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  1. I was looking through the change log stuff on here as I was revising my list of old and new stuff on my comp. Some of my audio files turned up corrupt and I'm just simply trying to replace them. What I was wondering is if anyone here possibly has access to Super Mario World Vanilla Extract? And yes, I already checked OC Removed. Not there either.
  2. Don't you start. There were no avatars of Dudley, so this is gonna have to do. So now, along with my ranking, I have moved up from Moggie to Evilhead.
  3. Adding to what was said, Settings--->System Settings--->UMD Cache. Please turn that on.
  4. Agreed. He just simply puts the beats to you regardless of what ya do. But he is beatable. Along those lines... (For me, anyway) This game fits, too.
  5. Someone already posted this one. I was thinking about Maximum Carnage for the Genesis. (For those who don't exactly remember:) I don't know anyone who has beaten that game. No, no, no, I'm talking about that shitty ending with Venom. I'm talking about getting through all of those annoying fights against Shriek, Doppleganger, Hobgoblin and the waves of enemies that they throw at you on stage 15 (I believe that's right...) as well as hoarding your Deathlok and Firestar icons until you made it to the grand finale stage right before you showdown against Carnage. And if you weren't saving those helper icons... you were fucked. Always, always, ALWAYS, have I made it that stage with no lives and shit for health.
  6. I see no age as well and I'm not obliged to stop firing on you each time that I see your plane casually flying over my airspace. Congrats on being the only person living remotely close to a Burger King in North Anea. Oh, and from one "Aeronautically Obsessed" pilot to another, Happy Birthday.
  7. I think you're fucked on this one. Unless you make your theme sort of a Chillout theme, then some folk on here can provide you with a list. Until then, uh, enjoy your two mixes? *shrugs*
  8. I used to watch that show religiously. That is awesome... Next to my co-worker who has the full opening to Voltron, that is.
  9. I gotcha. Games like Gran Turismo bores as well as annoys the living shit out of you. You're not the only one. There's a reason why I have a copy of GT3 unopened and sitting on my shelf. Great game, it truly is, but not for me.
  10. Seconded, respectfully. Also, to add to that: If it has to do with flight, I have a lot to do with it. If it involves racing... I'll have a bit too much to do with it. If it's an RPG, well, I might be spending quite some time on it. Shooters and puzzles are loved not only by me, but my parents as well. ...Except my mom is quite pissed that the Metroid series is coming to an end, so she's gonna have to find something else to do. Edit: I actually forgot something: Age: 21 Sex: Male Location: Boston (for now, anyway...)
  11. Kefka's theme - FF6 Victory - FF7 Sinking Old Sanctuary - Castlevania: Bloodlines Battle Theme - Riviera: The Promised Land Rob Zombie - Superbeast Edit: I actually forgot one... A shortened version of Lower Norfair (Magmoor Caverns) for my mom.
  12. Although it's shit-loads of fun, there is a lot of micromanagement involved... At least for the side-quests. They aren't horrendously out-of-the-storyline sidequests, just something to add along to the interest of the game. Almost like, "what-if"s... But it's worth it.
  13. ... ...How massive are we talkin' here?
  14. I just purchased this game a little while ago and I'm quite into it. Somewhat a cross between Tactics Ogre and Disgaea, the gameplay is a bit of a yawn in the beginning, but it seems to progress later on into the game. I was uncertain if this would be worthy enough for a discussion here on OCR, so I just respectively threw this out there to see what others' opinions are on this game.
  15. Mega Man X4 - Yes Still one game that I'm more than happy with dusting off my PSX for other than a random Richter run in Symphony of the Night. Solely for the overall replay value and to enjoy the music along with the smooth gameplay. And last but never the least, Zero's combo system... kinda.
  16. I mostly agree with most of what's already on the list plus one unmentioned and another barely known movie title: Rush - The entire soundtrack was done by Eric Clapton. Calming, yet climatic at the same time. The Matrix - Other than the obvious tracks, Rob Dougan's "Clubbed to Death" is really good.
  17. *long sigh* Let me see if I can actually remember all of this... Playstation Ace Combat 2 Tomba! Castlevania: Symphony of the Night R-Type R-Type Delta Valkyrie Profile Final Fantasy 5 Final Fantasy 6 Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 9 Final Fantasy Tactics Darkstalkers 3 Street Fighter Alpha 3 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Parasite Eve Parasite Eve 2 Metal Gear Solid Ape Escape Gradius Gaiden (Bardic Knowledge is right on this one. Import it and smile) Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Mega Man X4 Mega Man X5 Mega Man X6 Megaman 8 Anniversary Collection Need For Speed III Need For Speed: High Stakes Gran Turismo Gran Turismo 2 Ridge Racer Ridge Racer Revolution Rage Racer Ridge Racer Type 4 Nintendo 64 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Mario Kart 64 Super Mario 64 Star Fox 64 GoldenEye 64 Perfect Dark Diddy Kong Racing WWF No Mercy (It's great for trash-talkin' your friends and making great laughs) Super Smash Bros. (No one mentioned this one...) Mischief Makers Command and Conquer Sega Saturn Guardian Heroes **I know of no other games...** Game Boy Advance Super Dodgeball Advance (...strangely addictive...) Pokes G/S/C Golden Sun Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age Mario Kart Super Circuit Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past & 4 Swords Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Riviera: The Promised Land Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Metroid Fusion Metroid Zero Mission Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario 3 PC Doom Doom 2 Final Doom ...And I'm done.
  18. Legend of Zelda, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Mario, Mega Man & X and The Metroid series, (particularly Super Metroid.)
  19. Bump. This is going to be long, so bear with me. I posted about this in the "...and it made me smile" thread, but I just wanted to go more into depth about it. There's an arcade game made by Data East called Hippodrome, where you are pitted against 9 different monsters all with their unique ability to drink health and piss you the fuck off. The first three only let you know how much you were about to be annoyed. The dragon, who's attacks you saw coming from a mile away has a flame attack that was nearly impossible to jump over or at the very least, get the timing right. The tail swipe wasn't as bad, unless you get hit. Instant two bars... gone. Getting gold for the game made it interesting. the array of items that you had to plan to get in order to survive made the game somewhat tolerable. The impossible enemies... Mr. Solomon (The Wizard) and the final boss, Uber-angry, uber-huge Viking guy. First, the wizard. Here are his attacks: Acid Rain Lightning Fire Tower Force Field Gust (Some sort of dual-fired projectile that he shoots at you) The main problem with your character vs. the wizard's attacks is that you have this piss-poor sword with no range whatsoever. You must get in close to cut him - - but the wiz puts up this force field that depending how close you come to him, will guaranteed to hit you anywhere between 2-6 times. Sort of like, "combo"-ing you into a corner where he can deliver more punishment. Another problem with the wizard is his ungodly attacks. His Acid Rain covers half the screen (if I'm correct) and the side that you're on up to just shy of his force field range is the actual range of the rain. but don't get in close, he'll just switch up in mid-attack and smack you up with the force field. The rain does take poison damage (there are two variants of the game I think and the rain in another version, lines the screen as well as poison you) but the poison is a bit too long to wait to wear off. The Wizard's lightning attack is just a random lightning strike what had a split-second telltale for where it was going to strike. Problem is, if The wiz decides to corner you with that move, the match is over. It's rare to see the wiz rush down any player, but when he does, just admit defeat. Fire Tower is one of the most trickiest projectiles to dodge. A flaming pillar of fire depending on where he's standing will most likely determine his next attack. One thing that I will mention. You can jump the pillar before as he's casting it, but most likely, Mr. Wiz has intent on keeping it in Force Field range just in case. The sick thing about Fire Tower is, it moves with him. If he's casting it while walking forward, it's moving in front of him. That move alone is not only cheap, but can be used to pin you into a corner - - he can multi-cast this move. His force Field didn't do any real harm to you, but it's just his ultimate defense against you. Get in close and he can use it to his advantage. Very rarely, does The Wiz force you into a corner and slap you up with force field. He usually varies it up with Lightning to scare you into getting in close, and then slams you with 2-6 hits of punishment. There's nothing really to evading or warning of this move it's just a sign of, "Go away." And finally, there's Gust. Nothing special, he only uses this to "wake you up" for those few players who are trying to analyze his patterns. Although they home in on you, they only take one bar of health. The final boss, Uber-angry, uber-huge Viking guy. He seems delivers an amount of pain incomprehensive to the many afterschool children who played this game. Wielding a disk and chain, everything hurt coming from him. 3-4 bars were gone. Upon the fact that this dick starts out with 20+ health, you already know that you weren't supposed to beat him by traditional means. Especially since his health doesn't move after the first 5-6 times that you hit him. When he throws his disk, lies two problems: Depending on where you are, you won't have enough time to jump or evade the attack and/or the chain counts as damage done to you. Yes, you read that correctly. Touching the chain, counts as a hit. He doesn't let up. As soon as the disk reaches range, he launches it again and the time frame for him launching these attacks is just shy of a second, which results in you being pummeled... repeatedly. *sighs* Haven't beaten the game yet, but still, nothing is more insane than that top-down shooter boss that Maco put up.
  20. The little blue dweeb. A while ago, there was a remix from MMX2/3 (I can't recall at the moment) called RZX Zero floating around - - to this very day, I'm not certain if it was accepted as an OC Remix, but I tried to locate that song on this site. After coming up short, I just decided to just find other interesting Remixes. Then I found "Steve's Freaky Bass" from Revenge of Shinobi. Sure, it was just a GYM rip with a few adjustments, but I listened to that track religiously. But to answer your question, seriously, it would have to be Super Metroid. My mom and I are both insane metroid fans and when she let me have a listen to "Braving the Flames", that's what dragged me onto this site more and more often.
  21. ...Eh? Normally one freaks out on 13, but 11? This is a first...
  22. Well, that's pretty simple for me... Vivi. The undying curiosity to know who I am as an entirety and as much as I can learn about the world around me. Sights, sounds and feelings alike.
  23. It was more like... being that faithful, naive noob, adjusting to the characters, mass-planning to kick as much ass and have fun while leveling up and then... ... ... ...No. ***And with the swiftness of Mr. Miyagi, launching the controller deep into wall, thus atomizing it*** ...*lays down & goes to sleep*
  24. To be honest, I shed one tear... ...and then fragmented my controller. it was pretty much act 2 of the unncessary deaths. Nei's was worse for me. I didn't talk about video games for 3 days... to anyone.