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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, guys. I got a SoundCloud and put up a song I did last year. Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/diotrans/jealousy
  2. What are your thoughts on sharing WIPs? I am asking because I personally have some misgivings about it, that have prevented me from sharing the music that I'm working on. I don't think it's a good thing that I've had this hesitation, because there are obvious benefits to sharing your work, such as getting constructive feedback that you can learn from. Basically the 2 things I'm hung up on are: * Copyright issues - if you haven't copyrighted your work yet and you're posting it publicly, there is the potential for somebody to "steal" it. I realize that this is very unlikely, and also that the consequences of this happening may not be very dire, but I'm still interested in what you think of this issue. * Not showing your best work. If it's a WIP, it's not representative of a polished, finished product, and it may have the potential to turn potential fans off to your work. I guess one way to approach this is to not post WIPs on your most professional web presences like your website or official FB page, but keep it to a smaller group of people from whom you would value constructive feedback. Or you can just be like Jonathan Coulton and post what the fuck ever that you've thrown together in a week, and people will understand the context. I have been holding back from sharing a lot of stuff I have because I'm waiting for that moment when everything is all polished and shiny and perfect. But I think that having this mentality can be more detrimental than helpful. Now that I've actually taken some time to think about exactly why I have been this way about my WIPs, they just don't seem like good reasons anymore. What do you think?
  3. It was pretty easy to make. I just made a pin out of gold fabric/yellow felt and pinned it to a red tie. Maybe I should open an etsy store and sell the DK pins .P
  4. Without getting too pedantic, I want to remind people of the potential of the MAGFlu epidemic. Please be aware that large amounts of people in small spaces + lack of sleep and poor nutrition can lead to many people getting sick. It has happened to many of us at every MAG, though I'd like to say that last year I think we did a lot better, because we are becoming more aware of it and taking the proper precautions. My personal suggestion is to make sure you get enough sleep when you can, try not to stay in too close proximity to others who are exhibitng symptoms of carrying the con plague, and try to eat at least a little healthy (fruits + veggies = good for immune system; sugary and junky foods may weaken it). This may seem like overkill or unnecessary to worry about, but trust me, it is not fun to get sick and have to stay in bed during a con when the time is already short and there are a billion things you want to be out and doing. Just like I did last year, I am opening an invitation to come to me if you feel like you are getting sick and you want something preventative to boost your immune system, or symptom relief. I will be prepared with the following things; hit me up if you need any of this stuff: - emergen-C and zinc drops, both of which I have found to be effective when taken at the first hint of getting sick - probably some kind of citrus fruit like clementines, for the vitamin C - tea, lemon - cough drops - ibuprofen - I believe I have some sort of nyquil or dayquil stuff lying around, I'll have to check. - sleep aids Obviously you can get these things from CVS, or bring them yourself, but I will have them too just in case. And as long as I'm offering supplies for those who need them, I am also bringing my cosplay emergency kit, which will contain: duct tape, safety pins, a hot glue gun, E6000 glue, bobby pins, hollywood tape, etc. So also feel free to contact me in case of cosplay emergency .P
  5. Oh, why not. NYRs for 2013: - Cultivate a healthier relationship to my music, and really get in touch with my enjoyment and passion for it, by making music I love regularly (when feasible), whatever music that ends up being. - Also do more to share music with others, with live streams, posting music publicly on the internet, live performances, or collaborating with other musicians, etc. Whichever of these avenues feels right to me. - Expand my teaching business with teaching group classes in subjects I love, such as electronic music, sound recording, maybe something computer sciencey. Also do more to promote the business, with FB, website, or whatever way feels right. I have an acoustic album that I am hoping to finish in 2013, but I'm not going to make a resolution out of it. I'm going to focus on getting as much enjoyment out of making music as I can, and I believe that when that comes first, the rest will fall into place. Too often we turn our creative passions into chores like "I have to practice ___ every day" or "I need to finish this by ___" and I'm taking a different approach this time.
  6. Yay I'm glad you found people to room with. Brushfire is good people .)
  7. That's what I do! Err... pour it into a mug first, not just in the jug... yeah.
  8. Hi Brandon. I just wanted to say that those are mulling spices, and you can put them in apple juice, cranberry juice, wine, etc. but I personally recommend using them in hot apple juice or cider bc I love hot apple cider. (You can also add a shot of rum to that drink for the ultimate awesome.) And yeah, that's a pegwinder to wind the strings faster as you change them, and the little groove is yes for removing acoustic guitar pegs. I got the idea from a FB discussion we had on OA's FB. Glad you like it so much .D -Your SS.
  9. Today I got this in the mail from Ryan and Addie: I was so excited when I saw it! And it's a perfect fit and everything. Thanks so much you guys, I totally love it! Now I'm super extra sad you won't be at MAG because I will def. be showing it off there. .( It also came with a humble bundle code for a bunch of games for Android, which is perfect for me, as the game I def. play the most besides League these days is Scramble with Friends >.> Much love and Merry Christmas to you + baby. <3
  10. Just dropped mine off at the PO. It should arrive by the end of the week. Apologies to my recipient, because I didn't have the time to craft something this time around .( Hope you enjoy it nonetheless.
  11. I still play pretty frequently (and am actually making a couple of cosplays from League for MAG). Add me, I'm diotrans. I always thought it would be fun to make an OCR ranked team and then make IDs with OCR in front so we look all pro and stuff.
  12. Sure I'll give some info about me, why not. I'm a gamer (obvs), nerd (also probably obvs), music teacher, songwriter/electronic musician, costume/fashion designer, sometimes comic artist, and a girly girl. Right now, I play a lot of League of Legends and not a lot of anything else. I'm about to build myself a sweet new computer for making music, and do not have nearly enough plugins/VSTs/samples to utilize all that space/power. I like cute, shiny, and pretty things, such as stuffies or jewelry/accessories, or fanart/fancrafts. But I already have enough hats, scarves, and gloves. Also, I have metal allergies, so I can only wear earrings with silver or gold hooks. I am vegetarian/vegan-preferred and do not tend to like chocolate too much, so edible things are a little tricky for me. Creative crafty/personally-made things are super too. And if you really want to just go with a gift card, I would get the most out of an Amazon card. But honestly, I'm fine with anything! It's the thought that counts If you have any specific questions about me, you can ask kitty Warning in advance: my recipient will probably be receiving something handmade by me. I did that last year and had way too much fun with it.
  13. Yaaay this was super fun last year so sign me up again!
  14. Actually no, I'm not, because I don't see a problem here. I personally don't feel that the goal is to make everything pitch perfect (esp. when you factor in vibrato), I believe that there is a certain amount of delta around the pitch that is an acceptable range, and for my personal taste, I was within that delta. For others whose delta may be narrower, I suppose I was not. That is not to say that I think my pitch couldn't be better. I will continue to practice, and work on improving pitch accuracy (as well as all the other aspects of playing). I would also like to say that I try not to take a perfectionistic attitude towards these things in general. It was my goal to enjoy contributing to the remix, do the best I could given time constraints, life circumstances, etc., and learn something, and I accomplished all of those things. I feel that this makes the experience more satisfying than if I sit around and beat myself up over every little thing I could have done better. I got a lot of satisfaction out of doing this, and I'm grateful for the the opportunity. I love this remix; I think the writing is fantastic and I want to thank Stevo for it, and I think everybody did a great job. Thanks everyone for your comments.
  15. I reprised my Chun Li costume from MAGFest 2010, so as not to put myself through another costume-sewing frenzy. I was happy I got to wear it again after the months of works I had put into it, because I've only ever worn it for like 2 hours at a con.
  16. Thanks Stevo for keeping things organized. I'd like to offer possible transportation to/from airports, esp. Dulles, contingent on scheduling.
  17. Wow, this is really good stuff! I love the whole thing. I especially like track 5, and the way track 4 leads into it. It's very catchy, in fact, it's still in my head now... probably because of repeatedly playing it today I never would have thought of chippy + sax, but you blend the two together like they were made for each other. I love how you combined all these different influences and styles and made it its own unique thing. Excellent album, I will be playing it over and over again for sure, and I do hope to hear more someday!
  18. Probably the nerdiest thing I have ever done in a video game was memorize the step chart to So Deep on Heavy and then played it on Stealth (arrows are completely hidden) in an arcade. Back when DDR was actually popular.
  19. Aww I'm so happy you guys liked it The words I wrote JUST FOR YOU AND JENNER were: It all began 14 years ago In a place called LunarNet And even though it took some time getting here In the end, it was worth the years Have a great time on your honeymoon!
  20. I just heard this remix for the first time yesterday, and wow, I am totally blown away. It's hard for me to articulate it in words. First of all, I wasn't familiar with the source, but still instantly fell in love with the remix upon hearing it. So after playing it on repeat a few times, I listened to the source on YouTube. After hearing the source as well, I have to say that for me, this remix epitomizes what VGM rearrangement is all about. I cannot believe how much of the source was used in this song, and woven together seamlessly into a rock song. Had I heard the song on its own, I would have just thought it was an original, and not any kind of rearrangement of anything, because everything flows and fits together so naturally. Love the style. I'm a big Weezer fan, and I see the similarity there that Dave mentioned, so I would naturally be a sucker for this style. The playing and singing sound a little loose, which makes it very organic sounding, but at the same time they are spot on. The lyrics are amazing as well. I don't know what else to say. I seriously think everything about this song is perfect.
  21. ...on getting married! Beautiful wedding and fun festivities this weekend. Much love to you both. <3
  22. This is a cool idea! Maybe this will inspire somebody to make a remix like that. (Perhaps I will be that somebody >.>)
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