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  1. Well i have only been on the forums on-and-off for the past 13 months, so at the time of his prominence I only knew the music and not of the man behind it.
  2. In response to my own question, it came out on PSN in Europe the same day Street Fighter 4 came out. Way to go Sony, you do know how to completely balls-up what could have been your most doanloaded game on the Store, but nobody'll want a version of 2 taking up hard disk space when they have 4 to install, will they? I guess I'm just really annoyed because I could have saved €25 by getting 2THD instead of 4, but I only really have the hard drive space for 1 and not the other I mean, I'm used to Sony repeatedly letting its ownerbase down, but this is just taking the biscuit.
  3. I feel like such a berk now, I actually have 2 of his ReMixes. But that face looks very familiar from somewhere else though, and I can't put my finger on it.
  4. What country you're downloading from : Ireland What download speed you're getting : ~135kb/s, but topped out to 150kb/s just before completition What download speed you typically get from OCR's official mirrors : from ocmirror.org it floats around 105kb/s but slowed down to 99 around the last quarter On a 36Mbps wireless connection if that helps you out as well.
  5. I'm missing something here: Who's Prot? And yeah, pretending to be someone else ftl. Why be someone else whan you can be yourself and try to one-up he guy you don't like instead of trying to be like him yourself? There's no achievement in that.
  6. Because of the whole hexadecimal values not letting it go past FF? Understandable that, for such a limited system back in the day. The modern ones these days probably stop at 65535:00 but I'm no way going to be the first one to actually play all of that. I though I was mental myself when I trained a Dunsparce to Level 100 in Gold without using Rare Candies or vitamins of the sort
  7. Probably won't happen because of it's uncanny resemblance to Super Mario Bros. The game was made as a clone in the first place so it's not surprising really. How and ever, everyone owes it to themselves to get IK+. One of the best fighting games I've ever played. EVER. Hence the avatar use.
  8. I picked it up this morning for €40, absolute bargain seeing as most new games on launch here are ~€60. But yeah, i'm with the others, go with the install, really. It'll save you tons of time. I'm kinda surprised that it's not mandatory but at least it gives you a choice and doesn't force it on you like other games. Haven't had the chance to play it much yet though, and won't over most of the weekend (and can't even get online either *sniff*) but from what I've played I'm really enjoying it so far.
  9. PC, if all my games are gone then it's easily the most practical option there as you can do anything on it you want, provided you've got an internet connection.
  10. The only time I've ever got this off is when my laptop's either on battery power, or off entirely. I don't run it on my PS3 unless I'm at home,. I don't have it connected to the Net at university so it's pointless doing WUs that I can't upload while running up an electricity bill. Either way, I should be still within the team top 60, right? I powered through Christmas when i was at home, running up 7 WUs on the PS3 alone
  11. Anyone know anything about the new Warriors XBLA game coming out? All's I seen is a trailer, and it looks like it has all the potential to suck ass. Opinions, anyone?
  12. If only we were all as lucky as NWG eh? Bet he never imagined himself being a-ha-ified when he first decided there'd be a picture of him on the net
  13. Meaning of "Superman That Ho" Makes a certain degree of sense but still sounds pretty stupid if you ask me
  14. I'm with Avatar on the whole "World Ends With You" moral of the story thing. It made me think twice about having my tight-knit group of friends and thinking about letting others in on what we get up to and stuff and generally just letting people get to know me a bit better instead of scaring them off or ignoring them half the time. But I also agree with the whole Fallout 3 sidem of looking at things too.
  15. I'm totally doing Armed and Dangerous (Bionic Commando). I have a good template (which wasn't made by me, but as I'm part of a Football Manager/Worldwide Soccer Manager fansite that makes game graphics like kits and stuff then it's relatively easy to get) so I'll come up with something and post it in here.
  16. It won't load because of national restrictions (apparently) but from what I just saw on YouTube, it looks like we could be in for another movie-to-game disappointment. I wouldn't hold your breath. Get a demo when one comes available.
  17. Is it on the European PSN yet? My university wifi connection blocks consoles connecting to it (personal logon settings that are only really computer-friendly) so I can't check myself. I even went to the bother over the holidays of making a US account but they won't accept my European credit card. I'm really annoyed at that one. I did notice the American store is a helluva lot better than the European one though.
  18. Easily one of my best memories was the first time I hit Black Belt in International Karate. It took me about 2 years to do it, and it was just such an awesome feeling knowing that I'm finally making it on the hardest difficulty in there. I still play it (and IK+) on my Wii, more often than I play Wii games on it. They were just that great I had to pay to get them back. And I'd have gladly paid more than the €10 it cost me. Honestly.
  19. If you're looking for a muck-around then it's a great experimental piece you've put together, with all the in-game sound effects coming together to form the song and all. If however you're looking to get it submitted and get a YES vote out of it.. I can't say for sure but the track just jumps out at me and seems a bit, how'd you put it, too busy (?) to pass the approval. I'm no musical guru or anything, so take it with a pinch of salt. But for a first crack at Olivine and all that, it's pretty damn good. Considered trying out for the MissingNo# Tracks? I noticed you have a fair few Pokémon WIPs floating about here so who knows, one (or more) of those could develop a bit further, and it'd be a great help to you too.
  20. I know I posted in here before already, but after listening to this a lot these last few months, it's stuff like this that makes me want to be good enough to play Clash on the Big Bridge on guitar. I'll do it.. some day..
  21. I was steamrolling out WUs when I had my PS3 home for the holidays from uni, but as my flat's internet's buggered, I'd imagine I'll be dropping back a bit on the charts again
  22. Resistance is a Sony game, you won't ever see it on the PC. WipEout HD, LittleBigPlanet and the upcoming Massive Action Game are 4 very good reasons to invest in a PS3. MAG: You can't really argue at the prospect of 256-player online play.
  23. Having not played any of the Elder Scrolls games (and being heavily persuaded by my friends) I got Fallout 3 when it came out. I was quite surprised how the combination of pseudo-FPS and RPG actually worked. I had never seen anything like it before, I still haven't finished it, and just.. wow. Other than that, finishing Bionic Commando Rearmed yesterday, and destroying (literally) everything in Mercenaries 2 were big parts of my year. GTA4, as fun as it can be, did go through 2 or 3 months of non-play time for me so that can't be ranked up, although these last few days me and a friend finally completed Hangman's NOOSE on Hard.
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