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  1. Those look quite good, actually. It'd be quite cool if you could get a good few of them and take them to a market somewhere. You could find a niche market somewhere and maybe word will spread around about it and you could maybe get requests for special issues or something. Either way, if i seen a market stand full of these for all different games, I'd stop and have a look at them anyway.
  2. Holy cow, that's quite good. I enjoyed listening to that. I'm a big fan of the chiptune section as well, it seems to click well with the rest of the song, as well as bring the the whole nostalgia effect back into play. Great work for someone new enough to this whole ReMixing lark, I'd love to see this (or any future version of this) getting approved by the Judging Panel.
  3. If you can get tefnek to give you "Drop and Roll" for the CD you're putting in, you're pretty much guaranteed success. Pust up some shots of the zine, I'd love to see it.
  4. He was actually discharged, yesterday was he not? He will make a full recovery, but he's been allowed to go and recover at home rather than in the hospital where he doesn't need to be. Did said plane have any snakes inside it?
  5. I preferred the Commodore 64 better, to be honest. The sound quality for a machine of that time was unreal.
  6. jayc4life

    Over 9000?

    What, nine thousand?
  7. So it's more of an overdub instead of a remix then? You might have just saved me €20 with that statement. But then again, I don't think I was really going to bother with it anyways.
  8. jayc4life


    That... really sound like something I'd have expected to read on /b/. Especially the attention to detail when describing the shit.
  9. I don't even use Album Art on my iPod. Don't see why I should. If it's in my pocket, I won't see them, plus it saves a little bit of space so i can squezze in another handful of songs if i just get rid of them.
  10. I'll give it a go when it comes out, but why pay for that when i can get Final Fantasy ReMixes here for free?
  11. It's not out in Europe until September, so technically I'm right to look forward to it
  12. RTS-Type Multiplayer, as has been said, looks lice it could absolutely rock. I'm considering buying this, though I'm not a massive R-Type fan.
  13. Seen this a year ago, no proof of payouts ever made, no testimonies. In otherwords...
  14. When will you be about next BrushFire? I'll probably be on #clanocr around midnight GMT, if that suits. If not, I'm sure we can come to some form of an agreement. Eventually
  15. Just listened to the latest WIP there. Wow. I now suddenly don't care if this gets submitted or not. I'm keeping this.
  16. Because it's ex-Google workers trying to one-up their old bosses. Thereby, an insurrection within the company could harm shares. And now, with Google being instated to dictionaries worldwide meaning "to search for something on the internet", surely it means Google's ultimately won and should have hoovered up all other search engines at this stage,
  17. There wasn't a next version. I'm very disappointed. I liked the way it started with the approach to Ultimecia's Castle and then the Landing kicked in. Any particular reason for leaving this in limbo, or have you done more work on this since and just decided to keep it to yourself instead of a completed submission to your now co-judges?
  18. Free beta testing from the general public, then the developers maybe troll popular web forums (like this one) where they're mentioned, see what we think about them and secretly work on a way to improve based on our inadverdent feedback, I assume.
  19. Maybe the European reels and trailer attachments are different from the US releases. The Love Guru isn't out here yet, so I guess that argument's out. It looks like it's going to suck though.
  20. We've established the list is fake o.O
  21. The only thing that sucked about my Dark Knight experience last night is that they played only one trailer. The Love Guru. Oh my god. I was prepared to strangle the guy in the projection room with the actual movie reel for not having Watchmen, or even Terminator 4. But yeah, back on topic. Awesome movie, a few friends of mine are going tomorrow night and I must say, I'm tempted to go again. Just to figure out the secret behind the pencil trick.
  22. Actually you don't. It's better with Comic Book Reader, but they can open with WinRAR too (I think).
  23. My sentiments exactly. It's like there was no massive outline for an entire series to start out with, or else at the end of T2, it accidentally got put through a shredder about 17 times and now nobody can make cohesion out of anything. Therefore (as the original writer and story creator forgot himself), there has to be some sort of half-arsed compromise. A mediocre-at-best third movie, a pretty good TV series and what could be a saving grace of a fourth movie was that compromise. However, back to Watchmen. When i first heard the rumour little over a year ago, I was skeptical that it wouldn't work. There's too much going on and they'd have to split it into 2 parts. I can only hope this is the epic we've all been waiting for.
  24. Check the coat pocket ^.^ Congratulations DJP.
  25. Get a PDF off some filesharing app?
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