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  1. So I'm listening to the intro, and I'm like "hey this sounds kind of weird"...then the lyrics come in and everything gets kicked into high gear. Excellent singing, man. You have this punk/pop-rock type of vocals, and it surprisingly suits the song well. I wasn't bothered by the game-oriented lyrics, yet I wasn't too excited about them either. They seem to be written with care, but they obviously didn't connect with me too well since I'm not familiar with the game and its music. It gets kind of funny towards the end though ("oh that massage sure sounds nice" -- classic!). The chiptune and various synth sounds mash very well, too. Love the soloing parts mid-track. I'll be keeping my eye on you. More remixes with singing, please!
  2. Well, I don't celebrate Christmas so I'm not familiar with most of the songs. Nonetheless, happy holidays to everyone. I downloaded O Come O Come Emanuel and it sounds insanely addictive. Excellent work, Prophet. Didn't know you had a cool singing voice.
  3. I'm glad that we're getting some of the best and niche PC games ported over the Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS3 because I've apparently been missing out on a lot of gems all these years. Dreamfall, The Orange Box, Elder Scrolls, Unreal Tournament 3, Bioshock...awesome stuff there. On the other hand, I'm not the type of guy that plays games on a PC because of the whole "keyboard, mouse" setup. I've never been a fan for this type of control even though a lot of people say that it's the coolest setup in terms of FPS games. Also, I really don't feel like worrying over tech specs and buying more upgrades (graphics card and the like) with each game I want. I'd rather waste that money on buying the games themselves, their respective consoles, and upgrading my gaming hub with an HDTV and 7.1 surround system. From what I'm hearing these days, the PC market is really going down under because the latest games require some heavy-duty graphics/physics cards to make them run. CRYSIS bombed at retail because most people can't run the damn game...I think it needs like 5000$ worth of PC upgrades to get the most out of it. Same thing with UT3, while not as heavy as CRYSIS, it still needs a really good PC to get the most out of the game. I'd rather get a PS3 or 360 to play PC ports....it's a lot cheaper and I don't need to worry about graphic cards, installation problems, errors, and the like...even if the console ports don't look as good as the PC ones runned on high-end setups. Hell, getting consoles are a great option for PC fans these days because developers are paying more attention to please the original market. I hear that UT3 for PS3 can work with a keyboard/mouse setup and they've been recently testing the waters on MODs.
  4. http://www.myspace.com/theneskimos http://www.neskimos.com/ It seems like forever since I last listened to their music. Currently, there's five new songs up for grabs from their upcoming CD "Balance". The first four you can download/listen at MySpace, but the fifth one (Castlevania 2) is in their official site because it's too big for MySpace (check out their 8/31 update). You have to listen to these. Heavy and catchy stuff there. I'm especially in love with the Kirby one. Dr. Mario is really catchy, too. And Zelda of course...their remix of the Dark World somehow kept the march-style of the original in addition to the rockin' guitars.
  5. You've gotta be kidding me; just when I think things couldn't get any better than this, we now have trophy stands. This will be quite a challenge for perfectionists!
  6. I'm seriously WOWED by the Angel Island Zone remix. Excellent work there, Jun. Indeed, stuff from Sonic 2 would rock. Chemical Plant Zone and Metropolis Zone rock remixes FTW.
  7. So this is what they call semi-accidental murder these days, "Mortal Kombat" killing? It's sad that this happened...it's also sad that they're giving this serious situation a stupid PR spin. Blaming it on videogames once again. The headline is simply hideous and whoever thought of it should feel sorry for him/herself. This can be easily blamed on wrestling if the writer thought of a catchier title...either way, this shouldn't be blamed on entertainment and you all know it. My condolences go to the family.
  8. One of my favorite remixes in Voices of the Lifestream. As I mentioned in my review, the piano solo really conveys a cinematic vibe compared to the original track. I can easily listen to this remix playing during a cut-scene. Love the progression of the remix overall. Goes from mellow to complex to mellow again in smooth transitions.
  9. Nah...I definitely did not make this. I'm not that funny.
  10. http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/jinglealltheway2/ Parody. LOOOOOL. Can't...stop...laughing...
  11. Very nice interview. The composers are so emotional about this game, their work, and each other. I can tell from this interview that a lot of heart was put it for the game's music and hopefully the game overall. I've never owned the original NIGHTS (nor a Saturn) but I remember playing a bit of it at my friend's house years ago and was enchanted.
  12. The Playstation Store on the PC has an exclusive game you can download called Beats for the PSP. I heard that you can basically use ANY music track you have on your memory stick and integrate it into the game's rhythm-based gameplay. I'm hearing its extremely addictive and the fact that you can use your library is the best thing of it all. I'm going to download this soon and give you more impressions. Once I download this, I'm going to experiment with OCR tracks. The recently-released Wanderer on the Offensive sounds like a nice start. So anyone downloaded/downloading this? Use any OCR tracks?
  13. Man...hell yes. This fucking rocks. Guitars are excellent stuff. Very addictive stuff which complement the original in every way. Solos rock. Viola sounds cool but I wish it there was more of it. Great work, everyone. Can't wait to see more of you guys. BTW Sixto, you had a really cool TMNT IV track awhile back...covering Sewer Surfing...wonder what happened to that?
  14. Man, this rocks. First "Leafcutter" and now this. Two VERY unique Super Mario RPG remixes. What more could I want? Anyway, I remember digging the WIP version...glad this was put in OCR. The voices were weird at first, but then they started sounding addictive after my 2nd and 3rd listens. I do agree with Larry about that "quiet" part mid-point of the song...would've been cool if more voices or a variation of that haunting Piano in there. Excellent job, man. Can't wait for more stuff from you.
  15. This game has some really, really, really catchy tunes that I would love to see remixed. "Classroom" is perhaps the coolest one. There's also "Crystal Canyon" and "The Dump", both with really cool grooves. The intro FMV track is pretty rockin'. And finally, there are some really addicting character themes, like Mario, Daisy, Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Luigi. Remixes, please!
  16. Currently, that Toy Galaxy Purple Coin challenge is EXTREMELY ANNOYING. lol. That and two of the trial galaxies (bubble and ball). Man, I think those are going to be the last three stars I get.
  17. Even though I never submitted to OCR before, I've noticed that not all remixes get enough feedback in the WIP forum. Not that I'm blaming anyone here...it's just that there are some remixes which get attention and some that don't. That's the way it is with threads. So what should the ones which don't get attention do? Only thing is to resub based on the judges' comments.
  18. Also picked this up from DoD awhile back. Glad to have this on the site since it's really unique. I especially enjoyed the background vocals when "time is but a fading memory" comes in. That must've taken ages to get the pitch exactly right. Congrats, David. And happy birthday!
  19. It's the only game in the series I enjoyed playing though...and yeah I do remember a couple of its tracks. I LOVED Unlimited Saga's soundtrack a lot more though, even though that game played like CRAP.
  20. Man...it's been A LONG while since I've listened to anything decent from Mr. "Hip" Tanaka. Earthbound was his last "big soundtrack" so I'm glad that he's active again. That being said, his remix of the DK theme is SO innovative, hip, and original. This is OC Remix quality here. An old theme like that is really hard to remix, just like the SMB or Zelda main theme.
  21. LOL I love Chaotic Dance. That track really caught me off-guard...
  22. You doing/did anything for this month's DoD, Snapple?
  23. Here's the thing, though. Don't be hating Sakurai because I'm 99.9% sure that he DID NOT purpose the initial release date of the game (December 2007). Publishers are the ones who set release dates, which in this case means Nintendo. And luckily for the developers, Nintendo's an excellent publisher because they're not the type which rush games into stores for the hell of it. When the team requests more time, Nintendo thankfully grants them so. Some developers are not so fortunate. I'm glad that Twilight Princess was delayed because I doubt that it would be as great as it is now had it been released in November 2005. I'm also glad that Smash Bros. Brawl was delayed...as you can see Sakurai and his team are paying attention to the littlest of detail in order to provide no room for complaints.
  24. Like everyone's saying, Koji Kondo popularized dynamic tunes since SMW in the SNES days. What's new about Galaxy is that for the first time in the Mario series they were able to create dynamic themes with live orchestrated tracks. About time. Ironically, Kondo didn't compose the soundtrack. He acted as a supervisor and only made 4 tunes while Mr. Yakota (composer of DK Jungle Beat) and Mr. Ohta (Four Swords Adventures, New Super Mario Brothers) took the helm. OF course, let's not forget the Mario Galaxy Orchestra team.
  25. See what I mean when I say Sakuraba is a love him/hate him guy with a couple of love it/hate it tracks?
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