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  1. Yeah Haunting Grounds wasn't for everyone. It's pretty fast to go through.. and even then the endings varied little.. You had the "bad" ending which was pretty warped and twisted. Then the "others" varied by changing of time and added one short added swing of the camera to something about the castle. Overall it didn't feel all that satisfying to beat.. Though the characters were pretty warped.
  2. You're making real good progress. On a side note, I just beat Disgaea 3... twice. Two total endings unlocked. Putting it down myself to move onto some 3DS games I have backlogged before I even consider grinding to 9,999.
  3. I feel ashamed.. I watch you pushing along.. yet here I am.. still playing Disgaea 3.. in chapter 6 now. You move at a pace every few days.. I move at a chapter pace every two weeks maybe.. Curse these RPGs and my addiction to stat grinding to superiority.
  4. Beating The Lord of the Rings volume 1 on the SNES using no passwords other than the ones I myself acquired without any of my companions dying for the best ending.. Playing that game in itself was enough to make me feel life wasn't worth living with that music.. and those caves... OH GOD THOSE CAVES..
  5. Ahahaha.. so true. I have a total of 19 games backlogged.. the problem is the games I have are long ones.. Like Tactics Ogre for PSP I beat Chaos route recently at 236 hours so far.. still have two routes to go, and a ton of extras.. then to make it worse.. I started Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention.. 117 hours into it and only in Chapter 5.. so... addicting..
  6. I've not tried Lost Odyssey but looking up some of the music it doesn't sound too bad at all. And as for Tales of Vesperia I wasn't too impressed with the music at first.. then I ran into https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F7qoeBOhBo&feature=relmfu And was rather pleased with what I heard. From then on out there were more tracks that began to stick out in my mind. Was a real good game.
  7. I laughed so hard at this I just about choked on my Subway sandwich.. Thank you for making my day.
  8. Nick Hyral

    Diablo III

    I've actually been playing D2 again with a friend and I am enjoying it.. But as for D3 I'm not really excited, seeing as the original team that made D2 so great has since moved on.. and with the quality of WoW as of late I just can't get excited for this game. Not sure I'm even going to bother picking it up at all.
  9. I love my 3DS... Was just wondering if anyone else has tried the new Resident Evil? The online mode isn't anything special but I've had fun with it so far.. Over all I would recommend it.. even without the pro circle I'm managing just fine.
  10. Sadly... it's pretty accurate early on anyway. At 28 I see some activity. But even then it isn't all that much. I wasn't fond that they went with the Conan system and instanced groups.. I'm on Tatooine and on a PvP realm I've seen one Jedi in the entire zone.. was the first PvP encounter outside of a BG. Was a bit of a let down.
  11. It's not a bad game. I only have a level 28 bounty hunter and have yet to finish my class story.. or come close at this point. But the story is pretty good. I'm not exactly sure why either, but having some interactive conversation makes it more tolerable to collect 30 bear asses than just getting a text box you click "accept" on and then opening your map to see where you go to start shooting. My gripes with the game are minor really.. Graphics stuck on medium no matter what you do with it is a pain, and the lack of music is just... nerve wracking I guess. You get a whole 20 seconds at times of music and then an hour or so of just your blaster fire before the same 20 seconds loops around again. But again.. Minor. I'm liking the community so far, and the game if nothing else is a wonderful diversion from World of Warcraft for awhile, if not permanently. As for that dance video.. people won't get banned for that but you get suspended for making fast credits using the trade channel/AH system.. right...
  12. Personally it is all rather confusing. The thing I can atleast understand as being together would have been that playing OoT up to the point of you being an adult.. Was that we got the ending where we smack down Ganon. However, Zelda gave us the option to return to our childhood before we pulled the sword. Instead of making that choice, Link moved on to Majora's Mask.. where after it finished.. Link never returned, whether he was stuck in the alternate dimension of Termina or returned to continue his search for Navi is beyond me.. But the end result was Link not fulfilling the ending of OoT which lead to Wind Waker occurring. To me, that makes sense anyway.. Always has after playing through all the games. At that point I haven't so much as really linked a Zelda together since the first two, and Link's Awakening. Which even then had me wondering if the first happened and Link took a break from Hyrule in Awakening only to return in II to realize the nightmare he encountered that took form of Ganon as a foreshadowing of his possible return.. or if he beat Ganon in one and thwarted his attempts in II and then proceeding onto Awakening. It just doesn't add up to me to have a time line where everything fits.. and I think I'd rather just leave it to my skepticism on how it all fits and just enjoy the game as I always have... whether they connect or not doesn't change the story telling I return for.
  13. Gone through it here recently.. Was definitely worth every penny spent. I liked the music, the controls handled nicely.. and the levels ranged from fun to downright challenging at times. The games I've gotten so far has never made me question buying my 3DS.. now if only Nintendo would give me some Majora's Mask in 3D love..
  14. I can definitely say this is... different.. Kinda gives me a silent hill tranquility vibe. Clean it up, and with a bit of polish this has potential to be something nice. I like it. Though for me things being repetitive never really bothered me the way I can listen to a song on end over and over in the background. Keep at it. I'd like to see where you take this.
  15. Closest I can even think of a Final Fantasy song that resembles it is when the guitar plays.. I instantly think of "The Landing" From Final Fantasy 8. And even then it's just a short set of it that sounds the same.
  16. I agree, when it comes to music.. yes you've been in the industry with some game music.. But.. making a living off of it is a dog eat dog world. I voted, and let my friends know. Checking the other entries out in the top five, I'm not very impressed. They have some nice voices.. but they lack a presence and "body" so to speak. Definitely supporting you. And if nothing else.. I may not get this game.. but I want this song.
  17. Five.. Five birthdays. AH AH AH /lightning Happy birthday everyone. Hope you had some good ones. Or atleast had some cake.
  18. So it isn't worth picking up as it stands now? Fair enough. I guess WoW can tide me over a bit longer until something else comes along.. It's just a shame.. I enjoyed FFXI but if this one is still shaping up, I suppose I'll just pass on it until more people look into it. It would be nice to start it up with some friends to group and goof off with.
  19. I had seen a post about the game going free to play indefinitely? Or was I just misreading? Haha. I'm a tad tired of WoW and could use a change of scenery.. If it's free, and shaping up to be better and better as the patches roll out.. I definitely wouldn't mind giving it a once over if we have some members who are into it.
  20. Very well done.. I even paid special attention to the pistols used. At 1:43 as he shoots each crew member.. He switches to a new pistol. Kudos to the detail of them only having one shot. That little bit of awesomeness in itself pushed the video above and beyond. Loved it.
  21. I've played it, and have it in the little desk to the right of my PC here. But I didn't like it all that much. The story was interesting enough. It had a nice challenge to it. Despite the complaints some people had about it's graphics I found it rather charming. But in the end.. I just didn't like it.
  22. I myself personally haven't fallen in love with a Final Fantasy Game recently. I enjoyed twelve a bit. But I mirror the opinions of several other people here.. Beyond the first ten games it kind of lost it's magic to me. And I honestly think Square sees this as you see so many rehashes of the fourth Final Fantasy to the point where you should expect to see a remake of it twice a year at this point. How many remakes of one is out there? The second? The fourth? The franchise since ten has just gone directions I don't enjoy anymore. Dragon Quest these days is the closest I get to my old school fix of Final Fantasy. I still play the fifth DQ to death. Updated my Sentinels of the Starry Skies and will fire it up from scratch. But honestly at this point, if nothing else I think Square should take a look at the desire for Seiken Densetsu 3 to be translated and sent over this way. I mean in the end they finally did it for the original Star Ocean...
  23. I agree wholeheartedly here. I too would be honored if someone used a picture I took.. or even created for a project like this. And I guess I can count myself among many who were lucky to be raised with a heart. More than anything I shake my head at the lack of respect for your fellow man than anything legal.
  24. I've always been a fan of Uematsu's work. Even when the games have been rather weak in areas.. I've always been able to find pleasure in the music. And the older Final Fantasies especially have that golden glow to em when it comes to music.
  25. I like this... the song itself.. definitely laid back and different.. The opening of it could pass as a save room theme for a Resident Evil game it's so serene. Definitely something for me to keep my eye on. Keep at it.
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