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  1. The harpischord isn't playing at 1:40, so I'm guessing you mean the synth thats playing the melody. A good quality flute sample could work instead I guess. And if you are talking about the harpischord, I don't neccesarily think it needs to be replaced. Just humanise it more by varying the velocities of the notes its playing.
  2. I don't like the first minute and a bit of the song. You could do some more interesting things with the arrangement of that part especially the drums which seem too simple for too long. You should have different layers to them coming in a bit sooner than they do and more variation aswell. The melody also seems like its the exact same as the orignal. Switch it up a bit from the original to make it more of a remix. Also I can't really hear the bassline your talking about so bring that out a bit more in the mix. You've got some nice sounds here though so work on making the arrangement more interesting.
  3. Not sure if you'd get with fake sounding stuff even though that was your intention. I could be completely wrong though. But other than just the fakeness, theres a few sound choices I don't really like, eg. the synth that comes in at 1:40. Arrangement-wise I think its a tad repetetive especially with the harpischord (I think) playing the same melody for 75% of the song. But overall I like the feel your going for and the vinyl sample you've got going on.
  4. Good first attempt at a mix imo. The piano could be playing some chords along with the melody its playing in the intro to give more depth to the song at that part and maybe have a slight variation to what its playing after the 1st 4 bars to mix it up from the original. The synth that comes in at the 1:00 mark has some annoying frequenicies to it. I suggest you change it to something else that still has that sombre feel to it. Drums should be louder except for the high hats. Sound effects seem too loud compared to the rest of the song. You should raise the volumes of the tracks so it matches up a bit better. The part at 2:20 seems to be a bit too empty for too long. You should have some other instruments come into that part at some point. Hope this helps.
  5. Update: Replaced all the orchestral samples with better quality sounds. I'm hoping these are good enough now. Other than that, I raised some volume levels and did little changes to arrangement and mixing.
  6. Update: I think I EQ'd things too much last time in an attempt to make things clearer, so the samples lost frequencies that probabably helped them sound more realistic. I returned most of them so I'm hoping that panning and EQ on the reverb will be enough to keep things clear.
  7. Cheers. I'll look to replace that viola in a later update (hopefully with a live player). Update: For now, I made the viola clearer in the mix and extended and re-did the second half of the song. I'm pretty happy with the arrangement there now.
  8. Really cool stuff here. Maybe you could have more hi-hats, cymbals, shakers, etc in the drumline and, as you say, get your idea for a bridge in there too. It'd be great to get an mp3 version uploaded to a site aswell since youtube tends to make things sound a bit worse than they actually are to me.
  9. Its definitely interesting that you left out the melody completely. I don't think I've ever heard of that being done for a remix. Thats definitly one way of differing it from all the other mixes of this song and I really like it. A very calming, minimalist approach. For something like this it would have to be much longer though I think
  10. Thanks a lot for the feedback. Update: Got rid of all the fast rolls you were talking about. Extended the song although I'm not sure how well the new part fits in with the rest especially since its a different time signature to the rest. Made subtles tweaks to arrangement so theres more variation. Adjusted the panning Also, I learned that the order you insert things like EQ and compression makes a difference so I sorted that out.
  11. Update: Changed up the arrangement so there's less repetition, changed some samples and tried to sort out the EQ, volumes and reverb. I'm pretty bad at seeing issues in my own tracks so comments needed please.
  12. One problem I have isn't to do with actually making the music. Its a mentality that I have that if I don't get any feedback (positive or negative) on a wip I get easily discouraged and tend to stop working on the wip. I got to learn to just stay persistent and believe in what I'm doing I guess.
  13. Great stuff. You really got the dubstep feel and bassline down. I guess you could make the bass even more bassy and filthy. Thats never a bad thing for dubstep in my opinion.
  14. Really like it. Only issue I could think of is that a couple of times the high piched bell thing (not sure what instrument it actually is) is a bit piercing.
  15. In what way doesn't the beat work for you? Just need to know how to improve it. And how could I get you from "kind of" liking it... to really liking it
  16. You've got some good feedback already (better than I could give), but just wanted to chime in and say I really like the feel of the intro up to 2:10 and in a way its a bit of an abrupt change if you've gotten used to that, but at the same time it wouldn't have the same impact if it wasn't abrupt, so its just personal preference I guess.
  17. Nice, calming track here but the instrument that comes in at around 3 mins kinda annoys me for some reason but that might just be me. Don't know what the source is so can't help much with the arrangement. Sorry I couldn't be more help
  18. The low pitch synth that plays at the beginning and end seems too muddy and overbearing which makes the melody and other things hard to hear. EQing out some of its lower frequencies should help with that. The kick drum seems a bit thin so doubling it up with a kick that has more thump could help. The arrangements too conservative aswell and the drumline could be better. Not much help I know but I gave the thread a bump atleast so hopefully someone else can help out lol
  19. Source: ReMix: https://sites.google.com/site/vspaine/wips/Harmonious%20M.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1 Not much to say. Probably not a very well known track but I hope I can get some feedback anyway.
  20. Thanks again for the help Roz. Updated. Tried to do pretty much everything you've said. Its still short and arranagements the same, just wanted to get things sounding better. Also I tried getting a tempo synced filter but most external plugins I download seem to crash for some reason. Got to find one that doesn't.
  21. Thanks for the help. Update: I definitely went overboard with the EQ mixing because I was afraid of the song being muddy, but that made somethings sound too thin, especially the main synth. I'm pretty sure I've sorted that out now. Toned down the higher frequencies of the snare aswell. The "guitar" you guys are talkin about is actually a synth but I've tweaked it so theres no confusion about that. Changed the bass sample and pumped it up slightly so it can be heard more. Changed the arrangement quite a lot, added tempo changes and experimented with a few effects. Still an abrupt ending since I still need to extend the song. Mix in first post
  22. You definitley know how to make your orchestral samples sound realistic. Production wise there doesn't seem to be anything wrong here at all but as you say, its not a remix (don't know the originals so I'll take your word for it). Great work anyway and I see no reason you wouldn't be accepted if you changed up the arrangemnt so its less like the originals.
  23. Very nice. I noticed a subtle "Windfish ballad" cameo near the end. Maybe you could bring a bit more of that theme aswell as a bit more of your own orignal melody. Y ou could make the intro even more atmospheric with a little more reverb and sound effects. Even though this is a chillout song, I think the ending could have more of a climax. Not sure how, without losing the feel, but it could. Good stuff
  24. Up until now I've only made music using a keyboard but this is my first mix using a DAW. Its an idea I had a while ago but I think I can do a lot more justice to it using a DAW. Comments greatly appreciated since this is my first shot doing things in this (hopefully better) way. Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4RTKGq6kL0 Mix: https://sites.google.com/site/vspaine/wips/Cybeat.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1
  25. K thanks for the review. Saved me from submitting this one. I'm gonna move on and work on something else, since I'm all out of ideas for this one. Thanks again
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