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  1. QFT. While I moved on from Finale a while ago, I know for a fact that a few of my friends still use 2006 in favour of the other, newer versions.
  2. OCR proved to me that intelligent people exist on the internet, namely those capable of presenting an argument better than "X sux kos itz X". Its also motivated me to become a better musician, and I'm now actually aiming to have a remix posted here at some time (just need some time to get it underway and in progress).
  3. As a kid, this annoyed me. I actually spent months looking for something, I was in denial that all that effort was wasted.
  4. So I booted up my wii yesterday to play FF4:AY, and noticed I had mail. It was nintendo telling me that: a)The Wii's Internet channel was now free. Again. b)That those who had actually paid money (or points rather) for it would be getting a free NES game (for 500 points) sometime in october. Okay, fair enough, we've paid for something, so its only fair we get what we paid for (more or less), but after browsing the selection of NES games available, I have no idea what to get. Anyone out there like to suggest a good game from the NES Virtual Console range?
  5. But let's not forget the quote by Zero Punctuation: Although that is an extremely cynical way to look at it, it does raise a valid point; our distance from these games often makes them appear better than they might necessarily be. I still hold FF7 to be my favourite game ever, but I know that it possibly wouldn't hold up to a lot of the more recent games. That doesn't mean newer games are any better or worse, and likewise to older ones. What it COULD mean however is that in time, we might, for example, be more inclined to remember the good games of an era, forgetting the utter garbage of an era.I know we have our classics of the past generations, but who's to say that there aren't potential classics in this generation. Games like Portal tell me that 10-20 years down the track we'll be talking about some games like we do mario and zelda from the early days. And this isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  6. You say all this as if you are surprised; in my experience, anyone who listens to only mainstream music will bash anything that isn't mainstream, even though much of mainstream draws from alternative influences. Albeit poorly. Mainstream isn't as much a genre as a classification; and often the songs are classed as being something that anyone with a wider knowledge of music (like pretty much anyone who visits this site) can listen to a song and notice the different influences that the alternative scene has on the mainstream artists. So even though the sheeple of music might not have much idea about how "lame" their music is, I doubt they really care. Which is a shame, as the alternative scene (and I'd be inclined to say the alternative scene is bigger than the mainstream in terms of scope) has something for everyone if they'd bother to look. As to an actual game, well, besides audiosurf, I doubt that will come to ANY country anytime soon. Except Japan. But they're awesome like that.
  7. Thanks for downloading, I'm glad you like it!

    Yeah, you'd think we'd put an exit button in, I think I did suggest it at one stage...it seems we forgot it XD Ah well, live and learn.

  8. I'm just about to head off on my holiday, but I'll leave this seeding for the next five days while I'm away. You guys couldn't have picked better timing!
  9. *raises hand* Yep, I have some basic knowledge on the matter, having just made the music for a game with it. Its a networkable game of Pong which works for both LAN and internet play. If you want to take a look, both the soundtrack and the game can be downloaded here: http://www.divshare.com/download/7902360-c41 It's not the best use of Korg around, but given that I had less than two days to do this and the art...I'm content. Feel free to critique though, I'm always open to advice on how to improve I know that some people can make some insanely good stuff though; I'm not that great with this sort of music creation (I generally stick to ambient sound creation and such; electro isn't my best skill), but I've seen videos of people doing full remixes/original songs that sound really good. And a Korg DS version of good old Rick Astley
  10. Or Australians for that matter. Indeed, those outside America/Canada get screwed over way more than those who live in America/Canada, so consider yourself lucky.
  11. I've always been a fan of open source (and all the other similar projects that the internet has spawned) projects, and some of the games I play are open source as well. However, open source generally sticks to the computer (for obvious reasons). But I recently discovered something interesting. My brother gave me an open source handheld called the GP2X. Its a nice little unit, and I like how everything can be stored on the one card (it uses an SD card for storage). However, it got me thinking about how many people on OCR play open source games/own open source gear. Sure, the thing isn't going to replace my DS, but its a decent bit of gear in its own right. I'm just curious to see who here has played/does play an open source game/s, or has one of the handhelds? Discuss.
  12. While I don't have a 360, I will be picking up the soundtrack. After all, clearly, thats the best part of the whole game
  13. We always talk about how games negatively impact on people, but what about the good sides? I recall my uni lecturer saying some people suggest that games have a narcissistic effect on people (in the case of violent games). As an example of media narcissism, they compared stats between america and japan regarding "adult" media. Japan has a much higher level of portrayal of violent scenes and suchlike than america. Yet America's sexual crime rates compared to Japan are insane; Japan's is quite low, and America's is quite high. I'm not pointing the finger at any country, or condoning any behaviours or suchlike, however, I am saying that evidence exists that these kinds of media can, and sometimes do have a narcissitic effect.
  14. To be more correct, that may be one direction to remedy this. There is never a cure all solution, especially with a community like this one. At which point, I still maintain that this community has been one of the best ones around that I've been on. Other communities I've been with have gone to the dogs, but this one has stayed true to its nature. This isn't to say it hasn't changed; it has definitely gotten more serious in some areas, but in others, it has expanded (I cite the increasing number of gaming groups, such as those for starcraft and TF2, as well as the other "misc gaming" threads and groups, such as the recent "16 bit gaming art" thread as evidence) on its old "just for fun" nature IMHO. That said, other older members of OCR might not feel the same; but that's just another piece of the whole thing. I guess, in the end, for one to expect a community to remain static is folly; people change as individuals, and that change will be reflected in the community as people enter, leave and contribute to the community. This applies on all scales and to all elements, the way I see it.
  15. Plus it just came out on the wii I love virtual console. For me, it was mass effect; I'm generally not the kind of guy who plays games over and over, but this game kept me coming back. FPS+RPG=win.
  16. I've been reading 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene; definitely not an easy read, but its an interesting social commentary of various power figures in history. Though it does kinda throw morals out the door. Regardless, its a great read, for those who want something a little challenging.
  17. 1337 1

    Wii Motion Plus

    I was half tempted to get the golf game, but I've never really been a big fan. But as to the tennis one...well, suffice to say, I doubt anyone has yet to best Wii Sport's version Still, I'm eagerly awaiting Wii Sports Resort (just preordered it). Who else here is excited about sword fighting? :D
  18. Aren't valve the ones who were going on about "episodic content"... Then again, they're probably bringing out the ones that people are playing the most, instead of, say, the long overdue HL2: ep 3.
  19. You know, maybe its all a big conspiracy, and at E3, SE and compendium will release a four letter statement. YHBT.
  20. 1337 1

    Nintendo Wii

    de Blob was a good game, I bought it (3 days before the price got halved ) a while back. I should probably play that again, if only for the cutscenes. Although for star fox, I'd like to see Assault remade for the wii. I loved the multiplayer, and the single player wasn't half bad either. (shame all the ebay copies of the GC version are retardedly expensive). Hell, anything new for starfox on the wii would be good; the wii is mostly fox-free.
  21. Bahahaha, that lame filter?! That was what they used at my school (well, when I went to school). I still remember the time it blocked ocr under "religious cult" or something. Ah yes, the wonders of modern technology.
  22. And to top off the combo, they implement it, THEN explain it days later. kthxbai
  23. Prediction: Nintendo's presence will either last for 5 minutes, or they'll actually have something good to show us this year. After last year's poor effort, I'm hoping nintendo picks up their game. Massively.
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