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  1. I recently watched a video reel of the battle mode over at IGN and I'm EXTREMELY pumped up now. The new block stage looks very exciting, and I got goosebumps when I saw SNES Battle Stage 4 revived with 3D graphics and remixed music to boot. I'm just a bit disappointed that they chose Cookie Land to represent Mario Kart Double Dash in the game...that has to be one of the stupidest picks ever, Luigi's Mansion or Pipe Plaza are much better stages.
  2. "I Wish I Had Life Balloons" and "The Way Barrels Are" are extremely addicting. The DKC music really meshes well with the lyrics. Props.
  3. This track is extremely catchy...I cannot stress that enough. I've commented on this remix a couple of times in the VotL thread, and I can't help but sound like a broken motor here. My absolute favorite track of the album is this one, no offense to the other awesome remixes. The feel of the original is there and the track strays away when necessary, which is the perfect balance for a listener like me. Two things surprised me about the remix; the guitars the vocoded vocals. The former is because I didn't expect it from BGC...very well done. The latter is something that I was "meh" about at first, but eventually grew on me. The vocals source material is definitely smart, the delivery gets very intense towards the end. And of course, the vocoded effects are done nicely. Glad this was finally posted on OCR. Congrats on Larry's official debut and BGC's awesome work. Cheers.
  4. I don't know if this was posted in this thread: http://supersmashbros.ign.com/ I've tried this out and it works like a charm. The file size of these custom stages are so small (around 6KB) so you can download these away and put them on your SD card. Check out the n64 level "remakes". Kind of nostalgic. Also, I've been trying for the past 4 days to connect with players in "Brawl with Anyone" on NWFC. It just keeps seeking. Spectator mode works perfectly. Nintendo better improve their servers soon. I'm yearning for some online play.
  5. I hope this is still on. We've been recently getting previews and new hands-on impressions from media sites and they've confirmed "remixed" music. Indeed, this is one big step for OCR and the videogame remixing community in whole. Props to the BOTA dudes. They must be so proud.
  6. Does anybody know the name of the track that plays in the end cutscene of Disk 1 after defeating the boss? It also plays in the beginning of Disk 2 when you're in that same room in Crimson Forest. I simply love that track.
  7. I'm not a fan of the series or its soundtrack, but I did buy Halo 3 for the multiplayer madness. There's this song that plays as you finish up the match settings...it REALLY got to me when I first listened to it, especially when the piano kicks in. Just learned that the song is called "Never Forget". Would be really cool if someone attempts to remix this track.
  8. Happy b-day, dudet. Hope you have/had a fun day.
  9. That's a pretty cool track list. It's going to be interesting to listen to Maria and Draco in rock form. I loved "Dancing Mad" from their first album so here's hoping they do this track justice, too.
  10. Hell yes. Handing the man himself VotL + other arrangements must've been one of the coolest moments ever! Was he pleased to know what these CDs were or kind of shocked by it? Glad Piano Squall was there to communicate. Indeed, here's hoping he writes to you guys somehow. Pictures, please!
  11. I don't know why I never get around to comment on this remix. Extremely catchy stuff, GSlicer. Been listening to it from time to time and I love the beat. Looking forward to more stuff from you.
  12. Excellent work, norg. Loved this track ever since I listened to it in DoD and it deserves first place in my view.
  13. Nice, nice. Interesting lyrics. Nice singing. Meshes well with the Air Man melody. Love the screaming towards the end...very SOAD. Love the guitars and drums, guys. Thinking of checking this album out.
  14. Good luck, people. This project is going to kick ass. Whoever's doing Stickerbrush Symphony, please don't disappoint me.
  15. Don't forget pictures, impressions and all that jazz, guys. Have fun!
  16. Wow...tough crowd. I was so sure you guys would like this. Anyway, I can understand the arguments about the samples...I think they sound pretty good overall, but I'm not an expert on that. Melody-wise, I really don't see why you think it's a cover, Darke. It sounds somewhat different from all the Kakariko melodies throughout the series, and the fact that it perfectly integrates part of Majora's Mask "Clocktown" riff scores extra points with me. Sure it's not the most liberal arrangement in the world, but it's pretty good. Oh, well. We can argue about this all day. I still love this track. Too bad it'll miss out on OCR, 'cause I think the arranger was interested in submitting or something.
  17. http://www.zreomusic.com/ http://www.zreomusic.com/music/symphony/II.MemoriesOfKakariko-320.mp3 As some of you may know, ZREO mostly covers Zelda music, not remix it. But they've been diversifying recently. I've been a huge fan of the project ever since its inception, and I was very impressed with this recent release of their "Open Symphony" project, which is a remix of Kakariko Village. The samples are excellent, the somber tune is so well done, and the way the remixer integrated a part of the "Clocktown" riff is flawless. I'm hoping that they would submit this track to OCR for more exposure, since I'm pretty sure that the judges will dig it.
  18. I'm 5 hours in and I'm really enjoying the game and its soundtrack so far. "Uhra" starts off with a very slow and somber piano melody, then becomes all ethnic. Very nice. However, the track which I'm enjoying the most so far is the one that plays in the mountains, "Epsilon Range" if I'm not mistaken. Man, that track is very chill. Love the guitars.
  19. I'm a bit sad that Sixto is no longer in the line-up. Huge fan of his work. On the other hand, the line-up is still quite incredible. Another Snapple/norg combo for Waterfall...I'm excited! Hopefully Neo City gets filled up as soon as possible. You should contact Ryan8bit since he seemed interested in joining up. So Snapple...can we get some sort of teaser clip/preview/WIP version of a track or two? Something from Jungle, Waterfall, or Ocean would totally do it for me!
  20. You've all known the good news by now I believe. The game will be compatible with all kinds of controls, just like Smash Brothers Brawl. GameCube controllers, baby! 2nd of all, Automatic and manual power slide configuration is now available. For example, in the Wii Wheel's case, putting automatic power slide on means that you do not need to steer in the opposite direction a couple of times when performing power slide boosts. Just like the classic Mario Kart for SNES or the GBA version, all you need is to power slide successfully to get a subsequent boost in speed after. Manual power sliding handles like Double Dash for all those experts who need more speed. Also, weapon handling is more similar to Mario Kart 64 and DS; you can leave them hanging behind you...Double Dash didn't have that. Some of the courses have been revealed. The new courses look awesome from the screenshots. I'm noticing a lot of bloom lighting. The classic picks that were revealed, however, aren't the greatest ones. They always seem to get the GBA version right, but yet again they've picked the worst courses from MK64 and MKDD. Also, there's talks that some of the original graphics heing retained while having a couple of graphical updates. Sounds interesting... Online sounds really cool. Lots of statistics and possibilities. Love the fact that up to two players (splitscreen) can go online from the same Wii, but I'm personally wishing for 4-player splitscreen and going online. Really hoping that Nintendo makes this possible. Single player will be much longer than your usual Mario Kart, with 32 courses in total and a "Mission Mode" that's similar to what was in the DS installment. So far, so good. Can't wait for some more details on the battle mode. It seems that this game is more completed than we all think. Finally: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/30941.html?type=flv The music behind the Mario Kart Wii trailer is EXCELLENT. It's actually a remix of the typical raceway course music (e.g. Mario's Raceway) present in SUPER MARIO KART SNES. I'm so happy to hear this quality of composition since Mario Kart Double Dash had THE most annoying music ever with all that whistling and shit. The ONLY track which stood out in MKDD was the Rainbow Road remix. Heck, even original music present in Mario Kart DS was annoying (except for the Waluigi Pinball track); its the updated music for the classic tracks which stood out in that game. I'm really hoping that most of the remixes in Mario Kart Wii are the same quality as the one in that trailer. I'm not holding my breath for the original music, however. I know I seem to be dramatizing the series' soundtrack out of proportion to some of you, but believe it or not classic MK music is dear to my heart, despite the overall quality of composition dwindling by the installment. I haven't played Super Mario Kart in YEARS (along with its GBA 'remake/original' hybrid) and I can still hum most of the music....since I immediately recognized the remix present in the trailer. Same thing with Mario Kart 64, but there are a few forgettable tracks in that installment. Other than that rant, sweet trailer. Jump mechanics and motorcycles seem to be really interesting additions to the series.
  21. On the contrary, I think this can be easily remixed and turned into a classic. We just need the right vocalist for the job. It doesn't need to follow the whole robotic voice like the original, too. The melody is quite simple and we have a handful of talented remixers out there.
  22. As I mentioned in the review thread of your entry, congrats man. When are you and Jill going to the concert? I'm definitely interested in pictures and paragraphs of your experience, especially when you hand Mr. Uematsu Voices of a Lifestream.
  23. Yup, yup. Glad Toshiba backed down sooner than expected. It'll be interesting to see how Paramount and Universal word their support for Blu-ray.
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