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  1. Happy birthday Stevo Of course you would be giving presents on your birthday. (Nice job! Cool to hear this completed.)
  2. Sweet, I am so hitting you up RIGHT NOW (literally, I am talking to you on IRC ) for an OCR bag to put my jewelry in. BTW you should add that to the list of things you can do with the bags; they look like they'd be the perfect size for keeping earrings and necklaces etc. Also I am a little ashamed to admit that the Twilight Sparkle one appeals to me as well, not that I am a brony or have a favorite pony...
  3. Hello! Just piping up to say that I will be there, and also I thought the panel was 12-2 PM on Saturday? Do we need to change the title of the thread?
  4. Almost certainly going, and gonna try as hard as I can to bring a kitty with me. (To be clear, the following kitty, not an actual cat: ) >.> Also, would be interested in joining a group pre-reg.
  5. It seems I am late, but the sentiment is the same: Happy birthdays!
  6. OK, I'll join the avenger<3fest. DA is an amazing musician, cosplayer and crafter. She is also a great friend and has a great sense of humor. And butt. <3
  7. Diodes

    Diablo III

    BattleTag: diotrans#1797 I've been playing at a slow pace, at least compared to pretty much everyone else I've played with. So I'm still in Normal in Act II.
  8. OK Palpable gave me a suggestion that fixed the problem: On the sample settings box, under time stretching, right click the "time" dial and select (none). I thought there was some kind time stretch thing going on, but I was looking in the drop-down box next to that and not finding any "none" option. Many thanks Vinnie, it works now!!
  9. Two questions, or rather, a question and a problem: 1. How do you easily reorganize patters in FL 10? I am looking at the list in the F8 menu on the left, and I see how you can "move up" or "move down" individually, manually, but is there an easier way? Also the list in the F6 menu, but it's about the same. 2. For some reason, it is distorting some of my samples when I load them. I make a new sampler or audio clip, and load the sample, and then it sounds very distorted. Whether I use it in a pattern, or in the channel settings if i click on the waveform. It sounds all messed up and consistently messed up in the same way. Example: Original sample: http://diotrans.com/random/ohhsample.wav Distorted (I rendered a pattern with it): http://diotrans.com/random/ohhrender.mp3 It isn't consistent; most of the samples loaded correctly but then it was like I couldn't get any of the OHHs to sound normal. I am sad. I would like to use OHHs.
  10. Well I got a computer science degree in college (with a minor in music technology) because my plan was to work a stable 9-5 job and work on my music on the side. This plan didn't work out so well because I hated my job so much that it made me depressed, and too emotionally/mentally drained to really make the many hours I had outside of work useful for any creative things. So I quit my job about 5 years ago to explore my other options, and stumbled into music teaching. I am now a private teacher of musical instruments at a studio, teaching mostly kids during after school hours on weekdays. I work roughly 25 hours/week, and make enough money and have enough time to support myself and my creative projects. (When I say my "creative projects," I mean my own personal projects outside of teaching, such as writing music and performing.) I also sometimes perform live and make some extra money doing that, but by far my bread and butter comes from teaching. It's nice that I work in the music field for my day job, because working with other musicians has helped me grow as a musician myself, and has had the added benefit of expanding my network of other musicians. However, I have many interests and believe there are many different jobs I could have done that I would be happy to do, and could still work on my music in my spare time. There are probably even software jobs out there I would have been happy to do too, that might have still allowed me enough spare time (and sanity) to work on music, but this works out for me, so whatev.
  11. ahaha, thank you. Now I feel really dumb because I do have a mic stand with a boom arm, I just didn't think that would be a good solution for some reason. Now it seems obvious that would solve all of the problems. Thank you thank you!
  12. Hello! So I am trying to figure out my stereo miking setup for recording acoustic guitar. I have run into a few problems and feeling much like a noob at the moment >.> Please help a noob? I'm trying to follow this guide that theshaggyfreak kindly showed me (thanks Shaggy!): http://www.deltamedia.com/resource/stereo_microphone_techniques.html With some finagling, I managed to get the XY coincident pair working: It was hard to get the microphones placed exactly though, because I had to move the whole microphone stand for every little adjustment, and then every time I'd place it back down on the carpet, I wouldn't know exactly how it was going to tilt, so I didn't have a high degree of precision. Somewhat frustrating. Then I wanted to try the near-coincident pair (with the mikes facing away from each other): But I couldn't get them any closer than that. The guide recommends roughly 7" apart, the closest I could get was about a foot, due to the size of the bases of the mic stands. I am thinking maybe I should try a tripod base microphone stand rather than the heavy round base? I also tried this thing: Where you can stick up to 3 stand clips onto one thingy and then stick that on the microphone stand (but really who's going to put 3 mics so close together)? I don't like this thing because you can't adjust the distance between the mics and also it's a piece of crap. The other problem I found is that I want to angle the mics so that they're on the same level as the fretboard. And maybe I shouldn't be doing this, and I am just too used to miking with one microphone instead of the pair. But anyway, I found that the mic stands don't allow the mics tolow enough, so it's hard for the guitar to get close enough to the mics, unless I use this stool which I got for guitar but found is too high for me to comfortably rest my feet on the ground and feel balanced: I feel very much that I somehow do not have the proper tools to achieve what I'm trying to do here, and honestly, I can't remember what we used when I took sound recording at university 10 years ago. Thus, I am feeling much like a sad noob. To summarize: What equipment would you use to get a stereo pair of mikes close enough together and at the proper angle, etc.? Also, to get them to the right height for playing acoustic guitar while sitting down. Also, I need a shorter guitar stool (but I think I can handle at least that). Please help a noob. Thanks
  13. Get ready for the most emo MAGfest post ever! So I was basically in emotional hell for the entirety of MAGFest, for... well, I'll put it this way: for personal reasons that had nothing to do with anybody here or MAGFest-programmed events. So from a personal perspective, this was absolutely the worst con experience I've had in my life. From an objective standpoint though, I'm sure the con was swell. I'll go through the pros and cons anyway, though the entire experience is, in my mind, kind of this haze of sleep deprivation and complete emotional derailment. Pros: - It was at the GAYLORD, GAYLORD, GAYLORD!! Awesome hotel. Yay for plenty of elevators, and ones with windows, too (to discourage elevator-rape). - OCR block! Being able to open my door and see OCR people right there! Or wander down the hall and see if there were any OCR parties going on. - Food was accessible without having the drama of getting to the car, driving somewhere, hassle of parking again, etc. There are a lot of good food options too, incl. healthy ones! - Fridges in the hotel rooms. Made things much more convenient. - OMG I feel so absolutely loved by my MAGFriends and their outpouring of support during my super emo time. I want to especially thank Vinnie, Brad, Jay, Jenner, Jill, and Andy (zircon), for holding me up (in some cases literally) when I was completely falling apart. I'd also like to thank many many others who expressed their concern and well wishes to me and offered to listen, etc., incl. Jarel, Brushfire, Doug (DrumUltima), Moguta, Stevo, Kaiser, Ryan (BardicKnowledge) and others... MAGFriends, I could not love you harder. - I was so excited to see that Deia and starla had started designing t-shirts of their own .D They are hot t-shirts too! Good job ladies! Thanks you starla for making one for me, too <3 - I had a blast performing for the OCR panel and I think it went pretty well! - Busboys and Poets! OMG I can't express how happy I am that this has become a MAGFest thing. It really just started with me throwing out my suggestion of my favorite restaurant close to the hotel last year, and Kaiser turned it into a 25-person Sunday brunch, and I guess everybody liked it enough that they wanted to go back!! It makes me so happy that so many people liked my fav restaurant .D We'll definitely organize and plan it better next year so we can make it a real event. - I think that the MAGFlu epidemic seemed much less this year than in previous years, and I personally didn't get sick at all! Which I consider a victory. I was glad to see all my oranges get eaten by people, and I like to think maybe that helped a bit ,) But moreover, I think as we all become more conscious of MAGFlu, we all came a little more prepared and took care of ourselves better. Or as Val said, as we're getting older, we become more responsible .) - OMG League of Legends with 4 people all in the same room, and then other OCR folks remotely (Derrit, Brad, Amphibious). Holy crap that is def. the most fun I've ever had playing that game. We need more MAGFests or OCR meetups just to do that. - Got to meet some fun new people, but I wish I could have spent more time with them. And with everybody, really. Cons: - I had super insomnia Friday night and basically didn't sleep at all, which affected my ability to enjoy the rest of the con because I was on 0 sleep. - I was in emotional hell. - Because of those two things, I feel like I really missed a large portion of cool things going on that I would have otherwise enjoyed.
  14. So after last year's MAGFlu epidemic, and the fact that I've gotten sick after 2 MAGFests in a row now, last year I decided that this year I will be super MAGFlu prevention center, with home remedies and stuff. I don't know how effective this will be, but I figured I'd at least try. So I will be bringing: - oranges - lemons and honey, for hot water + lemon + honey (it's my go-to remedy as soon as I feel so much as a tickle in my throat) - tea. gee hopefully there will be a way to heat up water in the hotel room, well usually hotels have like a coffee pot or whatever. - vitamin C tablets - OJ possibly, but that would need to stay cold so I'm not sure - throat drops uhh and I don't know what else, I'm open to suggestions for more natural home remedy stuff to stock up on. Also I have ibuprofen, and Tylenol cold/head congestion. So the idea is that you hit me up if you're sick and want something to help with that! Or just want to eat my oranges or whatev. Here's to a healthy MAGFest!!
  15. nono that's no problem at all, i mean if it were brand new then it wouldn't have all the awesome games on it, right? .)
  16. So I went back to work today and my gift from prophetik was there waiting for me!! An adorable Yoshi plushie and this awesome Cyclo DS thing which I didn't even know existed. But it uses a micro SD chip and you can load games, music, pics, etc. onto it and then load it into your DS. And it of course came loaded with TONS of awesome games. Thank you so much Brad!! This was an awesome gift
  17. Hey I was looking for that old thread and couldn't find it x_x I was thinking about starting a thread like this. Historically I have usually been very excited about New Year's Resolutions and motivated to work on them throughout the year, but though I have reflected much as the last year came to an end, I couldn't think of any resolutions for the coming year. I guess I've already attained perfection But seriously, there are still many things that I want to improve, but nothing comes to me as a well-defined goal to set. However, I do take resolutions seriously so I will at least post my last year's resolutions and how I did on them: Under duress of financial limitations, I was actually forced to succeed in this goal ; I cook almost all my meals now, so it's very easy to control what I eat and make sure it's healthy, with lots of veggies, whole grains, etc. I have to say, I didn't put a lot of effort into this one. Thanks to the Pump It Up Pro 2 machine that now lives in my house, I definitely succeeded at this. (I call it the cardio machine.) I play a few times a week now, in addition to the ultimate frisbee games I've been playing throughout the year. I drew SO MUCH this year. I felt very good about that .D I played a handful of good games this year: Kirby's Epic Yarn, Bowser's Inside Story, aforementioned PIUP2, and very recently at the tail end of the year I got addicted to League of Legends .D I also moved in with a roommate who has a bunch of consoles including older ones, and so have ended up randomly playing some games here and there such as lolo 2, the original super mario bros. with the game genie codes where you totally mess up certain aspects of the game (we found some amazing ones), the original smash bros., toejam and earl, etc. Well. I guess if I had to come up with one resolution I would say: finish the damn acoustic album!
  18. Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2012 brings you many good things! <3
  19. This remix is such a classic. Every time I hear it, I can't help but smile, and it fills me with much nostalgia both for the game and for the 80's The lyrics are so perfect and the vocals are what makes the remix so memorable. I believe this remix embodies the spirit of what OC ReMix is all about, taking an existing VGM track and totally reinterpreting it in a way that honors the original, while expressing new ideas and much creativity from the remixer as well, creating an entirely unique piece.
  20. Cakelove is awesome! They have indiv. cupcakes and cake slices as well as whole cakes, so it's a nice place to go for dessert. They also have vegan cupcakes! But I think they're only OK. The regular cakes and cupcakes are really good (and I'm guessing that's pretty much all everyone else will care about).
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