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  1. "The World Ends With You". Weird name. Awesome game. Recently-released, too.
  2. Loving this new version. Keep it up, man. Want to listen to the final one. Favor: can you post the lyrics, please? This is extremely catchy I have to sing along.
  3. lol, indeed. Gotta love those PR spins. Those who don't notice that IGN mark are living under a rock. Anyway, I ordered the boxart on the far left. That one looks sweet!
  4. Speaking of that, does anyone know if they ever patched the PS3 version? I heard that one was plagued with slowdown and whatnot.
  5. http://www.capcom.com/artredemption/ Here you go, people. Glad that Capcom rectified the situation. You can choose an alternative boxart if you'd like, too. Shipped to you for free, of course.
  6. Amazing remix. "Omen" is one of my favorite tracks in Xenogears in addition to "The Man who is Torn Apart". Very well played piano piece and compares to Dhsu's "A Life Without Parole" from Voices of the Lifestream. Emotional stuff.
  7. Just wanted to pop in and say congrats, dudet. I'm sure this is a huge step for you. I'll try to buy this whenever possible, 'cause let me tell you...I enjoyed those previews. Now, take a load off, Jill. You need to rest up. Also, pump up an remix or two, eh?
  8. Well...I won't hide the fact that my entry was sub-par. I'm looking to improve my singing from time to time. Thanks for the encouragement, man. As for the backing track, I'm currently not skilled at anything to do so. lol.
  9. http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/mortalkombat/news.html?sid=6189513&om_act=convert&om_clk=multimodule&tag=multimodule;previews;title;7 The game will not be M-rated according to GameSpot. There are also NO FATALITIES but fatality-like moves. All-new revamped battle system that includes something called "Freefall Kombat" as we've seen in the teaser trailer. Now, I'm not going to say that this game will suck. But MK fans are in for a shock.
  10. That's exactly the problem here. I can't imagine that happening either. I'm pretty sure that the trade-off of this crossover is that there will be NO FATALITIES in the game. I highly doubt that DC will let their characters be ripped apart via fatalities. If so, then I think this will piss MK fans off since the series is all about over-the-top violence.
  11. LOL WTF. This is even weirder than Star Wars characters in Soul Calibur 4. Just when I thought that we were running out of good crossovers, this one pops up. I'm excited!
  12. I've had the game for two days now. Works well with the freeloader. No problems even if you have the latest update (3.2). It's important to note that you'll be experiencing problems if you're an NTSC user with an SDTV. Nothing exactly game-breaking, but you'll feel the game running a little slower and choppier. You even get a "warning" message in the beginning if your TV/SDTV output is not optimal with PAL. Keep in mind that this is a universal problem with most consoles/games, not just MK Wii. PAL/NTSC conflicts is common. If you have an HDTV with component cables for your Wii, then you're in the clear. Let's get right to it. First off, the course designs are EXCELLENT. I've enjoyed all those new courses and the classic picks are mostly on the decent side. Hell, even the battle courses have incredible designs. Power Sliding is performed differently this time around in order to eliminate "snaking". You basically don't need to tilt the stick left and right to power up your slide. It does that on its own now. All you need to do is to hold the "R" button for a set amount of time and the sparks turn blue. However, there's a level 2 power slide this time (red sparks); you just need to keep the sliding longer. It's a bit simpler to perform yet more strategic to execute. Weapon handling is MK64-style with Double Dash's "physics", which is sweet. However, all the special Double Dash weapons are not present here, which is very unfortunate. New weapons are creative, but there's no "Boo". Finally, the new elements in the game, Bike and Jump Mechanics, are integrated well. Bike physics are different than Kart ones. Jumps are well-implemented in new and old courses. Now, for the control types. So far, I've tried GameCube and Wii Wheel. GameCube is of course very familiar for those who've played Double Dash extensively. Aside from a few different/additional button placements, it's mostly the same. As for the Wii Wheel, it's exactly like reviews say; it has a very steep learning curve, but it's fun and accessible once you get used to it. Button placement is a bit awkward, especially with assigning weapons on the control pad. Some karts/bikes are not Wii Wheel friendly if you know what I mean. I'm surprised that "Mission Mode" from the DS installment is not present in MK Wii. That's a HUGE negative here. I'm pretty sure that the developers said that they were working on that mode for the Wii installment and even released screenshots showing some objectives. Also, like I bitched about a million times before, Battle Mode sucks. The courses are incredibly well-designed and some old course make a very welcome return (Sky Scraper and SNES Battle Course 3 FTW), but the mode itself has been reduced to a team-based affair with an annoying time limit. Not as fun as free-for-all. Don't even bother with "Coin Runners". "Shine Thief" from Double Dash would've worked much better here. Wi-Fi is surprisingly lag-free. Seriously. I've played a lot of matches (based on area, didn't try worldwide yet) and I have not experienced any lag whatsoever. There's just the small problem of players jumping from place to place, just like what was happening in MK DS but less frequent here. Overall, a more refined effort than the DS installment. I'm a bit dissapointed with the karts/bikes you can choose from. MK DS had a variety of exclusive and especially-designed karts for specific characters. Doesn't work like that in MK Wii. Each weight class has a set amount of karts and bikes; they do not differ with the characters of the same weight class. Although stats are slightly modified depending on the character you choose, it still doesn't make your character pick unique, as it did in MK DS and MK Double Dash. Graphically, it's a step up above Double Dash in terms of special effects and course designs and textures. Character designs are outdated and horrible, even looking worse than Double Dash...yet kart/bike designs are nice. Musically, the soundtrack is A LOT better than Double Dash's annoying music and more akin to MK DS. Lots of different sounds and genres are experimented with, including some celtic influences. There is something that the Mario Kart series has never gotten completely right...the A.I. CPUs are not exactly good here. Additionally, we all hate the fact that being first place means you're practically going to get bashed with everything including the kitchen sink at some point in the race. Imagine being first place for two laps only to get hit by multiple red and spiny shells in addition to the occasional POW and lightning. The series has never fixed this balance problem and Mario Kart Wii is no different. It's ironic to note that when you're on the giving end of all this weapon bashing punishment, you'll find it satisfying. Imagine zipping from 12th to 1st place thanks to some awesome weapons. So, yeah...it's a yin/yang kind of thing, but I sometimes wish it could be better balanced somehow. Overall, this game seems to be a solid installment in the series. It has gotten a lot of things right but it's not perfect by any means. Despite the contraverisal nature of Double Dash, you can't argue that it tried something completely different from the formula and I find it to be the only evolutionary game in the franchise in terms of complexity. MK DS was colossal for a handheld game which is why I can easily forgive its "back to basics" approach. Aside from the Wii Wheel controls and improved online interface, MK Wii doesn't feel evolutionary despite being a worthy successor.
  13. I LOVE DoD. Been a huge fan for a few years now. Most entries (even the alternate ones) put a really good effort in making the tracks sound awesome. Some months mix it up a notch with the content (like Fire vs. Ice month) and it's really cool to see under-appreciated games/series represented here. I am intimidated by DoD, though. Entered once back in Donkey Kong month and got made fun of and dissed to death. Didn't get any detailed constructive criticism other than the fact my entry was pure crap. I don't mind all that, however, since I know it comes with the territory. I'm thinking of entering again as an alternate to be on the safe side this time.
  14. Not bad, not bad. This is kind of catchy. Daft Punk-ish with those vocoded vocals. I'm wondering how this would sound with unprocessed vocals, though. Wink, wink.
  15. Got this via e-mail. Very informative interview. Nice to see a vet come back. Even though I didn't really listen to all his remixes, I have to say that McVaffe is one hell of a remixer. Update us more with the indie stuff you're working on, man.
  16. Good point. It's going to be hard selling/marketing them though...since the original remixes are already up for download, you know. Aside from the OCR regular fanbase, most people will go with the free version. Unless you take the original album down and put up a site that markets the updated CD version in its stead...
  17. I see that everybody's freely talking about BotA being the official soundtrack of the game. Rad. According to zircon's news update, I'm assuming that most if not all the tracks of BotA will be revised and updated. I'm wondering that it's possible that OCR offers the revised versions for download or something. I guess it's up to Capcom in the end...but it would be really cool if Capcom and OCR collaborate on making the tracks free for download. Thoughts?
  18. Nice impressions there. It's too bad that some of the new courses have the same templates as Double Dash. Nonetheless, I'm glad that there are a lot of courses to race in. I'm also sad that there's no special weapons this time around. Makes picking individual characters less unique than in Double Dash. I've just imported this from the UK. I think I'm going to enjoy this installment, although not as quite as DD because of the disgusting battle mode. Why did they have to screw this up?
  19. Excellent remix. Japanese and classical elements flow together flawlessly. I have to admit, I didn't really live through McVaffe's contributions. Just downloaded a couple of his remixes randomly and I recently heard that he used different aliases at times. Anyway, welcome back, man.
  20. Not familiar with this obscure game and its soundtrack. But hot damn. This remix is extremely funky. Loving the synths and keyboard playing. Excellent work, Soundscape.
  21. I heard from inside sources that Uematsu is going to actually contribute to this project because of how impressed he was with Voices of the Lifestream. As most of you may know, zircon actually handed Uematsu the fan album back in March...true story...
  22. http://kotaku.com/374585/super-pii-pii-brotherswhat-can-you-say http://movies.ign.com/dor/articles/863515/legend-of-zelda-movie-trailer/videos/legendofzelda_filmtrailer_040108.html http://www.projectcoe.com/nintendo/games/fzero_wx.html?var1=sc2 Loved all of these jokes, particularly the Zelda one.
  23. Glad this was finally posted in OCR. Been a fan of this track ever since I listened to the old version in the vgmix 2.5 forums. I'm pretty sure Zyko has read my comments over at VGmix X, so I'm not going to repeat myself here. I was surprised that he revised this track. Love the new version even more, but there are a few stuff I loved in the old version that are not present in the newer track. Nonetheless, excellent track overall. Keep pumping up more tracks, Zyko!
  24. http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3167059 http://www.sega-magazin.de/segaon/ Hell yes! Now this is what I'm talking about! Sonic back to it's 2D roots, baby. Enough of this 3D crap for consoles. Holy shit, Wolf Sonic looks awesome...no matter how much people say it's a Twilight Princess rip-off. Anyway, awesome video and excellent-looking screenshots. It's about time they go back to the roots seeing that most 3D Sonic games were critically bombed. Keeping it 2D, putting those dynamic camera angles from 3D Sonic games, and borrowing from Wii's "The Secret Rings" in some segments is one hell of a combination. Thoughts? This game plus BioWare's RPG is more than enough for the blue hedgehog to return in full force!
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