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  1. Not yet, just 23 missions and that Genji helm is all mine. Nice money making strategy btw. Here (read page 6 too)
  2. Anybody buy a Genji helm? I doubt I'm gonna get the 1 million anytime soon
  3. I have an HP++ 260% equiped and that only gives me 13000+ health, and I'm at level 54.
  4. Shit, I didn't even know you could do that.
  5. Got my shirt today ; I need suggestions as to were I should put my bumper stickers(no car).I'm debating whether I should put them on the front door at work or somewhere a lot of people can see it.
  6. There's no word on what the games story is gonna be right? My guess it's gonna be Edgeworth's venture in Germany.
  7. Wait until you fight Wyerds, They have endure and null magic with 48+ HP
  8. Anybody else hating emus as a result of playing this game?
  9. Nice suggestions Sobou, Maybe you should ask who own/runs the site too.
  10. Happy Birthday Also, Hey how come nobody made atma a birthday thread?
  11. Now I wish I had a Wii so I could play No More Heros.
  12. FR


    Quick question: What music are you guys gonna use in the game? Who's gonna choose it? Is it gonna be all MMX remixes or just music from the game designers? I know it's a little bit early to be thinking about music but that's the first thing that came to mind.
  13. 75498* people have signed this petition which is a lot but I don't see it making 1 million anytime soon *This number will surely increase
  14. I just added everybody in this thread to my friends list(well the people that had their backloggery sig or from people that were on somebody else's friends list that was in this thread). They should expand the friends list capacity, 25 people is not enough. Edit: Let's see if anybody from OCR wins.
  15. No, I mean your backloggery sig is blue with a yellow font color, how did you change it's color?
  16. Hey Sobou, How do you change the colors of the Backloggery sig thing? Quick notice: I'm adding everyone from this site to my friends list so don't be suprised if you get a comment from me BTW I go by FR if you didn't know.
  17. Beatdrop beat you to it:http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=390261 I think this is a neat idea...Could be a nice way of introducing people to the world of music making.
  18. I think they're aliens that want to find the best gamer on the planet so he/she could defeat their foes in battle I copy and paste the titles from wikipedia because I assume that wikipedia has the correct spelling of the titles...and I'm too lazy to type __________ Quick question:Is there a way to make a OCR group? It would be a lot easier to just be a part of a group then to individualy find and add everyone.If not, Somebody should suggest it to the staff.
  19. I just bought $100 worth of stuff from the the astore and I'm buying a shirt tomorrow. Did I do Good? Quick question for djp (if you don't mind and it okay to ask that is): How much do you get on sales in the astore? Is it a percentage thing or just a like a set amount? I just wanted to know if donated enough. Edit: I pretty much feel the same way arek does except for the friends part because well, I haven't been here long enough for that. I do respect everyone on this site like if they were a buddy because through my many years of lurking I have gained many lol's in my time of extreme bordom (school) and for the awesome music, So thanks everybody.
  20. Where? My favorite part (so far) is the part that Zack is talking to sephiroth and says "Excellent Probably!"
  21. He did:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starship_Troopers_(film) Quote from wikipedia: Best director ever
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