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  1. http://dod.vgmix.com/past/aug08/ Happy b-day, man. Make him more happy by downloading his awesome underrated track from this month's Street Fighter DoD and praising it like crazy. His singing voice is awesome!
  2. Yup. Entrants are to remain anonymous until voting ends. That's the suspenseful thing about it. You'll know who did what soon enough, Zolborn. More votes, people!
  3. Excellent work, everyone. Wanted to congratulate everyone on a job well done. Creative stuff. Each entry sounds so different one another. Enjoyed listening to each one and I'm even singing along some of them right now. Whichever top 3 I vote for, I don't want the other ones to feel left out. EDIT: Votes and comments sent. I wrote comments for ALL the tracks, not just the top 3. I highly suggest everyone does the same!
  4. Just bought the album! Didn't listen to any previews. I want to be surprised. Hell, I was surprised that it's two-disks long. Didn't see that coming...I think that basically did it for me. Can't believe this is the first time I buy a videogame band album. This feels awesome! Should take me a week or so until I receive it over here in Saudi Arabia. Luckily, I'm using this cool Shop and Ship service in which lets me have a US address...and anything that gets shipped there automatically transfers to here, although I'm going to pay a bit more on the shipping. Nonetheless, it's safer, faster, cheaper and more efficient than letting things get shipped directly to my Saudi address.
  5. Whohoo! Can't wait to check out those entries. I'm sure the turn up is better than the last one.
  6. I hate it when one gets this feeling. After listening to my finished entry a couple of times, I started nitpicking like crazy here and there. Whatever, though. What's done is done. Experimenting is what makes this compo so much fun even if it didn't turn out as picture perfect as you wanted it to be.
  7. In the process of finishing up mine here. Was too busy with VOCR. Hopefully I'm not too late. EDIT: sent!
  8. One thing that I would like to be mandatory in the voting process; reviews/feedback. We easily did that with the last competition since we were just a few entries and each of us gave feedback to one another. But in this compo, I'm feeling that the entry count will be higher. So yeah, basically, with the top 3 each of the voters pick, I would like some actual written feedback for the entries. Also, it would be really cool if we mimic Dwelling of Duels somehow with the reviews.
  9. Rock on, indeed. I'm wondering how many entries turned up for this VOCR? Please say it's more than the last one. lol.
  10. Yep, yep. I second that. The last compo was just too empty.
  11. LOL. This game looks hilarious. Loving how goofy and Japanese it is. Knowing Nintendo of America, though, I feel that they're going to pass on this one. Skip's games are so freakin' cool, and the only ones that NOA published are the Chibi Robo ones (if you call the DS sequel being "published", it was exclusive to one fucking retailer). You never know. After all, we are getting the ultra-weird Rhythm Heaven on the DS...so maybe they'll give a second glance to Captain Rainbow because of the Nintendo cameos. I'm pretty sure they're going to give Birdo a female voice when localizing it, though.
  12. Yeah, Ram. I actually work for that site and I was the one who pimped this project up in our weekly podcast. Glad you liked my fanfic, Mithius. You know, it's the first piece of writing I ever did on a PC so it means A LOT to me. Obviously, I revamped it a few years ago because it looked so outdated and I realized that my style of writing has improved since '97.
  13. Love how this thread deviated from the original topic then somewhat tried to get back to it and failed miserably. Reminds me of the boards of the site I work for. Hopefully, all the hate died down. Anyway, interesting comment, Mustin. Never knew how much of a hassle this can get. Is there a direct way to get in touch with the individual composers and pay them like you mentioned or is that kind of complicated? It gets kind of confusing in my case at times. I mean, for example, to get to Nobuo Uematsu's music he did under Square-Enix, you have to contact the company since they technically own Nobuo's music, not Nobuo himself. I mean, even Uematsu is a bit pissed by the fact that SE constantly use/remix his music without asking him. What I'm trying to say is...contacting the composer vs. contacting the company the composer works under...which is easier?
  14. Some of you are being too picky, no offense. This stuff sounds fucking awesome. Excellent quality. I enjoyed most of the samples there, and hopefully the full versions are just as good as the Mario World one. Count me in! "If it's not an arrangement, then it sucks" and "if it's not free, then it sucks" are pretty close-minded philosophies. If Video Games Live Vol. 1 album is any indication, then fans are willing to pay for good-sounding video game music. It's more of a reason to spread the love. Ironically, free stuff do have their limitations as well.
  15. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01350/ No lyrics to this awesome remix. LT: Fixed.
  16. Yeah...good point. Considering the time constraints, I understand why it sounds too close to the original. But, yeah, would be cool if you guys found the time to overhaul this. It'll be a bit tough since the original is so damn catchy...but it can be done.
  17. Still haven't recorded anything yet. But I've got the lyrics and melodies done long ago.
  18. Reviewing late. Love this remix. The Spanish influences from the original are intact...but you've managed to successfully combine that with some hip-hop and Latin stuff. Works really well. I especially love that beat breakdown in the middle of the track. Makes you wanna dance, you know.
  19. Sweet team there. Except for Dave. He has ruined everything! Jill sounds...very different. I thought about her at first, but then thought the vocals sounded way too different, you know. I'm guessing the reason why is that she adapted her voice well with the track...I mean, it's not like she's going to go Opera-crazy with a chill track as this. Plus, it's live. Everyone sounds different live. lol. All in all, nice job, everyone. I'm just quite surprised (in a positive way, of course) by how Jill handled the vocals. Sweet. You know what the next step is now, right? Potential OCR sub, here we come!
  20. Very sweet performance there. May I ask who did perform specifically? Also, nice job on that montage, Jose. More videos!
  21. I need to see Jose's work with that montage. Can anyone link me up?
  22. I can't wait to download this once I get back home from this course. I've been hearing it's kicks ass and pays a lot of homage to Mario in addition to being so unique with the time-based mechanics. Not to mention the excellent narrative I hear of as well. EDIT: listening to its soundtrack. It's so mellow and ethnic. The cellos sound excellent. Apparently, the tracks are all licensed from particular artists in Magnatune. That's kind of a first for videogame music, eh? http://braid-game.com/news/?p=260#more-260 You can stream the stuff for free. I'm planning to pay for some of these tracks in the near future because of how awesome they sound!
  23. Norg actually informed me about this. Man...that is some insane keyboard playing there!
  24. http://web.mac.com/jarrod_nichol/Site/Podcast/rss.xml Pimped this album in the recent podcast for our website (August 10th). Enjoy. If you're curious about the game website I write for, here you go: http://www.projectcoe.com EDIT: fixing up an issue with our podcast sounding too low. Also, I did notice that the "D" in "Doom 2" is missing in the write-up notes. So those will be fixed up in a couple of hours or so. For now, you can listen to us via headphones. EDIT 2: Issues fixed!
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