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  1. More like "Its DNF; I'm a bloody idiot"
  2. I have a made idea for a pokemon remake. Don't. The series has been going nowhere since gold/silver (perhaps the reason behind the announcement?), so unless nintendo can make it not suck, just put the franchise out of its misery. I mean, seriously, how is it still alive?! (I'm not trying to say anything to start a flame war here, but I am saying that nintendo needs to up the ante on the series, or just stop making them)
  3. I'd wager the "devs" are toasting too. For a completely different reason. "Here's to the longest and most costly running joke in gaming history, as made by us." Also, see this amusing little comic on the topic: http://megatokyo.com/strip/50
  4. My dreams usually consist of me sitting in a room. Then I'll usually declare "Well this sucks" before setting a random bomb and blowing the place to pieces. Though I did have a dream last night where I was up against Phoenix Wright in a "Competition of the Defence Attourneys". I seemed to have won it by saying "Objection" and presenting a dbz beam attack as evidence. Don't ask.
  5. Your Favorite Enemies; with two vocalists (one male, one female), and a haunting twist on the Alternative genre, these guys have a unique and addictive style. Oh, and apparently they're doing the theme song for Dissidia or some such thing http://www.yourfavoriteenemies.com/
  6. Remember that those 'cheats' were often tools used by developers to help them test the game. For example, if you were trying to see if a level glitch would crash the game or not, you wouldn't want to need to worry about the quite perfectly functional AI enemies that gaurd that area. Hence, go into god mode and then check the area. That they left these commands in there was simply the way of the times. These days, they're still in some, but not as often. I agree; those were the days, but still, I've taken to trying to do things myself without cheats or strategy guides. Trying anyways
  7. We've been studying this in Communications at uni, and its actually quite interesting. The way that the internet in general (while the focus is often on social networking, it isn't always the "be all end all" case study) has changed the way that humans supposedly "socialise". 50 years ago, we didn't have these things. Hell, 50 years ago, our minds were quite different (something to do with synapses and such; it was pretty complicated, but basically our minds worked differently back then). Nowadays, people often "exist" as much in the digital world as they do in the physical one. Our brains have changed as a result of our seeming reliance on these technologies (which sounds like some lame scifi theory, but as it was described to me, there seem to have been studies proving the idea). And while there's some advantage, one must ask if the advantages of these technologies yield any true, worthwhile advantage.
  8. Let me start by saying I am by no stretch of the imagination pro-piracy. But you have to admit, the comic raises a valid point; previously, other media have been heralded as the "death of X", yet in reality, all it meant is that they needed to change their business models. I am aware of how widespread the problem of piracy, copyright and all that is, and how the internet is different from these (although, I think this difference is ridiculously overstated), but the fact remains, we are making some kind of progress. M$'s OSs are often too expensive to implement. Our solution? We created Open Source OS like Linux. We needed free, potentially copyright free media for use in educational and other situations. So we created creative commons, copyleft and many others. As has been mentioned, iTunes has taken steps to remove DRM from its songs, and this is a sign that even in the non-free, commercial world, they're making progress. They're listening to the fans saying what they want, and they're trying to make a comprimise. Don't get me wrong; not one of the examples I've given are flawless; I acknowledge that each has its flaws. I also acknowledge that piracy is a damned serious problem, and will likely be so for a long time, maybe forever. But is that to say that the people in control of the pirated media are powerless to stop it? No. If they put their minds to it, they could take steps that could well put a stop to a large amount of piracy. As was once said "no solution is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool", but that's not to say that we can't work out a way where everyone wins. Case in point: FL Studio. Buy one copy online, and they'll give you the later versions as well. That's the kind of thing that's going to get people to think about buying the real versions, as opposed to pirating IMHO. Don't think I'm opting to turn a blind eye to the whole piracy thing. But I am saying that there sure as hell are better ways than just "shooting the messenger" like they are here.
  9. I've been loving the DSi since it came out; the size and camera have been my two favourite bits. Also, having tried both the old (and very terrible) DS Lite browser, and the new DSi browser, I can safely say that the new one is actually decent. Sure its not mind breaking, but compared to the old one (which was lucky if it actually loaded a page at times, even with the memory expansion), its nice to be able to look at some websites on the go without the need for a laptop. I just wish there were more DSiWare games available! Same here, but mine came with the scratch when I bought it (huzzah for $90 DS!)(it was actually a new one, surprisingly), but I still somehow got full trade price (i.e. more than I paid for it) when I got my DS lite.
  10. All this talk about Valentina has reminded me of something. ZS Samus has jiggle physics in at least one cutscene in Brawl. Did anyone else notice that?
  11. Ironically, the battle system was one of my favorite bits; no bull battles ftw! (plus the fact there were no random encounters) They kept the battle system simple, and I like that. Especially when compared to some battle systems (like FF12 which just tried to do things different for the sake of doing it different imho), I like a system where you don't try and confuse people with some fancy system. Press attack, choose your target; simple. CT got that right.
  12. ...as I thought I'd buy it, considering the amount of people who seemed to have loved it (a trend I especially noticed here on these very forums), and have almost finished it (just got the last boss to beat). But after all the hype about how good it was, I'm left feeling a bit...I don't know, confused? The game was good, don't get me wrong, and I've got no real qualms with it. But it sounded like it was some kind of titan of gaming; something that will be remembered through all history as THE Chrono Trigger. I've played through it, and its just a really good game. Can someone maybe tell me why it got its status; I'm sure I'm missing something. Maybe it was better in its time? Or...
  13. I second this notion; I entered into my donation not expecting anything, and I stand by that. You guys have always done so much for the community, so I can't expect anything in return because, well, I already got so much. Besides, I've always been of the mind that the community here on OCR is, in my experience, the best I've ever seen. Its no single thing that makes it stand out, but just the way the community can stand together like it does...I've never seen any other community like it. So consider my donation a small thank you for staying awesome over the years. After all, many other forums I've been on have fallen to the dogs, but OCR has always stood together, strong and tall. No other place does it like OCR.
  14. I miss that game; I bought a wii, and have been searching for the game ever since (since I never had a GC). I'd kill for one, but all the ones on ebay aren't PAL
  15. Consider me in. Although living in Australia, you can probably count me out of the prizes; the shipping would likely be too expensive Still I'll contribute like last year, just let me see how much I can donate. EDIT: Alright, its coming, I've started it, and its just got to get cleared. You should have about US$100 within the week. Also, I kinda forgot to add my username to the thing, can I pm the details to someone?
  16. That was my first thought. Then I realised that it was still April 1 overseas. Kudos to being the only site I know (thus far) that actually bothered to do something for april fools
  17. I hear that But its nice to hear that Norton isn't as terrible as it used to be, but those idle scans would annoy the hell out of me. Are you sure there's no way to turn them off?
  18. Today I got that inevitable message saying that my McAfee subscription is due to run out soon, which usually isn't a problem; the rest of my house agreed we'd go three ways in a 3 computer license, and just update that as we go. But now the three computers are stuck on three different antivirus programs. Its getting a tad expensive. That in mind, we need to go back to having just the one program. While my preference is to McAfee, I'm told that Norton sucks less now. I'm skeptical, but then again, stranger things have happened. So we need some sort of internet security setup (so antivirus, firewall, antispam etc; the usual deal) that'll allow us to have three computers on the one plan, which is all fairly normal, but I want to know what's best in your opinions?
  19. This doesn't surprise me. Nintendo in all regions have been pretty tight lipped on specifics; very little information outside of Japan has been released AFAIK, and even then its pretty vague mostly. I'd guess they're still trying to test the waters atm.
  20. I agree, but its not quite the same. Think of the difference between M$ Word and Publisher. Different programs for a different purpose. I suppose rather than it being a "1.5", it could be another version of the Lite. Its not as much an upgrade, as another option. It has advantages and disadvantages compared to the DSi I suppose the whole idea that its "basically a 1.5" is why they're selling both at once. Try itunes. Though when I tried the converter, the AACs seemed to come out bigger than their MP3 versions. No real DSi games, aside from the DSiWare. But no real titles confirmed outside of Japan yet, aside from the free browser. You DO get 1000 points with the DSi, so you'd assume that there's something coming.
  21. If it helps, the hardware component has actually improved since the DS Lite. Old DS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_ds#Technical_specifications DSi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_DSi#Technical_specifications Now, these specs sound crap, but I can see very much why they're doing this. I had (and still do) the DS browser for the DS lite (and it was specifically for the DS Lite), and the petty 4MB of RAM the DS had was useless for loading anything. I think the best site it loaded was the myspace mobile frontpage. The PSP had the same problem apparently, so its not a case of "the DS is crap". The DSi has four times the amount of RAM, and while its still not much, I guaruntee you its a sight better than 4MB. Also, for those of you who like homebrew, I guaruntee you that the extra RAM will be useful for playing/making games. The DSi isn't just a "1.5" version. Nintendo have actually tried to make it a kind of "upgrade", but I do recall that they didn't intend it to replace the DS lite. Some markets, right from the moment that the DSi was announced, said they'd be selling the DSi and the Lite at the same time. I'll grant, the DSi isn't the ultimate handheld, but it does have some good points if you take a look. As to whether its worth the upgrade will be a matter of personal opinion and circumstance (eg, those with broken DSs, and no real need to play their old GBA games might buy it). Actually, even if the point made was grossly exaggerated, there is a point. There are very few truly "hardcore" games for the Wii or DS. ESPECIALLY IN AUSTRALIA. They exist, but their absence leads to an empty feeling when many of the "new release" games are "kiddman plays soccer"* I'll agree, the "if you don't like it, don't play it" argument is more than valid, but it fails to solve the issue of the lack of hardcore games. Its like saying to a drought stricken country to use less water rather than complaining. Yes, they should use less water, but that won't make the drought disappear. (*: If only their standards were that high half the time.)
  22. While I will confess to buying one myself (I've preordered it), I definitely do not claim that the DSi is a must have. Its a bit gimmicky, but I'm getting it as an addition to my DS lite, and for some obscure reasons that don't apply to the sane public. Though the DSi shop could shape up to be interesting. Hopefully.
  23. I've never been aware of certain styles having names, however, often artists will have their styles associated with their names. So a famous manga-ka (manga artist) will have "their" style, but no matter what it is, its still anime/manga. AFAIK, anime IS the art style. The closest thing that I know of depends on the medium (so for eg wet media, oekaki etc). However, there is no specific styles to my knowledge. Genres, maybe?
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