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  1. *sighs* You make me miss the many joys of wrecking people in Mario Kart. I never knew most of those shortcuts and for a while to be honest, I never cared. But this was an eye-opener that well, somewhat caught my interest again... ...Now, if I could only find my N64... Edit: Oh yeah, nice choice in song.
  2. Femz and dorkiness? Sounds like a recipe for an interesting day.
  3. Micro-request. Actually, it's more of a curiousity. For anyone who does finish AC, the kanji on the wall. I just simply want to know what does it say. I've read up on every forum and side-site possible about the meanings behind the emails for and from Lucy, the meanings all within the "Visions of the Future" part, and only the kanji is the missing piece for me. Google didn't help with that part at all.
  4. It's pretty strange, though... The guy can leap from ungodly heights into hay bales without breaking everything given to him, but he has an acute allergy to water.
  5. Of course though, there are those who wish to be one with the shadows and only "appear" offline... (damn ninjas)
  6. Failure to read stickies... This thread'll probably vaporize.
  7. Anyone's welcome, or are invites handed out? I'd have to check and see what's going on that whole week. Things have been coming up randomly as of late.
  8. I figured the placing would be the difficult part. I was looking at a few of them (particularly Windsong and Adine Kirnberg Script) and I couldn't decide between the two. Funny thing is, it's rare for me to take to a outlandish font similar to Comic Sans. Especially since I can't stand the sight of it.
  9. It shouldn't matter. If it doesn't have the eyeball-roll smiley as a marshmallow, it shouldn't be on production.
  10. I couldn't help grinning like an idiot when I saw this scene. Too cute.
  11. Yo guys, Simple stuff, really. This image (you can change/alter/whatever the hell to the background...) With the Scriptina font. Background color...? Nothing ungodly bright. That's pretty much it. Edit: Size? 450 x 175 if possible.
  12. Ace Combat 6 on Ace mode. Mission 15. That's all that I'll leave it as. Not the damned cannon, either. Those Sturgis planes... They aren't the yellows, but fuck, they do a lot more running than firing on you. And on top of that, it seems like they only fire missiles while fighting in formations of 3-5 planes. And once they start firing, your hud will flash more times than any christmas tree in the world.
  13. Well, I'm currently playing it now and they've thrown in two aerial skills that I was thinking about since the third installment - - Their "High-G" element The overall better low-altitude combat scheme (Divine Fascination that I have...) So to say that this is an improvement on what its predecessors left behind... is coming close to it. The online is a fuckin' madhouse right now since all of those people from that Civilians Vs. Military competition is still floating around. I'm managing to hold my own, but goddamn.... Edit: Oh, and Ace Mode can only be properly named, "We're coming to kill you..."
  14. Hey! I didn't know, sir. This was long before I began to comb through the listings of OCR.
  15. Wow. His Halo 3 review. My lungs... No more. I'm done.
  16. After checking my list and recieving Vanilla Extract from Remaniscence (many thanks), I spent all night looking at the changelog and I didn't see Ice Cream Nightmare on the log at all. I'm not sure what happened to this mix, but this one is the last one that I need to recover before I can start making backups for all of the audio files on my comp. If anyone is willing to assist with this last recovery, it'll be greatly appreciated.
  17. You'd think so, but she has every single Metroid known to man along with those cutouts that you see inside random game shops. ...and there's the thing with Samus' emblem being more than 5 places in that apartment...
  18. Happy Birthday, man. Because of you, my friends and I have a vast vision of what Space Pirates possibly think about...
  19. Many thanks, man. Last thing - - for anyone (else?) that can help with this replacement process, there was another remix from SMW that used the Vanilla Dome as its core music. I don't know the name, nor the remixer. This remix might have been removed or renamed, but I'm sure that it was SMW. Edit: The only thing that I can recall was that the percussion was rather intense, there was brass and some operatic tune all over this remix. It's not much information, and I'm sorry for that since I originally got it from Limewire. (apparently a week after its release - -and I got it without the artist's name, mind you)
  20. God of War... ...and don't forget that Metroid Prime Remix. My mom'll be happy about that one.
  21. The Rainbow Cloak is the only thing that I've heard about not being in there. Everything else is new to me. Edit: Whoa, whoa, whoa... you have to actually duke it out with Maria for the glasses? ...Interesting...