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  1. Hell yeah. I would like to see that panel as well.
  2. The thing is...the very few who witnessed the playable demo awhile back think it's worth the wait. But from the general experience, games that have been in development hell usually suffer in the end in some way. I mean...look at Too Human...it's about to be out and already it's been receiving some harsh criticism...and it's what...about a decade in the making as well? There's a small chance that this game will explode in sales once released, because of how popular it is already. In addition to the Nukem fanbase, you've got the people who have been making fun of the game's development limbo...like me, for example. I mean...I will be getting this game for the hell of it, and I'm not a Duke fan at all, although I LOVE his catchphrases and voice acting. Hail to the King, baby!
  3. Happy b-day, man. Hopefully, nobody's after your jewels anymore. Still listen to that remix to this day. Catchy as ever!
  4. RIP. Always enjoyed his performances.
  5. Just went through my first listen. I'm not familiar with the material as I'm not a Doom fan. But what stood out to me the most are: "Adrian's Sleep", "31 Seconds", and "Red Waltz". I really like those. My absolute favorite is 31 Seconds, however. It is so fucking unique. Love how well the piano and electronic sounds work so well together. An awesome mix of ambiance and industrial in this track. Very haunting stuff indeed. Sounds very "Coldplay"-ish if you catch my drift. Those voice samples are especially cool...where are those from exactly? Kinda reminds me of Skypunk's Mario RPG remix awhile back.
  6. LOL. That could fit well in the game, actually. Slow that down a notch and you'll get the tempo of the original track.
  7. LOL...I thought that "old" would be the first comment I get. Forums are always like this I guess.
  8. Nice work in getting those vocals done by someone. They're really good. Out of all the games you remixed here, the most underrated music is from Zelda II. You just don't see music remixes from that game at all, which is why I'm glad you covered that game and did a really good job in those remixes. I'm glad you're passionate about all this, man. I'm also a huge fan of the series and I agree with you that A Link to the Past really changed the way I look at games. It's the first Zelda game I absolutely fell in love with, even though I played and enjoyed the first two in the series before. In terms of challenge, though, nothing comes close to Zelda II in my opinion, which is the reason why I really enjoyed playing it to the very end. Like I said, in the long run you can get the other parts of the project up to par with the remixes. Don't need to rush it, 'cause I'm sure you've already put a lot of effort into getting practically everything done on your own. I could offer you my writing services, but at this time I'm too busy with other things so I can't promise you anything. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2736162/1/Feelings_and_Memories_A_Link_to_his_Past This is one story I wrote a couple of years back. God, it's been a long while since I've done fanfiction.
  9. Now that is hilarious and creative in the same time. Funny lyrics and video with heavy game and anime references. Sweet job on the FF7's "Overworld Theme" references in the music. Love the singing despite heavy use of vocoding in some places. All in all, they really got the pop/rock thing right with all this. Thoughts?
  10. I haven't been a fan of the Doom series to be honest, so I'm not familiar with the material. Nonetheless, I'm currently torrenting this baby since it's OCR we're talking about here. I'm pretty sure that there's something that I'll enjoy in this one. I'll do as much as possible to get the word out, including writing a little note in my personal blog. I'll get back to you guys once I listen to the tracks.
  11. Welcome back indeed, Blind. Forgive me for being so out of tune with the whole "Get Well" thing going on. I've been lurking this thread, but just didn't have anything in particular to say that wasn't said already. Really wanted to try and contribute, but time worked against me once again. Anyway, can't wait to listen to more stuff from this project. Also, can't wait for your next track, Blind. Godspeed.
  12. Not bad, not bad at all. In fact, considering the time-frame of the "Get Well" project, it's a pretty amazing feat. I can see how structurally similar this is to "Red July" as you mentioned, zircon. I don't mind as long as you manage to make it sound different, which you did obviously. A very nice combination of ambient and industrial sounds...trademark zircon, indeed. You also pay a lot of homage to Yamamoto's style of composition for the Metroid series. Fits like a glove all in all. Jill's vocals are as entrancing as ever. Can't get enough of that voice. However, I wasn't really captivated by the lyrics, despite the good intentions of trying to convey Samus' perspective. "Dreaming Still" and "Lover Reef" remain as favorites of mine 'cause I felt this deep connection to the lyrics. Maybe I need to put this latest track on repeat so that it finally gets to me. Maybe I'm just too dense to get it. Maybe hardcore Metroid fans will feel the connection more than someone like me who started off with Fusion. Maybe I'm just being too picky. Yes, I contemplate too much. Bottom line: another nice Andy/Jill collab. Keep 'em coming, guys. And Jill, if you're free please try and make something up for VOCR3!
  13. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01277/ Lacks zyko's rap lyrics. You can find them in the review thread. LT: Fixed.
  14. Thanks for that page, man. Going to read that later. And yes, now I know what you're talking about. I see those bars there. All I know is don't go in red like you said. I really didn't give the mic or my own position much though before...just the simple thing of the mic being not too close yet not too far away in the same time. I'm gonna experiment with that more just to get as comfortable as possible. Thanks again, Hale. You're being extremely helpful here. I can be such a noob in these things. lol.
  15. Dumb question; how do you set your peak limit? lol. You mean just mentally be careful not to go be too loud or is there some sort of setting you need to do? Also, do you have any recommendations of the volume of the vocals compared to the track when mixing, Hale?
  16. No. I modify all these after I record my voice. I have no idea to do it live. Does it make a difference?
  17. By all means, Hale. The more you rant, the better. Good stuff, good stuff. I'm really interested everyone's progress and thought flow, 'cause there's no right or exact way to approach this. However, I've decided not to be as simple as my previous VOCR entry. In my case, I got the lyrics out of the way as well as the main melodies...yet as I said the chorus is a work-in-progress because I think it's not as good as the verses but still fits. I made up a lot of outlines with the chorus melody by simply improvising with my voice and most likely forgot most of them because I'm sticking with the current one for now. lol. In my case, it was easier for me to write out the lyrics and think of the main melodies in the same time. I'm thinking about starting on recording the main melodies of all the sections. Then once that's done, delve into the harmonies. Speaking of recording, I'd like to discuss this element with you guys. Currently, I have a SHURE SM57 mic recommended by OCR. Been using that for quite sometime. My equipment is simply a laptop and plugging the mic into the laptop jack directly...I have this adapter so that the mic fits into the jack. Nothing too fancy. Although when I record it sounds clear and good. Going to use Sony Sound Forge. I learned some of the basics from LuIzA. What I do is use the default "Wave Hammer" compressor first. There's a default "voice" option I can pick. Then, specific settings with parametric EQ that LuIzA told me to use (band notch/boost filter style, 3500Hz center frequency). Finally, give the voice "medium room reverb". What I'm not sure of is the order of doing all this and the volume of my singing compared to the track itself. Any suggestions on those or additional things I need to do overall? If you need an example of a recent recording of mine (not related to this contest) just to give you an idea of the quality, let me know. Not sure if it's breaking the "anonymity rules" and whatnot.
  18. Wish I had a keyboard. But I've been trying to "not worry about harmonies" and "looping some parts over and over" while improvising with my voice and it worked. Came up with all the main melodies and tried out a lot of stuff...yet some parts fit better than others in my view so far. The verses were the first melodies I came up with and the best...yet I just can't seem to find a chorus melody that's as good as the verses, you know what I mean?
  19. http://kwakfest.vgmix.com/kwakfest-2008-07-25.zip From virt's site. Has all the "kwakfest" contest entries including his. However, virt has upped the quality of the version playing in that video, 'cause the one in this zip is the original version. Oh well, we can always wait for his CD.
  20. http://www.vimeo.com/1420555 Made by our very own Jake "Virt" Kaufman. The beat is fucking awesome. I just can't stop listening to it. Stylish video, too. Check out the other ones.
  21. As far as I'm concerned, this is ready for submission. Enjoying listening to this one a couple of days back.
  22. Mithius...the music is EPIC. I just finished the first CD and I'm seriously wowed that this was all done by one person. What an undertaking. The only way to fully appreciate and understand what you're trying to do is to listen to the tracks successively and in order. First off, the quality fucking rocks. Loving those guitars, loving the orchestral elements and samples, loving the singing voice samples and chorus in some tracks. Were those provided by you or did you use prerecorded voice samples? The remixes are well done and the original tracks seem to fit so well with everything. I love the variety of genres you explored and how you mixed and mashed some stuff. Rock and orchestral elements especially sound awesome in my case. I especially appreciated the soundscape and special effects to make the story you're trying to tell more believable. Most of the transitions are seamless because of the really cool soundscapes and I fully appreciated the use of classic special effects and voice samples off the games. Again, the music is very well put together. Excellent work! That being said, everything else is a bit meh. I know that you're trying to make an interactive story, but it's not well constructed at all. The passion is surely there with the website, details, artwork, and vision...but they don't hold a candle compared to the music. Your writing is also not inspiring enough...not up to par. I've read a couple of sections but really didn't get into your storytelling. If you really would like to pursue this project further, then I advise you to try and find skilled individuals for each of the other sections. You need a good writer to get your story up to par. You need a really good artist to have some sweet artwork everywhere instead of using in-game screens in the intro sections. The artwork that's there not bad, but not mind-blowing. You need to make the site more interactive. Let me give you an example. Divide your story into pages. In each page, you have the text obviously in addition to its associated artwork that fits with the scene and the associated music track that's directly streamed as the reader delves into the story text. Either that or just advertise the music as much as you can, since it's the best feature out of this project. Again, excellent work with that album and good luck to whatever you're going to do.
  23. Thanks for the heads up, Hale! Going to download that track now and prepare myself. Luckily, there's some free time on my hands. Man, it's been so long since the last one. I hope we get more entrants this time around. EDIT: Just listened to the track. Not familiar with the source but awesome work as usual, man. It's going to be really hard to come up with a decent melody that fits the track. Any tips to make it easier for me?
  24. Very useful. Thanks, Hemophiliac. I think I mispronounced the last word there. I also like to add one additional tip. For those who can, your pronunciation of the letter "r" has to be rolled. http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A657272
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