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  1. As of about 2 days ago, I wasn't planning on going at all. Then I realized: PAX East was one of my favorite things that happened last year! What am I thinking??? (This may or may not have been prompted by my sudden obsession with Anamanaguchi that started also 2 days ago, and finding out they're playing at PAX E.) So I bought my tickets. So yes, I will be there!
  2. Hey guys, thanks everyone so much for your kind words and supporting my single. <3 I love you guys! I still have a ton of work to do on promotion and getting it out there, and knowing that at least some of you really appreciated it helps me feel all the more motivated to do so. So it really means a lot to me. To answer some questions/points that were brought up: Moguta, I don't know whether you were kidding or serious, but yes, I have gotten asked on very rare occasion whether I am trans. That was not really a primary concern for me in changing the name. I wanted something that would be more memorable, catchy, and pronounceable. I figured since Diodes is recognizable as an actual word, it might work better. I just think it would have more appeal as a name to a broader audience, whereas diotrans is just sort of esoteric-sounding. To me, Diodes is also evocative of shining lights, as in light-emitting diodes, so it has a bit of meaning to me as well. You gotta have sparkle! I do agree with you that it sounds more electronic than acoustic. I actually want more to be an electronic artist than an acoustic one. This acoustic album was a project I started a couple of years ago, and I intend to see it through because it's important to me. So right now, it just so happens that what is coming out is acoustic music. I am also working on electronic music, and I think eventually in the long-term, will be making more music in that style.
  3. I loved all 3 of these remixes, but I'll just comment on this one. Just wow. I'm so blown away by these that it's hard to even know what to say. The level of detail and effort that went into this is insane. I really think this is one of those remixes (well, a series of remixes, I suppose) that brings the whole idea of remixing to a whole other level, pushing the definition of what it means to be a remix, and what is capable within the guidelines of remixing. I downloaded these tracks when they came out, and have listened to them repeatedly since. After listening to roughly 25 minutes of music (totally legit length for an entire EP), I don't feel like I'm sick of it. I still want to hear it again. The 13-minute final track doesn't really feel like it's as long as it is. I think the arrangement does a good job of evolving and keeping it fresh. I love the little details, for example, the hammer theme thrown in there. (I actually feel that there is a lot more to this than I can really appreciate, only having heavily played the N64 version of the game.) I love that moment at 6 minutes when the sax solo begins, though I almost don't even want to say that, to give any particular attention to one artist's work on this when I think everybody really did such a great job. Seriously though, I melt a little in that moment, haha. I don't know, I don't really feel like I have any intelligent observations to note here. I really just wanted to give everyone props and esp. Jordanius for the concept and putting it all together, and to let everyone know that all your hard work is appreciated!
  4. Thanks for the friendly wishes all, and happy birthday to you too, birthday twin! <3
  5. Hi everyone, Diodes here, formerly known as diotrans! I am super excited to announce that today I am releasing a new original song, Headlines: http://diodesmusic.bandcamp.com/ It’s available on BandCamp as a name-your-price download, which means you can have it for FREE if you like! “Headlines” is an original acoustic pop song that features my vocals and guitar, and has been mixed/mastered by the illustrious zircon. I have been working on an original album of this style for quite some time now, and have decided that instead of waiting for the entire thing to be done before any of it sees the light of day, I will be releasing singles as they are ready. The second single from this album will be ready very soon as well, so stay tuned. I will also be making this and future releases available through other services, such as iTunes and Amazon, and I’ll post updates as they become available. I’d just like to thank OCR and the entire community for giving me a platform for sharing my music. OCR has shaped me as a musician, and the quality of this track would not be as good as it is if it hadn’t been for OCR. To stay updated on future releases, you can follow me... On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamdiodes On Twitter: https://twitter.com/diodesmusic On BandCamp: http://diodesmusic.bandcamp.com/ ...and probably more to come.
  6. Congratulations! It's a fantastic song and a fantastic album, and I think it was well-deserved.
  7. Happy birthday, dear friend <3
  8. Aww, thank you. Better late than never. It's really totally fine. Thanks also for your nice note .D
  9. Hey check it out, I got a surprise belated Christmas gift from my OCR SS! A cute plushie from Japan! He's gonna hang out with Finn the Human for now. Thanks so much... but you didn't reveal your identity! Who are you?? I think it's safe to come out now!
  10. This was among my favorite MAGFests, if not my absolute favorite one. Even though I left with a feeling that I didn't quite get to do everything that I wanted to (which is inevitable), I did get to do quite a lot of things that were awesome. I especially enjoyed getting some quality time with a number of people: some good friends, some people I knew but that I got to know a lot better, and some who were completely new to me. My fav highlights were: - I had the time of my life performing with OCU. - The OCU photo shoots were also amazing. - MAGProm. Totally unexpected band that turned out to be completely awesome. - DJ dance party. Everyone was awesome! I didn't think I was going to be able to stay up for Flex's set, but as it turned out, I did, and I'm very glad I did. - Shedspace. I got into some serious grooves in that room. - So many heart-to-hearts with various people. There is just something about this community that makes me feel like I can open up to people who I may not even know very well, but I feel that they are a genuine friend who cares about me. I also had an outpouring of support and offers to help from so many people. I can only hope to aspire to be as caring a person as the others in the community.
  11. It's on!! Let's do it! EDIT: Actually, one thing I have been wondering for a long time now is if I could do MAX300 now. I never could back in the day, but I've been playing PIU regularly and done things in PIU that are def. harder than MAX300. I totally want to try this.
  12. Oh speaking of exercise, I plan to enter in the Pump It Up tournament, if there is one, and it doesn't conflict with OCU/OCR stuff. If anybody is a fan of DDR or Pump It Up, let me know, I totally want to play with you!! Tournament or no, I'd like to try and get some cardio that way, and it would be more fun with friends
  13. Time for my yearly schpiel! Make sure to take care of your health at MAGFest, because it really, really sucks to be sick during it. It can be tempting to not sleep, eat lots of junk, etc., but it is totally not worth it if it results in you getting sick and having to miss stuff going on. With so many people around, the "con plague" (aka MAGFlu) tends to hit a lot of people. So my advice is: - Make sure you get a decent amount of sleep. - Eat enough, have proper meals. - Drink plenty of water. - Don't overdo it on junk food and booze. - Use your common sense to take care of your health. As always, I will be the MAGFest nurse, so come to me if you need cold remedy/prevention stuff, cough drops, advil, citrus fruits, tea, etc. Have a safe and fun MAGFest!
  14. Dude, this is awesome. I love all these super personal gifts that clearly a lot of care went into, that come out of the OCR SS Sehr gut, Jandalf!
  15. Thank you Cash, for the kind words about the video, and thank you (and others) also for the sympathy. Filming that video was definitely in my all-time 5 best nights of my life. So why am I not making more stuff like that happen? Seems obvs.
  16. OK, just thought of another goal I'd like to achieve in the next year: Make a music video of my original music and have it up on YouTube. So my list is: - Overcome PTSD, don't be nomad - Make music video
  17. Yay, I'm glad you got it, Shaggy. I was a little apprehensive leaving it at your door, because all the kids were outside since it was such a nice day, and Vinnie and I have gotten burned before by kids stealing a package around Christmas time. Since I wrapped it up all nice in the gift bag, I felt it might look appealing to an unscrupulous kid I just thought it would be cool to give you a moment of that element of surprise that your OCR Santa hand-delivered the gift, but you probably just figured out that it was me. I don't even I won't even Yeah Hope you enjoy xoxo Diodes
  18. Congrats, all of you! You are all awesome, and I'm sure the community greatly appreciates the commitment you've made. I sure do.
  19. Wise words, my friend .) You've still got most of a month left, and it sounds like you're pretty close on at least the one thing. There is hope yet!
  20. Yaaay. I love NYRs! Right now, I have exactly one goal in mind: overcome/cope with my PTSD to the point where I don't have to be a nomad anymore. I would be just so happy if I accomplished that!
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