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  1. None taken, I am not saying GIMP is by any means as good as Photoshop, but I'm saying people shouldn't be so quick to bag open source/free software just on those grounds. Yes, generally speaking the commercial software is better, and I admit to saying that I think photoshop is generally better than GIMP, but I'm also saying that GIMP has advantages too. Its just my examples are probably not the best examples of how GIMP can be useful. But really, I think there are heaps of examples of the companies listening to the people hearing us complain about this very kind of thing (software is too expensive etc), and actually trying to help out. Last I checked, FL Studio did a deal where if you buy it online, you get the new versions free (and this applies to anyone, not just students), adobe claims they give students a "minimum of 80% discount" to students, and then there's photoshop elements (not passing judgement here). So between some free/open source alternatives (which often aren't as good admittedly) and companies becoming increasingly aware of other solutions to piracy besides the inevitably vain copy protection/DRM, I think we'll be seeing some good things in this area. Who knows, the question may one day it might be preferable to buy the software as it offers advantages piracy simply can't. Then again, I might be dreaming
  2. Don't be so quick to bag out GIMP. I will admit, my preference is with Photoshop, and that the interface for GIMP is terrible (not that there aren't ways around that), however there are things that GIMP does WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than Photoshop. For example, the pattern maker for Photoshop is horrid. Absolutely horrid. GIMP's on the otherhand, is quite good. And its so much faster. That, and GIMP can both read and save PSD files (photoshop's default format), and a few others that I've found handy over the years. Like windows .ico (icon pictures) files, which is nice if you like making your own icons. But I'm surprised that there isn't much of a mention of software deals that a heap of educational mobs get. Like me being able to pick up The Adobe Master Collection CS3 for $500 (that's australian. so it'd be cheaper in the US I'd wager ). Also, M$ does a program called MSDN (I think the educational version is called MSDNAA), where you can download heaps of their stuff for free (including entire OSs). I understand some people don't have jobs, and that's fair enough, but you'd be surprised at some of the discounts educational institutions give/get their students, especially on software.
  3. Recently, I've been working as part of a small team of people who are working on a simple (presumably FPS) game. I've been doing some art, and I must say, the whole processes involved are so different compared to the usual stuff that I do ("art" for games and "art" for a hobby is very much different, especially when I go from just using photoshop to doing full on 3D stuff etc). This got me thinking about how other game developers have done things. It doesn't matter how big or small your part or project, or even if your project got completed (let's face it, it happens sadly), but I'd like to hear some other peoples experiences in making games, whether it be music/sound, programming, art/graphic design or anything else. What was it like? For me, its been so vastly different to any other project. Before this, its been taking a piece of artwork, and it just stands on its own. Now its thinking about how my creations actually serve a function. It also means I do so many different things I've never had to do before. I've learned how to do textures and stacks of 3D stuff I'd never have bothered or thought to learn. Its been a great learning curve. (sidenote: I am aware that I haven't said anything really specific about what I'm working on. This is mainly because its kinda under wraps atm, and so I can't give the specific details yet. I can say however, that making maps for it will be really easy and fun )
  4. OBJECTION! CLEARLY YOU SHOULD PLAY THE GAME, AS YOU ARE MISSING OUT. I've been playing it through the last few weeks. The game is eating away at my mind
  5. So do we have word if there is some means by which those of us in Australia can behold this...thing? All I've been able to find out is that its so far digital download only, and that only the US and a couple of other countries have access. Which kinda sucks, as it means I can't even get someone to bring it with them from overseas (courtesy of the lack of a physical copy). EDIT: I want to see Rick Astley go through this thing. Just for lulz
  6. Must ask how the title is related to this. I've been looking for something to scratch my RTS itch, this might be the perfect solution. Its also likely a good way to remove the memories of Supreme Commander *shudder*
  7. OCR needs achievements, methinks
  8. This looks...mildly amusing. Maybe people will start using this instead of stealing OCR songs Here's hoping that they try and bring it out in Australia; preferably physical copies. Although I'll likely be waiting a while, from the looks of things. I also noted M$'s statement that they don't intend to make a music software suite or anything. Based on this statement, I'm not going to be surprised if they make their own version of guitar hero/rock band. Or Audiosurf. (AudioBand? )
  9. Nice, I never would have known about this. Thanks for that I'm just waiting for someone to lolcat that picture.
  10. I got an SLR for my birthday just last month, maybe I can get a few pointers. My parents bought my the Olympus E-520, with a twin lens kit. I've still got a bit of money left from my birthday, so I'm thinking of getting at least one good accessory for it. I'm leaning towards a remote, although if I start doing more inside work, I might go for a better flash. What does everyone else recommend? Its my first SLR
  11. 1337 1

    Left 4 Dead

    l4d ONLY runs on my laptop. But I guess I am running it on one of Dells XPS models. Seriously, its basically a desktop.* Which is handy, as my desktop was made from spare parts given to me by friends *: this means that its powerful for a laptop, but is useless as a laptop. Try putting something with that much heat on your lap without burning yourself.
  12. Bad movies? How about falling down. Its about a guy who decides, after being stuck in a traffic jam, to go around town and start shooting people. That's the "storyline". Then there's "Neon Genesis: Evangalion - The end of evangalion". I don't know if it even had a story, but the movie was horribly depressive, and just plain retarded. I raged for the next 3 hours after watching it.
  13. This is the internet. Home of 4chan, and rule 34. If it can be concieved, then someone will be dumb/brave/suicidal enough to try it. And if someone is dumb enough to give them a camera, they will film it. On the bright side, at least it wasn't this: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0
  14. I actually had something going. Then when animeremix went down, I decided I'd bide my time a bit and see what happened. Its still down One day we shall have a successful christmas comp. One day.
  15. Its getting to the point where Overclocked remix could easily be called "Overclocked Marraige levels". That sounded much better in my head. Nonetheless, congrats
  16. http://google.com Sorry, had to do that But really, I think the whole deal is being blown out of proportion; another lame rapper is telling the world how awesome he is, and the world is trying to shut him down. Its been done before. I'll grant its made slightly more interesting by the presence of gaming, but not enough to garner the attention I'm seeing, IMHO
  17. And soon the troll shall be set on fire Let the flamefest begin EDIT: Interesting point to consider; for all that TFC is being ridiculed, remember its thanks to it that we actually have TF2.
  18. After seeing their sad excuse for a "sniper", I refuse to play that game. Seriously, the graphics are the least of the problems. A failed attempt at gameplay is a little higher on my list of issues.
  19. Soulja boy? Serious? looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  20. Grats to the both of you; this sort of thing is always music to my ears (/bad pun)
  21. 1337 1

    Korg Ds-10

    Yes, but I live in Australia, the land of delayed and slow releases, not to mention countless bans However, its nice to hear positive discussions about this sort of thing; usually when this sort of thing comes out, its regarded as a gimmick. Granted, this sort of thing is hardly new, but I'm used to only seeing this sort of thing in homebrew. Not that I use homebrew.
  22. 1337 1

    Korg Ds-10

    I was wandering around Game today while I was out, and I found a DS..."game" that caught my attention. A KORG synth for the DS: http://www.korgds10synthesizer.com/htm/index.htm I had a bit of a chuckle to myself, as the idea of making music on my DS struck me as a bit of an odd idea. That said, it could be a fun way to pass some time. What does everyone else think? Are these things just gimmicks? Has anyone bothered using one? Are we set to see a whole "new" wave of "games" to come to our handhelds? Or is the whole concept just a fistful of fail?
  23. You'd think that with all the people requesting, making and discussing OCR album art, that there'd be some sort of "official" effort in that direction. Hell, if you look through all the album art for the albums that OCR releases (like VotL), as well as some of the artwork that previous attempts have yielded (like that in this very thread), its obvious that this community has more than enough talent to get something more than respectable as a "default" album art for OCR songs. It doesn't have to be any flash, but I think OCR should bring out some designs, or maybe just hold (another) compo to get some designs.
  24. My future lies did up a cover of Rudolph the red nose reindeer, which is certainly a different take on the song. http://www.triplejunearthed.com/GetFile/388013/Rudolph_MYFUTURELIES_JJJ.mp3 They also have a cover of jingle bell rock, but I can't find it. Except on their myspace player, but I can't find the download button for those things
  25. Am I seeing a similarity between that thread from not so long ago about the similarity of one of the FF7 songs, and the batman theme, and this thread?
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