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  1. I'm gonna have to say that the "Super Mario Bros" movie is at least among the worst.
  2. Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask Soundtrack, gameplay, etc. Overall this game has an awesome epic feel to it. Priceless...simply priceless
  3. Ha, hell yeah they are. Which is why I would like to stay indie, but I don't think I'm cut out for all the extra hard work that comes along with being independent so a music label may have to do. Anywho, sweet track guys! I'm digging the atmosphere, the overall feel, and production is top-notch. I've had issues with supporting artists on this site before, but what the hell if the music is good, than you've got my vote.
  4. awesome...thanks dude. I was listening to some of Deadmau5 tracks the other day. great stuff. EDIT: Yeah matter of fact I've got some dance tracks that I can send your way...I'll pm you some links.
  5. I don't know about the gameplay, but visually this game looks awesome. .
  6. Wow! Awesome dude. I didn't know you guys were working on something like this. Question: How long did it take to get all of this done? Like everything. Man, I guess I'm gonna have to get a 360...all the good games are made for it. Unless....
  7. hehe, thanks man. Yeah no problem dude...I'll see what I can do. I'm definitely not rich, but I'm not exactly poor either. I still can't believe this is your second track to be included though, well than again I guess I can, since you've got undeniable incredible skill's in the electronic civilization. Your success gives us some hope for our upcoming album. Good for you man! Is this game, DDR Universe 3, only for the Xbox 360? If it is, than that kinda sucks I don't have a 360 and I never planned on getting one either. Ahaha what??? I like your music too dude. Especially "A Cyberpunk Adventure." Yeah I'm willing to donate.
  8. Awesome dude! I'm happy for ya. Having a track included on DDR must be pretty cool. I'm also gonna download this EP, since it's free. Let me see if I can send some money your way, giving away pure awesome tracks for free hurts the wallet. P.S: Nice cover art.
  9. Oh really? Nice! I know what ya mean about getting all excited especially listening to one of bLiNd's remixes...my sister does the same thing whenever I make a new dance track.
  10. Congratz! Now you'll definitely be the first to hear his latest n' greatest remixes. I wish you guys the best.
  11. If you like energetic electronic music, then you'll just have to wait to our album comes out next January. I'll give away free tracks from the album here. http://phijayy.com/music/playtekhno%20(jayy).mp3 http://phijayy.com/music/headroom%20(Jayy).mp3 My brother and I are working up bunch of tracks....some will include vocals from talented female artists. Lot's n' lots of hard work, as of late, goes towards our music. So yeah the album, "Phi Vs. Jayy" is currently in the works. This is actually a "debut" album. So yeah first album to ever be produced by us. Support from anyone would be fantastic. Pick it up next January. (iTunes, CDBaby, Napster, etc) Yeah SGX has got tons of free tracks at his website. Plus like 5 albums I think. Check em out if you haven't already. I must say, I agree with this.
  12. yeah....specific criticism is crucial and very important to the artist. If someone says this sucks....or I hate this. At least give a reason for why you hate it. The artist could possibly improve the mix. Anyways from what I've noticed so far, I'd say most of the people here, including the judges, give good if not excellent specific criticism. I said most. Mooost! If you make it past the judges, I don't think you'll be receiving a whole ton of negative reviews. You'll never know unless you submit.
  13. Same here, good stuff SGX....this turned out great as usual.
  14. Jennifer Hudson starred in "Dreamgirls" at least I think so anyway. My mom liked it alot, I never watched it, but I've heard that shes a good actress. But yeah three murders and all immediate family members. That's insane, I really wouldn't know what to do. Except for getting revenge of course...
  15. What?! Man, that sucks. Is this the only article on this? There isn't much detail on what happen. Maybe because it happened yesterday. This is sad.
  16. Same here, I pretty much grew up around different types of music. Except rock, as of recent though, now I love rock music. Mainly because my sister blasts it all the time. If I'm locked up in a small room chained to the wall and latin music is playing. Soon enough, I'll start bouncing my head to it.
  17. Hmmm....electronic artists? Well in addition to Zircon. Check out SGX stuff if you haven't already. http://sgxmusic.com/music.htm Trifonic is awesome too. http://www.trifonic.com/ Last but not least. Check out some of our electronic tunes at Ourstage. We've got a debut album coming out soon. So stay tuned! http://www.ourstage.com/fanclub/phijayy
  18. Practically everyone cries on this song. Except me, which is why I'm sad.
  19. Update: The track has been updated removing distortion in the effects, and has otherwise been slightly adjusted. Also the .mp3 is tagged with a pic of the album cover and everything so feel free to download the song. Of course to download just right-click the same link and hit "Save Target As" Let me know if you like it. Enjoy!
  20. "Drugs or Me" by Jimmy Eats World. I didn't cry, but I came pretty darn close.
  21. Hey, thanks for the comment! Yeah the effects used sounds as you perfectly put it overbearing at times. I'm gonna fix this then upload a fresh copy probably today. Ha, yeah I did leave out Beatdrop. He probably should come first. As far as the album goes, it will be released in January 2009. Ourstage is throwing a partyline talking about the album. So of course your invited. I maybe releasing my half of the album for free. Edit: I got the quotes from some kind of history site. I don't remember which.
  22. http://phijayy.com/music/playtekhno%20(jayy).mp3 New electronic track from the Phi Vs. Jayy album. Make-sure to listen. Enjoy! Track title: Playtekhno (Jayy) Sounds like: Beatdrop, SGX, and Hybrid. (I like their music.) WARNING: The track is a little rough around the edges. Consider this as an wip.
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