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  1. dude you handled that Lover Reef thread with WAY more class than I think I would have had. mad props.

  2. One more year and you can drink alcohol! I mean, if that's your thing. Otherwise, welcome to the next decade of your life!

  3. Anyone want to give me a Wii U? :P

  4. Hey dude, friendly warning before you get someone official--your signature is way too tall, pretty sure the max height is something like 250px or around that height. :-)

  5. Yes! We're actually in the process of building a "design doc," so to speak. Figuring out who we're recruiting, what songs we're doing, etc.

  6. Well, y'know, I figure I did everything that I wanted to do with the source at that point, and I like the abrupt ending. Very intentional. :P

    Plus, do you know how many complaints you're going to get about the fact that the song was done as happy hardcore in the first place? That stuff is polarizing! XD

  7. Oh, yeah, I do! Derp. The title is "HI MOMMY! HI DADDY!" I'll send you a writeup soon.

  8. Possibly, but let me finish up my queue first. Got a mix for SMRPG, gotta finish my collab with OA for Apex14, and have a couple other things I gotta get done first.

  9. Hey, got your PM. Work has been insane this weekend, so bug me later this week if you still need a review?

  10. Aww yeah, can't wait to see it show up on the front page...in a year or so. :-P

  11. You're welcome, sir! Finally had some time to sit down and do it; glad I could help!

  12. I've historically left it up to my newbie partners, although I've always got a suggestion if you're strapped for ideas. Hit me up via an IM client of some sort? I've got all the various details on my profile. Skype is preferred, but MSN/AIM/Gtalk/Facebook will work as well.

  13. Nah man, if someone else wants to grab it, I'm cool. That said, if they feel like adding some electro schwag to whatever they do, I'm down. :)

  14. Hey dude, just noticed you're a member of this forum. Wanted to drop by and let you know that I always really enjoyed your stuff back in the ACIDplanet days, hope you won't be a stranger around here!

  15. Hey man, I gotta say I really appreciate your putting the time in to review every track on the DKC3 album. If you're looking to learn a bit more about electronic genres, this is as good a place as any to start. It's a bit outdated, but you'll get mostly everything up through about 2004 or so, I'd say. http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/

  16. Thanky, sir! Your kind words are very much appreciated. :)

  17. Hey man, thanks for all your kind words on my remixes lately! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :3

  18. Hey, just wanted to post here and say thanks for the kind words on the DKC3 album! I agree, Radiowar's track is absolutely stellar. Definitely one of my top-3 favorites from the album, if I really had to pick.

  19. Hey man, I'm looking forward to helping you in this contest. AIM or Skype are probably the best ways to get a hold of me, and both of those should be on my OCR forum profile. Just hit me up whenever you're ready to start work. I'm mostly available in the evenings, since I work full-time during the day.

  20. Dude, you'll want to stay out of the drama-rama that is the Kickstarter feedback thread. No need to poke at a hornet's nest, even if your point about the moral high ground is perfectly valid. >.>

  21. Dude, I just noticed you won the FF6 compo! Fantastic work!

  22. Meteo: I can't post on your wall (?!?) so I'll post here in answer to your question. Just head to my SoundCloud dropbox and share whatever it is you want to submit to me, making sure that it's at least 256kbps or higher. Of course, you'll want to include a note saying it's for the 'cast.

  23. You win some internets! I lulz'd.

  24. If this week's Wily track is what happens when you mix on broken headphones, PLEASE show the world what you can do when you mix it properly! I was really enjoying the chill vibes and I would really love to hear what you consider a "proper" job with it. Nice work!

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