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  1. Hmm...I'm interested in auditioning...just need to get my exams done... Is it possible to audition for singing only, Electric?
  2. A Sonic CD project would be pretty ambitious due to the fact that there are both Japanese and US/UK soundtracks. Both OSTs are vastly different and equally impressive, even though I prefer the US one. I say that if this project ever gets picked up, it would be better if we pick the best of both Japanese and US OSTs and limit the tracks. Remember; quality not quantity. I'd love to hear ReMixes on Tidal Tempest (present), Quartz Quadrant (present), Stardust Speedway (bad future), Collison Chaos (good future), and of course Sonic Boom. Those are my top picks from the US soundtrack.
  3. Phew...I'm relieved. Nonetheless, I had the feeling that they wouldn't go uncredited in the actual album. So...yeah...another congrats to those guys! Next accomplishment: get them to perform "Invertebrate Retreat" Live!
  4. Yeah...I noticed that, Arek...which is why I'm hoping Tommy will give credit to the original ReMixers of his song. This thread a little too quiet...
  5. Yeah...Ocarina of Time for n64, Master Quest version GCN, and Zelda Collector's Edition GCN. Also...A Link to the Past; original SNES version, GBA version, and Wii VC version. Gotta love Zelda.
  6. http://www.gamemusiccentral.com/music/ I remember reading something in the press section of OCR about Invertebrate Retreat being featured in an Earthworm Jim album. Well, now we'll have to congratulate Daniel Baranowsky, Vigilante, and Zyko once again 'cause this song is also featured in the new album appropriately named "The Best of the Best: A Tribute to Game Music" from the link above! Awesome. Hmm...the song has an added "Subterranean Remix" in its title. Tommy possibly remixed it or something...even though I didn't notice anything different from the preview version. Speaking of that, there seems to be some really cool remixes in this album. I'm intrigued. Anyway, this is really cool news. Again, congrats to OCR and the dudes who made this awesome ReMix. One of my favorites. I just hope Tommy at least gives credit to you guys in some way.
  7. My problem with pop music is that everything sounds the same these days. Aside from some unique sounds from Justin Timberlake's latest release, I'm not feeling any vibe from other people. It's the same case with R&B. Man...the old days of George Michael and Micheal Jackson were the best.
  8. I'm thinking either Pixie or Silent would make awesome vocalists for FF4's main theme. Nonetheless, it would kick ass if someone from OCremix and the rest of the game remixing communities gets this gig!
  9. Love that Gooey bomb. An innovative and original weapon for Brawl. I wonder which game is it inspired from? It does look a bit like Morpheel/Amoeba from the Zelda series, and I do remember "Gooey" being Kirby's sidekick in Dreamland 3 for SNES.
  10. Man...I'd never thought I'd see the day all these composers come under one roof. Awesome, simply awesome. It's almost as if the SSBB soundtrack is some sort of collaborative remixing project ala OC Remix.
  11. It took me awhile to adjust to the sound of the new album. Seriously, it's VERY different from the usual LP I know of. On one hand, excellent experimentation from their part. They seriously managed to pull off a couple of original stuff so that people will not call this album a "Hybrid Theory 2.0" or something. Love the fact that there are guitar solos now. Love Shinoda's extra contributions to the background vocals...especially the fact that he his own singing track "In Between"...I was taken aback by that one even though I know that Shinoda has a nice singing voice (he sang John Davis' part in the remix of "Pushing Me Away" in the Live in Texas album). Love the ambiance and classic rock influences in some of their tracks. The minimal hip-hop samples uses in some of the tracks manage to mesh well overall, too. Of course, Chester's voice is AWESOME. His vocal range is excellent as usual, and I think this is the first album in which Chester sings in an emotional almost-in-tears way (The first verses of "The Little Things Give You Away"). Personally, my highlights are "The Little Things Give You Away", "Hands Held High", "Shadow of the Day", "What I've Done"). Little Things and Shadow in particular are two tracks which really show the sound of their album. On the other hand, LP's hip-hop/metal hybrid tracks are officially gone in this album. That was THEIR sound. Now what's left of it is present in "Bleed it Out" (Rap and Hip-hop-like with the clapping samples and melody), although "No More Sorrow" has some pretty edgy metal riffs...could've used some rap vocals in that. It sucks that Shinoda doesn't rap except in two tracks and the hip-hop samples aren't present in all tracks...I'm especially in LOVE with "Hands Held High" and it's sad that this particular sound is gone now. I was also disappointed by the fact that there are some crummy tracks in the album...I loved every track of Meteora yet unfortunately there are some "Emo-ish" tracks in Minutes to Midnight which I couldn't get into at all..."Valentine's Day" in particular is just too emo. Their instrumental track, "Wake", quite frankly SUCKS and pales in comparison to the one they did for Meteora and one of the Underground Albums (Announcement Public Service). In short, LP's new album gives a very bad first impression yet some tracks in particular grow on you as you listen to them more. I feel that this is a love-it/hate-it album depending on who you ask.
  12. PE3 mobile?! Are those guys nuts? Hopefully there's a platform version in the works. Seriously, you can't just move this really cool yet underrated series to a mobile phone. As for that FFVII title...seems like an enhanced port for PSP or something. I highly doubt it's the PS3 remake we've been all dreaming of since it's impossible that it'll be released this year.
  13. Here's the "voice-only" version of the track for those who are curious. Hope you don't mind, Skrypnyk. http://www.esnips.com/doc/4169ecd5-7400-422c-bd02-5d618ce69b8d/Saxers-Fun-Collab
  14. Sounds nice, man. Quite Jazzy. My voice sounds a bit overcompressed. My bad. Need to work on my compression skillz more. I would appreciate any tips on the matter.
  15. lol...Jack can't touch Rockstar with any lawsuits after Take-Two finally stepped up against him in court. This so-called "settlement" between Jack and Take-Two is because Jack backed down like a coward. What an ass. Unfortunately, he can still speak freely of how games are "bad" for kids...which is what he's stupidly doing now. I mean...WTF with the whole "Wii/Manhunt 2" thing...this is just sad...it would be even sadder if Nintendo abides to Jack's parading and cancels the Wii version... If you ask me...Thompson is acting just like a kid, getting more attention than needed...
  16. Contrasting Extol, Martist has some pretty clear vocal samples. Maybe he intentionally put a lot of reverb on tbe vocals of the former track? My favorite track was always the intro one (Prophetic)...everytime I used to start the game I was so excited, bobbing my head as I pressed the start button. lol. Anyway, good luck on this, Prophet man. I agree with you about the game...its gameplay was just as good as the soundtrack. It's the most innovative version of Tetris I've ever played.
  17. Just discovered this REALLY awesome song that somewhat fits your description. "Carnival of Rust" by Poets of the Fall I'm addicted to it!
  18. Thanks, man. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm using a Shure SM57, which is what this community highly recommended. The weird quality could be a byproduct of the production I did with the vocals...it could be that I overcompressed them or something. Or it could be because I don't have a decent soundcard; I'm using my laptop's default SoundMAX soundcard and I'm plugging the mic directly into my laptop's microphone jack... BTW don't forget to post the track with everything mixed together. It'll be nice to hear the results.
  19. I really love Alisean and virt's Dancing Mad collab. Would be cool to see another take on the track...
  20. Sonic Rush has a lot of awesome funk-based music. Highly recommend giving the soundtrack a listen.
  21. The first one kicks ass multiplayer-wise. Also, is it me or am I the only one who loves the soundtrack of the first one? Doesn't seem generic at all to me. Seems that the same composer is working on the sequel's music, but as you can see from the trailer it seems a lot more grittier.
  22. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it is in Nintendo's standards. As the only console (not handheld) which hasn't adapted online gameplay to its full potential, this is a big deal for those who own a Wii. Granted, I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that it sucks that Nintendo's kind of late into 'the game'. Better late than never, though.
  23. Well considering that Strikers Charged has an online mode, I guess that the single player replay value will be quite good. It sucks that the online mode is regional instead of being worldwide, though. Man...I can't get enough of that FMV. Whoever remixes that rock track for OCR would be my hero.
  24. http://mariostrikers.nintendo.fr/ Thanks to The Hylia for bringing this teaser site to my attention. Man, oh, man...the FMV ROCKS. I love the atmosphere and style of Strikers Charged...it's even a lot cooler than the prequel. 11/10 for awesome cyberpunk-based style. 10/10 for music...awesome guitar-riffs. The only thing that annoys me is that there's no lip-syncing when characters yell out their catch-phrases, a problem which was also present in the previous game... If they make a real Mario action/adventure game with this type of cyberpunk graphics style, count me in (as long as they don't overdo it like what they did with Bomberman Act Zero for 360). Seriously, this type of freshness is what Mario games need.
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