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  1. Haha, probably won't. Who's directing this anyway? Man, this looks very disappointing for Dragonball fans. The animated series was pretty good, but a Movie? C'mon now. Plus Goku just looks plain weird.
  2. Speaking as Jayy: I've always enjoyed music. I would rather listen to music than watch tv or a movie. So I guess that's where my inspiration to create original tracks really comes from. My brother and I till this day are still composing tracks in genres like New Age, Dance, and Electronic. (As of recent mostly Electronic tracks.) But.....there are definitely some tracks that sort of boosted our ego. 1. Malcos - A to Z "Sweet track from Malcos, it's some sort of blend between electronic and hip-hop." 2. SGX - Composer "When I heard this for the first time, I got freakin chills. Don't know why." 3. BT - Simply Being Loved "Vocals from this track are sort of catchy. Loved it when I first heard it." 4. Prodigy - Firestarter (Instrumental) "Adrenaline will always be pumping with this one." 5. McVaffe - The Darkness And The Light "This is one of the first remixes that I've listened to on OCR. I've been here for awhile and this is still in my faves. Transitions are awesome! We've always wanted to at least create one album, and it looks like we're getting it done.
  3. haha. Neon glow sucks. I hate it.
  4. Same here. I personally believe that remixes would more than likely be boring if the artist didn't attempt to expand, create, or heck even improve on the original composition. Plus, its no fun either.
  5. haha. Now that's funny. I've never listened to Brainwork at all, but this EP is freakin sweet. Nice artwork also dude.
  6. Man, this is awesome. This wip reminds me of one of those really cool car commercials.
  7. Ha ha. ok I agree with that. No one stands perfectly still when something as huge as a car is tossed in the air. However I still couldn't tell what was happening in some of the fight scenes, which I am still disappointed about. P.S: Nice sig dude.
  8. PhiJayy


    I've been listening to his remixes virtually all day. Never heard of him till now. Yeah I hope he shows up soon.
  9. oh man....that review from TranceCritic is awweeesooommeee. I definitely will be listening.
  10. Sadly, some don't. Most do. (I think, maybe not.) It's a shame, you can't buy that feeling of self-gratitude for a price.
  11. PhiJayy


    Wow. It seems like some of you guys think that GL was a ghost. haha. Probably was. Especially since if I'm correct no one knows how he looks like. I haven't listened to even one of his mixes yet. I guess I'm in for a treat.
  12. Yeah Aberu. If you submitted a remixed track to OCR, how would you feel if someone else claimed that he wrote it? I don't know about you but I would be pretty upset. Even if he were to "change it up a lil bit."
  13. ChRoNiC's remix was awwweesomme! Nice. Too bad, I missed out on competing. Definitely next time.
  14. Ha, this thread is pretty old. However, the T.M.A.S.E is still funny.
  15. True that. Both of them sound just like him. Scary........
  16. Well, this is great. In a little over than a week the price ran up from free to 81 cents on Amiestreet. Great comments too so far! I don't know who's been buying from here besides, plastikbag, and a couple of others, but thanks a million. Also "the" album is developing faster than I thought it would. I'd give it another month though. It's turning out great. Total tracks are 13. I'm about done with my half of the tracks so we'll see what happens with my brother's half. As soon as it's finish I'll post a thread. I'm still thinking about setting my tracks free. I think I will.
  17. PhiJayy

    Psp 3000

    Woah. lightning fried your stereo. How in the hell did that happen? It must have been outside. right?
  18. Yeah this does sound good so far. I didn't get the physical copy of Antigravity .(Even though I need to.) I'll be getting this one though.
  19. PhiJayy


    Proticity is a Master Hacker, if he did this.
  20. PhiJayy

    Psp 3000

    Yeah I can visualize someone doing that
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