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  1. I've decided to submit the final version of the track like a month ago. Just in case someone was wondering...
  2. Pretty sweet, slick, and awesome, the previews are anyway. I'll buy this hopefully very soon.
  3. Thanks for the feedback man, I really appreciate it! It took us about 3 months to finish this, I really don't know what inspired us to make it. Just sort of popped out, I guess. Album is definitely soon to be finish.
  4. Pretty weird huh? To go from an orchestrated track, to something like playtekhno. Our tracks, well at least our album "Miles Away" has so much variety genre-wise, that it may just blow someones mind. So don't worry about it, if you don't like it ya don't like it. More tracks like "Miles Away" are soon to come. Edit: For this particular album, my brother and I decided to create a variety of tracks with different styles.
  5. I forgot to share. I created a sort of abstract graphic artwork made solely for this track. I made it awhile ago. Check it out, and yes that is a upside down shattered glass cup. It looks weird and crazy, maybe it's because I'm weird and crazy. Hmm....
  6. Thanks for the awesome comment man, and thanks also goes to Jonas for releasing it. Play it as much as you want, after all it is free. P.S: Album to be released soon!
  7. I might have to see this. Looks really cool to me, and this is just a teaser also. http://s.streamingmovies.ign.com/movies/article/941/941565/street_fighter_cl_trlr_010609_wmvhighwide.wmv Yep I'm gonna watch it.
  8. Super glad that you like this. maybe you'll hear it in some cool movie soundtrack one day. nah, can't be cool to emotional. I wanna hire an orchestra band.
  9. I appreciate the feedback. Like how you sort of broke things down. I'll post fourth update soon.
  10. appreciate all the comments guys. good or bad....well actually none of it is bad. In a nutshell I consider this remix to be a little on the crazy side. Can't really classify it myself, because the source tune is really crazy to begin with. But as I said before I'm currently working on one more final update...I'm not gonna change much from the third version, mainly because I think it's better than the last two. me apologize Tarnish... Really?? What's up with that? I'll look into it. Also M.W after listening to it again, I agree the piano does sound a bit on the harsh side. I'll fix that.
  11. That was an interesting read. You know Sonic Unleashed could have been a very, very cool game. The game started off pretty awesome. I can't began to say how disappointing the Werehog was. Seriously...adding the Werehog totally killed the game. Simply killed it.
  12. I'm glad you like it...and thanks for the feedback. Yep! I think I'll post just one more update...but that will probably be it though. I'll focus on the ending a little bit more I guess. I've posted the remix on two other sites...and so far people are saying that it's a pretty solid mix. So I may be submitting very soon. If anyone objects speak now! Let me know when you've got a remix going. I'd like to hear someone else' interpretation of it. This is really collaboration effort between my brother and I so I hate using the word "I" so much.
  13. Hmm...I've been waiting for someone else to post and agree with you, but it seems like I won't be getting anymore feedback. For the most part I agree with your comment, except for the synth part. Too become redundant I believe it would have to be constantly playing through the whole track which it isn't. I've posted a third wip up now...which I think is the closes to completion. Also regarding 0:50 to 2:00, the third wip sounds much like the 1st one. Also reverb (too much reverb) has been taken away from the overall mix. If you choose to stick with the first thats fine with me. http://www.phijayy.com/day%20of%20despair%20-%20chaos%20angel%20remix_3.mp3
  14. This is pretty cool...glad it's finish. yeah if you haven't already submit this bad boy.
  15. UPDATE 2nd Remix_wip: http://phijayy.com/day%20of%20despair%20-%20chaos%20angel%20remix.mp3 Personally I find this version to sound a lot better than the first. Check it out post a comment, or whatnot. We've thrown some more electronic elements in there too. Pretty cool. As always....Don't hold back constructive criticism....we can take it. Yeah a whole bunch of guys on youtube wanted a remix of this so well here it is! lol...whoops! Go ahead and remix it. I'd like to hear more remixes of Chaos Angel anyway. Thanks! I've touched up the intro a lot, sounds much better.
  16. Well like I said I couldn't wait to finish...so I finally did. This version sounds a whole lot better, thanks to great criticism from various persons. Sorta of emotional, don't cry. http://www.phijayy.com/miles%20away.mp3 Edit: Still working on album. Soon to be finish.
  17. Yeah true. Great examples of this is probably Zelda or Final Fantasy, I can't help to think that Koji Kondo had a great time composing all the different tracks for each and every setting. Pretty cool job.
  18. I haven't posted in the wips in awhile. My brother and I was playing Sonic Advance 3 awhile back in versus mode...and we really digged the music from Chaos Angel. Kinda reminds of Star Wars though for some reason I don't know why. Anyway the first stage/act of Chaos Angel is very fast paced, upbeat, and still sort of gloomy. Like it's the end of the world or something. We really wanted to enhance the "quality" of the original GBA version, to more of theatrical kinda feel....with some electronic elements. You know to give you the "WOW" this is awesome feeling. Hopefully it will. So......... Here it is....the remix isn't finished yet, but I think we've gotten pretty far already. Of course we're gonna bring everything to a closing climax. Probably polish some areas also. 1st Remix_wip: http://phijayy.com/music/day%20of%20despair%20-chaos%20angel%20remix.mp3 I hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun remixing it. You might wanna listen to the original version first. Original GBA Version: http://www.soahcity.com/music/2004_sonic_advance3/36_-_Chaos_Angel_Act_1.zip Don't hold back constructive criticism....we can take it. UPDATE 2nd Remix_wip: http://phijayy.com/day%20of%20despair%20-%20chaos%20angel%20remix.mp3 3rd Remix_wip: http://www.phijayy.com/day%20of%20despair%20-%20chaos%20angel%20remix_3.mp3
  19. Awesome, awesome, awesome tracks dude! I do agree with The Joker here...I'm listening to these tracks and I'm thinking, "this album should be in a retail store nearby somewhere." The album art is like the icing on a cake...awesome design.
  20. Even if you are working cheap. (Hopefully only for a short period of time.) At least after the project is done, you'll feel like you accomplished something...plus if things go really well you're music could be exposed to a lot more people. I personally would rather license my music to some company like Konami, but it's really all about the exposure. Lot's of ways to get some.. Plus, plus, if you you've got an OST going on...I'll buy it probably in a heartbeat.
  21. Lots of good posts here, I have to take everything into account. Since our album is virtually almost done.
  22. I'll let someone else answer your question. But..... This is awesome! The zelda intro is way too short, but overall I like this alot. If you want to submit though try remixing the whole intro. Just a suggestion...I haven't really taken a look at the rules on submitting here. So don't take my word for it, sounds like you guys have made skillz. I'm impress.
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