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  1. I am at said BS, and yes it is BS.
  2. I was gonna buy this game yesterday, and now I don't know if I should. THANKS YAHTZEE
  3. There is nothing you could do to fix the nub of death, I had to buy new nubs that are more comfortable to compensate. Also, "Excellent Probably!" lol
  4. Duh, Like every other movie based off of a game.
  5. This movie is going to be terrible...Who's directing it again?
  6. Guess who the member of the week is...It's Dhsu
  7. Who doesn't do it for the ladies DarkeSword? Also you gotta put that your a mod in your name title thingy, so the people can fear you Thanks artists
  8. This is from one of the other threads
  9. Do we really need three threads for this?
  10. I can't download the set, I get a page load error. I've tried on two PC and no luck. Please share V___ Edit: It worked but at work the page won't load.
  11. If a game has a good story, gameplay, and characters I tend to not care about graphics...480p isn't that bad anyways...GO BUY Beyond Good & Evil NOW.
  12. Because Capcom gets $60 bucks instead of $50 bucks.
  13. FR


    Somebody make an avatar of the updated OCR-tan please Edit: Forget it, I might as well try to do it.
  14. Hello and welcome btw,newbie introductions are supposed to go here:http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=10835
  15. PlayStation Network Possibly Hacked
  16. I didn't like Mario galaxy and I don't like prime games...Am I considered evil now?
  17. This was done a while ago btw...and I think it was already posted but I didn't see it so w/e
  18. Buy Ace Combat X...It's cool, fun, and probably like 20 bucks or less now.
  19. I thought this thread was made for that purpose If I'm mistaken then carry on
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