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  1. Yeah one of the games has been in production for 10 years!?? Shit?
  2. Jungle beat was in no way a platformer. It was like DDR for black people.
  3. It sucks tthese are all demos and not full games. Some of the level design is as good as the original.
  4. How long has it been since Donkey Kong's last platforming game, excluding ports and that mario thing?
  5. Most people are conformist sheep and are so consumerized by the media that its practically a cultural crime to listen to anything other than something that fits a widely known genre or something by widely known artists, though many would have to take a painting class or maybe some crochet to actually be called an artist. Also there is the fact that "normal" people have a tendency to not want to be otakus, even if they dont know the definition of that word. I realize this and lie whenever asked what music I listen to. "Eh, rock...some techno." "What bands?" they ask. "Erm...her frmer blrmbr." I respond and then change the subject/ make my escape. If only they knew.
  6. GAHH! Screw you. Ive been working on a solo pino mix of song of storms and serenade of water... godammit. I cant perform this well yet, and Id only be able to make a live recording. This isnt actual piano, is it?
  7. Try not to realize that on a universal scale this day is only different from all the others because certain electrons in certain people's brain tissue are arranged in a way that allows their bodies to react differently than normal. The earth has circled the sun 24 times since you left your mothers womb. Whatever, I mean, that works for me. Happy birthday you mofo
  8. This is what I like to see. It may be impossible to become a videogame designer, but you could still head one of these indie or whatever games. Really thats all I need. I dont need money or anything... just uh creativity and stuff..
  9. Hahaaa floridians have it good. There is not a cloud in the sky throughout the entire south half of the state...just need to find somewhere without light pollution.
  10. Im still open if anyone needs a roomate. However I have a nasty habit of buying people meals and picking up tabs. And atmuh, Im looking forward too meeting you
  11. Im interested to see exactly what you would out in a zine about videogme music. I mean, its kind of a narrow subject.
  12. Wow that sucks. 8 hours is enough to make me hopping mad. anyway beatdrop i liked it, it beats listening to my same old playlist for the billionth time. So, tonight then?
  13. Ok I'm aware that this is old news, but I still have no clue what its about. And for anyone who doesnt know what im talking, actually nevermind you have to have come across this at one point. Can anyone tell me when/where.why this started? And Ive tried google, hasnt helped.
  14. so these are fan-created games? haha, probably will be better than the recent official ones.
  15. What is a spectrum console? I'd follow The Damned's Advice.
  16. So these ...things are your example of good music? EEEEEEEEEEEHHHH......
  17. Nothing you have ever said has ever made sense to me.
  18. Gah. my college is small and private and has only has a pep band that I seriously would never be a part of. Ill really miss marching band, even though I SUCKED. Watching DCI depresses me.
  19. I find that whenever I sell anything related to my beloved consoles I regret it deeply afterwards...dont do it man
  20. how do i play apple? instruct me.
  21. this is so depressing. Ive abandoned hope and i havent even entered college. whatever. Ill still be something on the internet when I make this game
  22. Ipods are so shitty. I dont need to be babied by Itunes and I dont need a 200 dolar mp3 player. Why do you need a good user interface when your just going to find a song you like and shove the mp3 in your pocket anyway. And why the FUCK would i want 5 gigs of portable shit when I have a goddam computer that I can use to change the songs out on a 1 gig? my litte 30 dollar sansa has lasted me years, more than most Ipod users can say. and guess what happens when I drop my sansa? I laugh! its so light that it lacks the inertia to hurt itself, and even if it does fuck up i can just buy a new one. All IPod users have been sucked in by the corporate giant fuckheads apple like an extremely expensive, unbeknownstedly high maintenence whore. and wooh ocr logo I see it whn i com on ocremix.org @lol wut: I can see the pixels it still too small!
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