood. work on something and submit it to oc regardless of what direction the project takes.
  16. Very nice. Compares favorably to Brinstar Dreams in Red, which is saying a lot because of the similar style and the amount of talent that was behind that one. You mentioned the guitars sounding repetitive, but I think their problem is the constant fretting noises everywhere. Shoulda slid into those notes instead. (RIGHT, VIG???). Also, I thought even given the genre, the intro was a bit long. I thought the lowfi synth used for the breakdown at 3:15 doesn't do a lot for the piece. A breakdown there was definetly necessary and well timed, but I would have liked to see some variety in the percussion or just a straight guitar solo instead. You should have probably thrown in one more interation of the melody there at the end, too. The song just ends too quickly. I would have also liked a greater incorporation of the "B" section of the melody. Its use here is pretty limited. Excellent production. Nice Work.
  17. I love the ridiculous lyrics, and teh beetz fit the paperboy mood perfectly. All of the instrumental backing is pretty awesome. I don't have any problems with your voice, but there does seem to be a few icky slips here and there. Noticeably at :45 and 3:18, for example. There are some pretty impressive parts, especially 2:06-2:30. The doubling and the sustained notes could have used more work/takes. Nice work, Benton Quest. You just need to rework Hyrule Session and submit that. Obscure reference +1.
  18. I'd be in on this in a second if I didn't suk at music. Best of luck.
  19. I'm feeling this. I wish I were more familiar with the GBA Zelda theme, but I LOVE how the OoT was handled. As noted, it was conservative, but it was given such an emotive, warm flavor to it. I know that Gray mastered/fixed this and I didn't see any comments from the judges about this, but I heard some major clipping, especially on the left late in the song. I usually don't get many false-positives from my headphones but I don't know. So, Dhsu, when are you going to rework Woods of Healing?
  20. Wow, nice work. I liked this a bit more than the judges did, although they gave pretty good marks. The texture here is gorgeous, and the genre adaptation you pulled is pretty darn nifty. The soundscape is immense. I love the compositional choices of the various times for breakdowns and when to throw in the chorus, especially at 3:15 and 3:40.
  21. I may have posted earlier but I'm not very familiar with the source tunes. I also may have posted earlier if I thought I would have anything meaningful to contribute. The vibe that each of the selected instruments portrays is not something to be missed. The bassline is funky-fresh, the accordian and violin combo gives the melodies a unique taste, and the drums are fantastic. The only choice I question is the harp around 1:45. It could have probably used a bit more humanization. Or I could be dead wrong, as I said, this song is too good for me to be able to meaningfully critique.
  22. Neskvartetten is a band, not a person. "Ten Rupees" is truly great... although I still think that "Ganon's Temple" is a step above everything else. Oh, and this song is like two years old. afk.
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