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  1. Rail Shooter = Shoot 'um up
  2. Xbox live would be good too.
  3. I'm playing PCB and I'm starting to this game.
  4. OK Roll is annoying. The actor portraying Wily seemed to be doing a good job with the part. I don't know why he has acne but whatever.
  5. I thought it was just me...
  6. Apparently Run and Gun is a sub-genre of Shoot 'em up games(according to wikipedia)...I did not know this. Most people think of Bullet hell or Scrolling shooters when you say Shoot 'em up games.
  7. I believe Contra isn't a Shoot 'em up game...
  8. Raiden 3 is good. I haven't played it in a while so I don't remember any specifics but I remember having fun playing it. Star Fox - Yes Ace Combat - No
  9. I like the Raiden series. Is Raiden 4 ever coming out in the North America? I hope it does. Now to wait for Coop's Thunder Force post.
  10. FR

    Sonic Unleashed

    No reviews for the game on Xbox/PS3(yet)?
  11. Fuck I just ruined the ending of Fusion for myself...I should have known better then to come into this thread.
  12. Damn it people include links to new reviews please Fable 2
  13. Too late I've switched to the dark side and now I am using ask.com.
  14. Wait what the crap I copied and pasted the name from google just to make sure I got it right...Google has failed me.
  15. I've had problems in the past with Threatfire. I assume it's just me but I've had massive slowdowns with it installed and none with it uninstalled. Is it just my PC or have other people had this problem?
  16. Super anti-spyware is good but it doesn't have real time protection
  17. Didn't we go over that idea already in this thread? I remember DS getting mad or something...
  18. Onimusha 3 is the best Onimusha IMO Epic Monolith - Mirco De Govia
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