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    Sony PS3

    Doesn't the store tell you the price of the game? Average prices? I don't know that. I have the 60 gig so my games run fine(the 60 gig is the one that doesn't emulate right?).
  2. Any chance it'd be downloadable on XBL?
  3. FR

    Xbox 360

    I know it's a little late to make a post about this but: Anybody else a little disappointed by Mass Effect? Also, Ikagura is hard. So is Rez(at least the bosses can be) and so is Triggerheart Exelica.Cod 4 was better then I thought it was gonna be.
  4. I wanna shoot shurikens and lighting... Now I have a bigger reason for picking up this game.
  5. Mines looks more like the first pic and I'm using Fire Fox.
  6. He's not going to review mario kart wii.
  7. FR

    Xbox 360

    I beaten halo 3, gears of war, and assasins creed(got it for the ps3). I'm gonna start mass effect later today. Lost odyssey is already on my to buy list. Gta 4 I was thinking of getting it for the ps3(is there a big differance between the two versions?).Thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming. Btw any notable xbox live games worth buying?
  8. FR

    Xbox 360

    Anybody wanna recommend some games? I'm Getting my elite tomorrow. Not gonna pay for the gold account so no online play and I'm not a big FPS fan so take that into consideration. Don't let me down guys
  9. FR


    I found them funny. More please.
  10. FR

    Sony PS3

    LittleBigPlanet Dated Yeah I know it's not an exact date but it still made me happy. Edit: Yay, I'm a ninja now
  11. Do the song without the SMW sound effects, please.
  12. I'm expecting good things but I'll probably be disappointed. This is coming from someone who is not a Doom fan.
  13. I liked the vid but I enjoyed the song(s) more. Anybody know where I can download the song?
  14. FR

    Stupid Xbox360!

    I feel your pain, I Gotta wait 2 weeks for my Elite to come. That and spending $250, Which I don't have, on it in the first place.
  15. I see, #ocremix members don't forgive or forget easily; I would spend my time in #ocremix but I'm a Shy Guy
  16. Cool I guess; No, I'm not Egoraptor. Kinda funny that we both have a raptor type name and both live in Florida. Also, Bluefox isn't that annoying IMO.I'm not saying that he didn't deserve the Temp-Ban just saying that I don't find him as terrible as everyone else does.
  17. I surprised nobody had posted this sooner.
  18. I've never played GH and probably never will.
  19. I'm considered a fanboy for remembering moves I used in SF? Then I guess I am. Oh yeah, Mech-Gouki's aerial hadoken special is EVILLY awesome.
  20. Wait, Are talking Alpha, SF2, or SF3? I don't know if there is a big differance in the movesets... If we're talking about Shoryukens I'd take kens, IT'S ON FIRE. If we're talking about special move Shoryukens I'd take SF3 Ryu's Shin Shoryuken. If we're talking about Hadokens I'd take SF3 Gouki's Gou Hadouken. If we're talking about special move Hadokens I'd take Gouki's Tenma Gou Zankuu, I like Marvel vs. Capcom's version and SF3 version. I'd probably take the SF3 version. Overall I'd take SF3 Ryu's Shin Shoryuken.
  21. If I chose the shoryuken would I be able to perform the shin shoryuken?
  22. Exercise habits: I go to the gym almost everyday. Dietary plan: I go to a nutritionist who gives me a new diet plan every two weeks. Weight lost: 30 pounds Weight left to lose: ? (I need to weigh myself and see my body fat percentage and what not) Weight goal: I'm 6'0 so ideally I should weight around 180 lbs. but I gained some muscle mass so I don't know what weight would be considered healthy for my height. Other exercise activities: DDR Steben.
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