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  1. Thanks Kizyr! This is a really good idea. I would also like to say that I've been to Ketchup. You can order a thing of fries with 5 different varieties of ketchup. There must have been something vegetarian there, probably like a veggie burger, since I ate there.
  2. Hello Secret Santa, so today was my last day of work until I come back after the holidays, and the address I gave was my work address. Therefore if you mailed something that's supposed to arrive between tomorrow and January 2, then I won't receive it until January 2. That's totally fine with me, no problem at all, but I wanted to let you know so that you wouldn't be wondering why I'm not posting about it and if I've received it yet, etc. Also. This thread just makes me smile and gives me warm fuzzies with everyone posting how happy they are about the awesome gifts they've received .D Thanks once again Wes for organizing this, it's a very nice idea.
  3. Happy birthday Shariq!! You (Sokka) are also my brother, so does that make neblix my brother too by association? >_> Anyways, you rock, have a rockin' birthday, and can't wait to party with you at MAG .D (EDIT: Speaking of siblings, it also happens to be my sister's birthday today!! So that means you and my sister could be twins???)
  4. Oh yeah OK so I should probably say that I'm diotrans on there. I am so abyssmally horrible at the game that it's comical (at least, I think it is). It's my first RTS experience ever. So you don't necessarily want to play with me. ; But let me know if you want to get together and smash some beginner bots. The intermediate ones pwned me .(
  5. So I guess I play Leauge of Legends now or whatever. I still need to practice against bots before I'm any decent enough to play in a real game. But I did play last night with Bardic and prophet and we got owned by some intermediate bots. It was good times. Hopefully I didn't dissuade you guys from ever wanting to play with me again >_>
  6. Thanks for the idea .) Yeah I can picture it. Haven't remixed a shirt in a while, but I'll keep it in mind if I ever do again.
  7. Mine is all finished and will be going out in the mail tomorrow. Should arrive early next week.
  8. Made most of the gift today, and am still working on it now. Having waaaaaaay too much fun with this. Hope my recipient enjoys this as much as I enjoyed making it. Recipient be warned, there was crafting involved... >_>
  9. OK, I'll play. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=825347&posted=1#post825347 http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=37881 http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=832017#832017
  10. I got so wrapped up in this I was disappointed when it ended .) Just so beautiful!
  11. I think most people know this but just in case, I'm a girl. (I only say this because people have gotten confused on the forums before.) A girly girl, so girly things like accessories and stuffies are OK. Though I don't like chocolate. Also I'm vegan. Probably best to stay away from edible things altogether >_> Err, sorry, to get back on topic... honestly I'd welcome pretty much anything. If you want to get crafty/creative, I'm cool with a song, or a picture, or a poem, or some handcrafted item. Or... if you want to get an idea of specific things that I like: Scott Pilgrim, Mario games, and Kirby too of course, graphic novels in general, um and turtles. But yeah like I said I'm fine with anything so don't feel like you have to pick something only from things that I mentioned here.
  12. Is that the one whose name seems to be just a Chinese character? Because unless I'm mistaken, that is the character for "expensive."
  13. Thanks for the input, guys. dannthr, that all sounds awesome and all but is waaaay out of my price range ; Maybe someday. Vinnie has a Saffire so I'm familiar with it and we've been happy with it. It's a smaller one with only 2 XLR inputs though. Between the Saffire and the FireStudio, they both seem fine to me, and the FireStudio is $100 cheaper. So I was all ready to go and order that on Guitar Center's website just now, but the 15% black friday coupon won't apply, I think because PreSonus is one of the brands that is excluded. Boo .( So... I'll hold off for now, to see if I can find another way to get the price down at all. Maybe I'll look for a used one.
  14. Hello! I need to get a new audio interface and wanted some advice or opinions, hopefully sometime today. I plan to buy this by tomorrow morning with Guitar Center's 15% off Black Friday coupon (must be morning because I will be out all day), and I guess it didn't occur to me until last night that I would be buying this. Yay procrastination. Here are the features I care about: * Quality (obviously), particularly sound quality. * Physical durability and portable. I plan to someday take this to shows. So, no cheap knobs and also can't be a giant behemoth, not that an audio interface really would be, but I guess you never know. * In general, I plan to use this both for home recording and live performance. For home recording, my primary project at the moment is recording an acoustic album with live instruments such as vocals, guitar, and piano. For live performance, I plan to hook up the computer and sound interface into a mixer to blend live instruments (vocal and guitar) with synth elements and backing tracks. I may also hook up a microphone into the sound interface to do live processing, if I ever figure out how to do that. I don't think it matters, but the computer I will use this with is running Windows (on a Macbook). * Must have at least 3 XLR inputs, and of course, I need line inputs as well. 8ish inputs total would be good, I think. * I'd prefer FireWire. * Price/value. This isn't a huge deal to me because I want to make sure I get the right equipment first and foremost, but obviously if something is a better value, that would be preferrable. Anyway, I had asked somebody at GC for their recommendations and they suggested the PreSonus FireStudio: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/computer-audio-interfaces-convertors/presonus-firestudio-project-recording-interface It looks pretty good to me, but I'm not that familiar with all the audio interfaces out there, and I'd rather not just buy a product blindly without having others to compare it to. So I would welcome thoughts from those who are more experienced/knowledgable in what's out there. Thanks in advance and a Happy Thanksgiving to you (where applicable)!
  15. Hey Vinnie!! Happy birthday, have an awesome, rockin' day! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU
  16. I don't think I replied to this thread yet, so here it is, I'm pre-registered and have set up a place to stay. See you all there!
  17. BUMP! Just a reminder, I'm playing at Dogfish Head Alehouse in Falls Church (at Seven Corners) TONIGHT! So if you're in the area and looking for something to do, swing by, I'll be there from 9-11:30ish. http://www.amyhsieh.com/2011/10/05/dogfish-head-alehouse-falls-church/ I'm also playing this Saturday at O'Sullivans in Herndon. http://www.amyhsieh.com/2011/09/21/osullivans-herndon/ I think both shows will be a lot of fun Hope to see some of you there.
  18. Hello! I'm posting to let the OCR community know that I have been doing some gigging around Northern Virginia, in case anyone was interested in coming out to any of the shows. I do solo acoustic guitar/vocal covers of all kinds of popular music, and especially lots of 80's, 90's and current female-lead pop/rock. In particular, I have two shows coming up at new venues in a couple of weeks that it would be great to have people come out and support: Dogfish Head Alehouse in Falls Church on Thursday, October 20 @ 9 PM O'Sullivans Irish Pub in Herndon on Saturday, October 22 @ 9:30 PM And a few other shows, too. All the details are on my website: www.amyhsieh.com Let me know if you do plan on swinging by and you have any requests! I do a few VGM covers too, and am always looking to expand my repertoire (VGM or otherwise). So if you have any suggestions, I'll try my best. OK that is all. Thank you for reading.
  19. I would be pretty late to this because I work until 8:30 on Thursdays. Is there still a point to me showing up, like can I just play against people whenever I show up, or should I not even bother? ;
  20. Damn how did Vinnie beat me to it with his ninja post the *same* minute as mine?
  21. I'm interested but may not be able to make it to every single event. Getting totally owned by life at the moment. I would try to make it to as many as I can, though.
  22. Happy birthday and Happy JHCompoDay!
  23. Thanks for the support you guys <3 Please stand by. I am figuring out how to proceed.
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