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  1. If I chose the shoryuken would I be able to perform the shin shoryuken?
  2. Exercise habits: I go to the gym almost everyday. Dietary plan: I go to a nutritionist who gives me a new diet plan every two weeks. Weight lost: 30 pounds Weight left to lose: ? (I need to weigh myself and see my body fat percentage and what not) Weight goal: I'm 6'0 so ideally I should weight around 180 lbs. but I gained some muscle mass so I don't know what weight would be considered healthy for my height. Other exercise activities: DDR Steben.
  3. Sweet. I'm surprised nobody has said anything my avatar.
  4. I'm sooooo getting persona 3: FES when it comes out. I enjoyed persona 3(played like 5 hours then my friend took my PS2 :[ ). Schwaltzvald, If you have a chance to play 1 and 2 I say go for it.
  5. I know, I own the game. I'm not used to Richter without him being able to run, So I haven't touch the game after I beat Symphony(again).
  6. You should play Symphony and Portrait or Ruin(with Richter) if you need your Richter fix Richter <3 Off topic: I was talking to some guy in guild wars and some how Castlevania came up and said he loved it so much that he got Belmont engraved in his class ring.
  7. I just heard the song...It's not even that great; It's 6th now and zircon is #1!
  8. I'm currently judged 63 out 190 battles in the Techno/Club/Dance channel and when I'm done with that I'm heading to the Electronic channel. Good Luck Guys. P.S. Audix, The only guys I see as competition for you are SHato and hudz
  9. That would be sweet; PS2 Okami owners shouldn't be left out of the free cover giveaway I just got a Nice Work Guy edit idea...Take the Wii cover and replace the ign logo with a NWG logo saying something witty or have the NWG point out the ign logo something like "Nice Work Capcom".
  10. Hey Coop, Wanna make me a new cover for my PS2 version of Okami?
  11. Reason why this review made me ROFL: Seeing a fellow hater(SSB hater...Well more like non-understander of why people enjoy this game(s) so much) hate on shit people like and their reaction to said hate makes me lol
  12. Shit, and I thought The Red Star/Raiden game(s) were hard. Edit:Somebody mind telling me how I can play this game? Is it free?
  13. I'm late but whatever, Happy Birthday McVaffe!
  14. As long as they include Darkseid I'm happy (and his voice actor must be Michael Ironside).
  15. You should sell the T-shirts and give the money to OCR.
  16. I like it, I'd be nice if I could hear said demo too.
  17. Half the time I was saying to myself "Why I am I chasing this witch again?"
  18. This might be a really stupid question but...Do you guys actually convene like this when you judge a mix or was this photo just for the interview? Sorry if this was already answered in the interview. Nice photo btw, Zircon looks either like he hates that mix or he's trying to look cool
  19. I never played the sequel Isn't their gonna be a third game coming out soon?
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