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  1. It's a pretty cool idea, I'd love to hear more. Sounds good so far.
  2. Alexis

    Xbox 360

    Yes! I have a real facebook stalker. I'm too excited about this.
  3. Alexis

    Xbox 360

    No I called the computer help people to see why I couldn't use MY internet that I'M paying for in this apartment to use the Xbox live and nobody using the schools internet is allowed to use any sort of gaming network, it is completely blocked. Which is bullshit. And of course, internet is included in my rent no matter what, so this is fucking bullshit.
  4. Yarrrr I be writing on my friends facebook walls and callin them scallywags and wenches. Yarr. poopdeck.
  5. Alexis

    Xbox 360

    I just got one. Don't get me wrong, it's a great system. I'm just pissed off that my schools internet network is blocking xbox live, so I can't get on to play with people. Not cool.
  6. ahh not making fun of you, just thought it was ironic that when i read that, there was some guy who was seemingly mocking you. Nice lead guitars.
  7. I just got Sibelius 5, and it's realllly nice. I went from Sibelius 3 to 5, so it was a lot to take in...The idea hub is actually one of my favorite features, it's a lot better than having several individual files of ideas that are like three measures long clogging up the computer, as I used to. Also it actually comes with much more realistic sounds in this Sibelius Essentials kit, which has samples from Garritan and Kontakt player, and they actually aren't too bad. They aren't amazing, but they're a hell of a lot better than the general midi sibelius used in 3. I was used to before, but that's a small detail. I've used Finale before, it's the program that my school uses right now, but I really prefer sibelius to it. I do have a copy 5.of Finale, and honestly, Finale 2007 is nowhere nearly as awesome as Sibelius. Oh and I'm ridiculously excited, this is mainly cause I'm a music education major, but Sibelius 5 has a worksheet generator. IT'S FUCKIN AWESOME. They have worksheets for everything ever. omgyay.
  8. Sounds pretty sweet with a real guitar, sounds pretty good for audacity. Sorry this made me laugh...I'm sitting at the music school and there's some classical guitarist sitting across the room who's been playing for like 10 minutes and all he's doing is some pretty crazy intense fingerpicking.
  9. So I just got a hamster. Why is this in the FFXII thread you ask? Because I named her Penelo.
  10. I should have probably mentioned that I am being classically trained, so the stuff I said about embouchure may not apply to you depending on the kind of tone you want.
  11. Hmm, well my PC never had a name, but if it did it would have to be shitbox. Because the monitor is huge and it is a shitty computer. Then my Macbook has really just been referred to lately as my baby. Because it is. I loves it. My ipod is named Awesome. Because you have never seen 30 GB so awesome as the 30 GB on my ipod.
  12. Wow, I really like this already, with just piano I can't say much else that hasn't already been said, but I do think that a string part would fit this piece very well. The electric guitar would also definitely work for chords, but just adding that by itself would be awkward...you'd want to add more than just the guitar. Drums wouldn't really work well with this, but I could definitely see something like guitar, strings/synth with the piano. Really nice work, I love this!
  13. Sibelius is a lot more user friendly whereas Finale assumes you know what you're doing on a computer. Neither are exactly ideal for mixing, but if you're like me and can't stand the little shitty notation things that come in most mixing programs, you're gonna want to look at either Sibelius or Finale. (I prefer Sibelius because of the way the quick entry works, but that's just me)
  14. It's really nice, although I think it could be much improved by adding some harmony to the piano part. The beginning is probably ok without chords underneath, but later on it would definitely help and make it feel like the piece went somewhere rather than just kind of being mellow the whole way through.
  15. Vocals still need a little work, as somebody mentioned before, some of them are a little off. And your voice isn't that bad, it actually took me a minute before I recognized that it was you, although intonation is a little iffy. first verse is good, first part of the chours is good, second part of the chorus you sound like you're forcing it and it's a little off key. Same thing towards the end of the second verse. Live guitar would be awesome if you can get it. Overall it's pretty cool, and the vocals are a nice addition, just needs a little editing. Editing is icky, have fun with that.
  16. I am so totally taking a class on this right now and also answering questions for a homework assignment on it. SO. Let me give you some of my notes and stuff from my book. So there are three things you want to think about when you're singing in this order: 1. Posture 2. Breath Support 3. Embouchure. 1. Posture: The best posture is to be standing so that your diaphragm (a dome shaped muscle located beneath the lungs which contracts as you inhale and expands when you exhale) is not tense. If you're sitting, you want to be sitting upright as though there is a string attached to the top of your spine and somebody is pulling up on it. 2. Breath Support: When you inhale you want to take deep breaths, and fill your lungs. Breathing exercises are extremely helpful to this. Breath in for 4 counts, and then exhale for 8, then 10, 12, and finally 16 if you can. When doing this exercise, imagine you are sipping in the air from a really thick straw and the same as when you exhale. Here are some breath excercises I copied directly from my book Slow leak: standing tall with elevated sternum and expanded rib cage, place hands on the lower rib line (not waist line), exhale, inhale with a slow sip, and exhale on a soft ssss sound for varying counts of ten to thirty seconds. Monitor ribcage that moves in slowly. Stopped Leak: follow the plan for slow leak, this time stop the leak every five seconds followed by five seconds of the ssss sound Forced Exhalation: Exhale, inhale, and attempt to blow out some of the air forcefully through tightly closed lips Breath Pulsing: Exhale, inhale, and lightly pulse the breath four times on a slight ssss sound. Gradually increase the power of the crunches every four counts until a very firm level of abdominal contraction has been reached. Power Breath: Exhale, inhale, and forcefully expel the air on one long ssss sound; do not bend over while exhaling. Monitor for strong contraction of the abdominal muscles. This exercise may be used to conclude the above breath-pulsing exercise. Breath Articulation: Exhale, inhale, and exhale the air with five quick soundless bumps on "huh-huh-huh-huh-huh" 3. Embouchure. Embouchure basically describes the shape of your mouth when singing. You want your soft palate to be raised (this is located on the top of your mouth in the back). Imagine your mouth as a cathedral, where your cheeks are high walls, the toungue is the floor, and the roof of your mouth is an arched ceiling. Your tongue should never be pulled back, rather it should rest behind your front bottom teeth. The shape of your mouth is very similar to that of your mouth when you yawn. Having a correct embouchure helps a LOT with the tone and resonance of your voice. For your range, understand that it does take awhile to build your range. Work on vocalises, and modulate by half steps. For instance start on a comfortable note, and sing a pattern such as Do Re Mi Fa Sol Fa Mi Re Do Mi Do and then modulate a half step up, as far as you are comfortable going. To develop the lower range, sing descending patterns; Sol Fa Mi Re Do is really common, and sing it on different vowel sounds "Ahhhhh", "Ohhhhh" and "Ooooooo" are common. Hope that helps...(i'm totally NOT procrastinating)
  17. I'm actually not too far away from Monroville...which Giant Eagle and how long is this going for?
  18. Does anyone know how long this is? Cause I don't see how you could condense all of that into one musical.
  19. Good news!!! This mix was moved to the "To Be Posted" section!!! WOOOOOOO!
  20. Overall it's pretty cool, just a few comments. -The intro is really really sweet and the entrance of the main theme is cool too. -When the main theme comes in it seems to be confused, for lack of a better word...the transitions from one part to the next are a little shaky and sudden. -I really wish the samples were more realistic, especially the part in the middle with the brass...it kind of makes me cringe. -Towards the end it's a lot stronger again, about the last minute and a half is really cool as well.
  21. Alexis

    Xbox 360

    ooooh I'm glad i saw this, I think I might have to get one now....was thinking about a wii, but that isn't going to drop in price anytime soon so...
  22. My birthday was six days ago. Nobody made me a cake. I get a cake first.
  23. This is a pretty sweet mix, but I'm not a fan of the tone of the guitar... Keep working on it, this is really awesome.
  24. You, sir, need to purchase a thesaurus.
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