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  1. Just listened to the Ghostbusters cover. Fucking awesome work, guys. Love everything about this track. Are you singing, Danimal? 'cause that's a pretty cool voice you have there. LOL @ the final part of the track. "Mustin makes me feel good", the barbershop vocals, and the annoying piano sounds. They hate this, indeed.
  2. Can't wait for this. I know that a lot of fans hate Square-Enix for whoring FFVII with these spin-offs, but Crisis Core seems to be a really good effort for once. Famitsu raved about the game, unlike Dirge of Cerebus which sucked.
  3. Thinking of getting this. It would be my first videogame cover band album purchase ever. Downloading Ghostbusters now. Need Thriller and the WWE covers. Congrats on the EP release, guys. Rock on!
  4. LOL @ the stray children part, indeed. Excellent work with this remix, man. Loved that vocal-to-synth switch-up everyone has been raving about. The transition to Mute City is also awesome. Over-the-top piano and guitar work there. And of course, an excellent singing voice. Not a fan of the voice-over work, but your girlfriend is quite believable. She should do this type of stuff for mall and airlines or something.
  5. DU sang on this before? Very interesting. Would've been cool if his voice remained in the final version as background vocals or something... Regardless, I'm still listening to this track. Catchiest one in the album.
  6. I'm all for weird crossovers like this. Completely unexpected. The worst thing that they did, however, was to keep each character console-exclusive. That doesn't make any sense at all. I mean sure, it was a good fan-boy war with SCII, but with Star Wars characters it shouldn't be like that. Let's just hope they release the left-out characters as downloadable extras for each console somewhere down the road. Nonetheless, whoever thought of this idea deserves a nice pat in the back.
  7. Not bad. Like the laid-back tempo of the track. Guitar and drums are cool. Nice solo, too. As for the singing, you sound pretty cool...but the vocals are very drowned out...can't make some of them out. I'm not an expert on this, but your voice needs better processing or clearer recording. Curious about the lyrics...
  8. Man...although you claim this to be unpolished, it sounds so damn awesome and authentic in my ears. Excellent build-up. Can't wait for some lyrics and live guitar with this. Keep it up!
  9. LOL...glad that Olimar's finally in. The overworld theme song remix is pretty cool...very Celtic, typical of Mr. Mitsuda
  10. I have never heard or played this game before. Seems that it's a classic worth downloading. Zelda-esque, eh? Interesting. Read up on the whole letter trick. Was fairly innovative to solve an in-game puzzle using a real object packed in with the game. Glad they preserved that in virtual form at least. I'm still waiting for Earthbound. Never played that gem.
  11. Thanks, DrumUltima! Gonna be singing along dozens of times thanks to you.
  12. Saw some of those pics and am now watching a couple of those jam videos on youtube. That Mario 64 Battle Field Jam is pretty catchy. And virt live kicks ass. LOL @ Larry's Icecap LIVE...never expected that to make it live... EDIT: Nice work with that Still Alive cover, guys. Glad you guys switched to your regular singing voices instead of imitating the original female vocals.
  13. Thanks for answering those questions, Prophet. Again, nice work, everyone!
  14. Man...sounds like some sweet bunch of songs, zircon. Glad you had fun overall. I take it you guys enjoyed promoting OCR and the new Radical Dreamers remix album over at the panel...hopefully there were a couple of RD fans there since the game is so niche. Anyway, pictures, video, audio...whatever...I want some MAGfest stuff in this thread. lol. I guess Jill will handle the photos as usual.
  15. I've been hearing of this Smash Bros. band, Dyne. Ailsean, norg, virt are members if I remember correctly...it's so cool that you saw them live. What did they play?
  16. Man...I can't stop listening to Thieves of Fate. It's my favorite track of the album because of how damn catchy it is. Guitar work and song structure rock. And those lyrics and singing kick ass!!!!
  17. When worse comes to worst, please don't delete this thread. I want to copy and paste my comments in the official one. Besides, what's wrong with a little pre-hype until the official thread is created?
  18. Very nice stuff there, guys. Catchy beat. Excellent rapping. Been a fan of Just Us ever since that Sonic 3 remix. The lyrics are very meaningful and personal...you really can feel the experience through the rapper's eyes.
  19. Just finished my first listen through. I love the fact that this album has a lot of vocals, guitar, and middle eastern influences. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the source since it's such a niche game. Here are some impressions of what stood out to me: Thieves of Fate: definitely didn't expect vocals in this one. Who's singing? Prophet? Love the lyrics, love the singing, love the guitars, love the pop-rock feel of this song. My only complaint is that the vocals get a bit drowned in some parts toward the end of the track. Still though, great job overall, guys. Especially enjoyed the multilayering of the vocals at the end of the track, makes me wished this was used more. I'm assuming that level 99 did the electric guitar parts. Awesome work with that. Taucer rocks as usual. Starbright: Very soothing track. Nice work with the sax as usual, Prophet. Sexy Boy: wow...whoever you are, this track is excellent. Where in blue hell did you come from? The female vocals are very soulful and seductive. You've got an excellent voice. The trip-hop feel of the track is very Massive Attack-ish. Love the violin samples and occasional "cuts" in the track. I wonder if the singer is the remixer. If so, then this is one hell of a debut. If not, then again this is one hell of a debut. Minor complaint: more variation in the lyrics would've been awesome. Snakebone Pit: of all of your tracks in this album, this one stood out to me the most, OA. Rock on, indeed. Nice orchestration in the intro. And when the guitars come in, it becomes a different beast. Love your playing, man. Scar-stealing Girl: very nice combination of styles in this track. It's very mellow in the beginning (Taucer), then it becomes electronic mid-track (Ross). A surprisingly nice transition. Love the ethnic percussion. Running After You: Ah...Darangen, one of my favorite remixers. This track has a very similar basic structure to "Collision"; starting out very mellow then blasting everyone with those excellent guitars. Loving this. Requiem for Another World: very ethnic sounding. DA's vocals are "Cranberries-esque" as usual. While the singing didn't impress me as much as the stuff in "Sexy Boy", the harmonization of the vocals with the track are quite cool. Nice work, overall. Hallucinogenic: the name of this track describes the vibe perfectly...immediately when those drowned out vocals came in, I thought this was going to rock. Love the Middle Eastern sounds and percussion. The distortion on the guitars are such an excellent effect, very "stoner rock" there. The guitar solo mid-track is like a cross of Jimmy Hendrix and Dream Theater. Nice acoustic guitar at the end, very Arabian. One of my favorite tracks of this album here. That's it from me for now. I've been listening to my favorites over and over as I wrote these impressions, and everything still stands. To those who I did not credit and tracks I did not talk about, nice job. This album KICKS ASS. PS: I demand lyrics for Thieves of Fate and Requiem for Another World!
  20. Downloading the torrent now. I also didn't expect this to be released. I didn't notice an official "comments thread" for it over at the projects board, too. Perhaps Taucer and co. are busy at MAGfest. Bet they're going to have a lot of fun promoting on the panel and such. It's been an excellent beginning to 2008 so far. With vgmix finally launching, the biggest Dwelling of Duels month ever, and now this remix album...I've been enjoying the ride!
  21. Nice, nice. Glad its back in some form at least.
  22. Aha...thanks. I guess the only way to definitely know is to listen to more tracks. Don't know if you noticed but guitar sounds are especially confusing in my case, especially when they're high-quality samples or if the sequence is written well.
  23. It's obvious that not all of Mario Galaxy's soundtrack is orchestrated. Be it by ear, or be it by the fact that the composer himself, Mr. Yakota, stated that a few months back. If you listen closely, even the tracks which use live instruments and orchestra are not fully live. Some orchestrated tunes have sci-fi cheesy space sounds in the background, like the Buoy Base Galaxy track. So anyway...Honeyhive Galaxy, people. Does that sound fully live to you? Like I said, I get the impression that the guitars are live. Also, while we're discussing this, has any track or game soundtrack in particular confused you on whether it's live or synthesized? There are even a couple of remixes in this site which stumped me. I thought that the electric guitars in zircon's Monstrous Turtles were live, but they aren't. Also, the guitars in BGC's "Adrynaline Kyck" sound live to me, but I'm not so sure. Just remembered Final Fantasy X. That also has a couple of tracks which stumped me. There's this acoustic guitar tune which plays in towns...based on the intro melody "At Zanerekand". I feel that the guitars are live in that one too...though I'm not so sure...
  24. In some cases, it's really hard to differentiate between live instruments and synth samples in certain game soundtracks. I may have gotten better in training my ears through the years (try saying that three times fast) but there are times when I ask myself, "is that live?" It gets particularly confusing when a composer uses a mix of live instruments and high-quality synths. Motoi Sakuraba's recent soundtracks come to mind. Some tracks in Baten Kaitos and Eternal Sonata can easily pass as being fully orchestrated when in reality it's not. I've also recently been stumped by a certain track in Mario Galaxy. Honeyhive Galaxy...I listen to it a lot in the game and I'm convinced that the guitars and the rest of the instruments are live. What do you guys think?
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