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  1. Congratulations Chadly. Man, this place is full of good news these days. I can't go on here without someone getting engaged, married or having a kid any more. Wow.
  2. Damn, I was gonna come in with the typos: Congraturation! Winnars are you two! But seriously, congratulations guys.
  3. Midway are now like Acclaim were back in the day (which actually wasn't that long ago). They had a few good games, one good solid franchise, but released a load of duff titles at the same time. Look where they ended up. On the scrapheap, liquidated, putting Burnout into the capable hands of EA. Who knows, some other company picking up Mortal Kombat could bring some much-needed life and stability back to the franchise (along with it's recently MIA M-rating). Seems they've been trying (and failing) to live off annual releases of Midway Arcade Classics for way too long now, they deserve to drop off the map for that.
  4. And now the word I'm looking for is "crap". Yeah, you know what I mean though. Maybe I will set one up before the new year. Who knows.
  5. Congratulations guys! Hope you two have a happy rest of your lives or some other generic celebratory quip. No seriously, do.
  6. I'm frustrated that I'm not European. I went to buy it along with BCR and it wasn't listed in the EU PlayStation Network store. And I really can't be bothered with setting up an American PSN account.
  7. I'm a bit late on the boat here (okay, WAY LATE), but I bought this the other day once I took my PS3 home from college (where their stupid network security isn't cmpatible with consoles and their wifi reception is so dire it's not even worth trying to bridge a connection) and I bought this at a bargain €10. All I can say is wow. I never played the original on a NES, but did look into it a fair bit and got emulators and stuff, and it's nothing short of outstanding. It's probably the best downloadable game on the PlayStation Network, even if it's a tad easier than the original game imo. It's just a shame that the multiplayer isn't online at all, local only. I really can't wait until the "main" Bionic Commando sequel comes out now. Hopefully it won't be too long before that happens.
  8. Bit of a bump, this. I found this by accident on RKO when I was looking round for some Target Renegade and Chase HQ mixes, didn't know it was upped here too. Damn it's great. The lyrics are hilarious too, it's definitely that that makes it as well. Great overall, one of my favourite songs I've heard on this site.
  9. You're in Colorado :/ I was gonna suggest IK+ on Commodore 64 but as far as I can remember it was only an EU VC release. For only 500 points it's a steal. When my friends are round it's played nearly more often than Brawl.
  10. ^ To the both of you. Best of luck and all that jazz.
  11. It entirely depends on whether you're basing it on Red/Blue/Green or Yellow. I know that in essence they are all the same but iirc, in Yellow Gary was the default name for him, as was Ash for the player, as it mirrored the anime in certain respects. But Blue had more continuity in the series as a game, so The Damned does have a point, still.
  12. Damn this does sound cool. Admittedly I've never looked for remixes of this song, but that's quite good. Downloaded. Particularly love the bit around 2:45.
  13. What, the GBC game? It was all right, but mainly because I actually had someone to play against me (for a change). My brother, as much as he likes the original Pokémon games, took a long time to convince into learning the rules so he could play against me, and we'd take the joint collection to make decks out of them and see who could come up with the best one. I'd still prefer play a card game by hand than on a computer, mind you, but my brother (and he wasn't letting me) was always too easy to beat, even though he played the GBA game more than I did.
  14. I actually do have that (still), as well as 2 old game boy colours. I actually can't remember which ones I have, but the vast majority of them were in good nick anyway, i know that much for certain.
  15. I've nearly 2000 of them and I reckon I'll keep tabs on this topic, just to see if there are any decent suggestions (like XZero's), only for a more European market, as there's not a lot of demand for them over in Ireland (and there sure as hell ain't a lot of any TCG collector's here either).
  16. I get the feeling is dragged out too long, and could have maybe used a fade out rather than a sudden halt. Apart from that, i don't think I've heard any version of Kraid's theme that sounds like this. Hell, I'd even like this piece if it didn't have Kraid's theme applied to it, and just had the rest of the backing track. Can't quite define it into a genre though, but considering that this was a week's work, it's pretty well-done. The stream option on TinDeck was rather slow, but streaming off the Download link was faster and much more effective. Just so you know.
  17. By all means don't. Reccommend it to ANY gamer, or just about anyone who owns a DS. I'd only heard about it recently when i seen a Wikia portal about it and thought, "Right, this is the same team that done the Kingdom Hearts GBA game (which i don't have myself, but a few friends thought it was great), and Tetsuya Nomura done the characters, so why not?" and proceeded to order it off Amazon. Mainly because none of the game shops around here had actually heard of it. So yeah, i thought it was a great game. It made me stop playing FF4. I'm still playing it, trying to get all the pin drops on all difficulties and all the secret reports, but it's a great gaming experience and I don't have a bad word to say about it (except the sometimes misreading touch commands). If you really enjoyed Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and are into any S-E titles at all, you will definitely enjoy it.
  18. I sent mine in to Activision. Either company really needs to make this happen, it would be an awesome addition by any means.
  19. I'm not sure myself, I'm no judge myself and everyone will have their different tastes, but in that state, the track doesn't really seem "complete" to me. I can't put my finger on what it is though, maybe someone with more knowledge of music creation'd know. I'm not the right person to ask really.
  20. If you're using IE7 (which I'm assuming you're not, seeing as every man and his dog uses Firefox), just hit the RSS button on the menu toolbar when viewing the home page.
  21. Just subscribe to the main RSS and it keeps everything in order from there on in. the torrents should have the remixes in acceptance order too, as you should notice they all have a 5-digit number before the name.
  22. Because nobody bothers to read the sarcastic "looool" in the thread title, I'd imagine. Good job i didn't read this the first time, i'd have fallen for it worse than IGN's Legend of Zelda trailer.
  23. It'd be interesting to see this upgraded to OCR-quality, and any new Pokémon ReMixes would be welcomed by me. I suggest you get in touch with whoever's now in charge of the Pokémon ReMix Album project (The MissingNo Tracks) and get involved from there. With it being in limbo, it could use all the help it can get, and this would be of great help to the project, something to show that it's still worth pushing for completion.
  24. Happy birthday Blind. Hope the recovery's going well enough for you so you can enjoy the day.
  25. I've just downloaded it there now, add me into that list.
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