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  1. Bill Rizer Joe Musashi Guybrush Threepwood
  2. I am very happy right now! I am also very surprised my first choice was accepted instead of one of the more melodically-robust backups, but that just makes it more awesome! Hooray! btw to hoboka; I reread my explanation of the source and, well, writing it minutes before the deadline left something to be desired. There's a slight reprieve - break in the action - where you see a fallible side to Maya (able to give 100% to work, friends, and everything else... but at the otherwise-hidden expense of having a ridiculously messy room!) and this track comes on. So it's human, lighthearted, and peaceful. Just fyi/if you're curious!
  3. Hey, long time! Sorry I missed this - hope you had a kickass birthday. Also hope that moving business and whatnot is going/has gone well and that you've found yourself a fine place to live. Had to. So congrats on the big two-one and take it easy man.
  4. Stop being a dog in a manger and wear your JiBM sig.
  5. Dang. Thanks for all the advice. Haha, up to me. Fair enough. I think I would prefer the hitbox ( ), but I could probably do without it and learn it just as well the hard way. Since I assume they're just as good gameplay-wise as the PC98 games, I'll stick with the windows games since they look and sound better. I'll have to do some more looking before I decide which one to get (at least initially), but EoSD sounds like a good starting place. And my fault for not looking closer at the system reqs - I can't run much of anything past 2005 but it seems compy will be able to handle just about any of the Touhous and easily handle the less recent ones.Hmmm... yep. I'll definitely be making that mistake. Without a doubt. Ok the newb is done monopolizing the thread now.
  6. It's over?!? Urge to destroy world rising...
  7. Thanks AnSo, I'll look into that one. Hmmm... maybe for RayForce. Noted, and if I dig on RayStorm I'll pick it up. Still have a lot of catching up to do on what I already own, though!
  8. One week not out yet wtf?!?!? Meant to do this days ago but got lazy. Since I realized I completely forgot about linking youtubes to the non-ost tracks, I have since... tracked... them down and pasted them below (and edited my previous post). There are three youtubers that have these non-ost tracks; I think this guy has the best quality of the three (only 360p, but not bad at that). 901: Main Menu 911: Shirley Shrine - Fort Magrad 922: Long, Long Ago 923: Black Castle - Vellweb 925: Valley Of Corrupted Gravity - Gigantos 926: Wingly City 930: Queen Fury The rest - 32 of them anyway, which probably hits all the biggies - are in their own playlist, which can be found here. That page is a listing with youtube thumbnails that, when you scroll over them, show the title of the track. Most of the titles readily correspond with the psf names, which is how they are listed above (unofficial, I'm sure). Yes, I could have linked the others, but I wanted to highlight my bias! Now, if you decide to put the non-ost tracks on the same level as the ost tracks, I could be swayed to link the rest. Which brings me to... It's your all's call as the project folk on what's fair game. But my thought is that good vg is good vg, regardless of packaging (or lack thereof). If tracks are going to be eliminated, I'd contend that the less memorable ones should be the ones to go; other criteria seems irrelevant. And if anything is fair game now, I think all in-game music should be given equal showing in the first post. Just my unsolicited input. Good luck in recruiting. Ain't gonna be a cakewalk, and those things are TOUGH. Rooting for ya.
  9. Aaaaaaahhh I hate you I hate you I hate you and your nightmare fuel. Also, you got it wrong. It should read June is Hoss Month. Aight I'm out. Time to beat up my chick.
  10. What type of directional input do you all use? Obviously you're limited in the 16-bit and older games, but now there's analog and even stick input in addition to that of d-pad. Asking because I haven't found a consensus after a(n albeit quick) web search and I'd like to learn it the best way now so I don't have to un/re-learn it later. I've been screwing around on Ikaruga (GC) with both analog and d-pad and I can't tell which is better, and I'm supposing it could be hard to tell the difference until you invest a lot of time on each style - time that could be better spent focusing on one. If the answer is that a stick or a non-console analog input is best, what brand/model would you recommend? Might be that there is no answer to any of that but curiosity has the best of me. As always, advice is appreciated and utilized. Have you played that or Shoot the Bullet? The mechanics seem rather unsatisfying, requiring patience and finesse (per the usual) but instead of unleashing a maelstrom of bullets you just sit there and click. Is it better than it looks? Because it looks like Touhou does Fatal Frame, which just seems off. Also, if I can pick your brain, is it better to start with newer or middle-age Touhou? That is, would it be better/just as well to start with one that can run smoothly on 256k (Pent4 2.4GHz [old]) or wait a while until the new compy is had along with the ability to play one of the newer ones? Don't suppose a definitive answer is possible - being a loaded question and coming down greatly to personal preference, I assume - but insight/commentary is helpful (that paragraph you wrote linking vids of each game some months ago in that one thread was hilarious but not particularly helpful to me!). Especially since I don't even know where to start with reviews (usually use metacritic and gamefaqs but there isn't enough to go on there). Coop: thanks a ton for listing all those. After scanning through multiple youtubes of each, I can say - with little doubt - that it is none of those (and also none of the other popular SNES ones I found here). So chances are it doesn't exist and I'm now verified crazy. I did, however, find a copy of Taito Legends 2 and am loving G-Darius. That is, loving it since I came to appreciate the whacked-out bgm. Thanks again for that tip.
  11. Nuts. Not much of a selection right now; I got all excited for meh. I mean those are some good titles, but I want stuff I don't already have (via the PS2 collection): I want Gunstar Heroes, Lightening Force (TF4), Dragon's Fury, and so on. If they start offering those, I'll be giddy. Suppose I'll have to track this now! http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01796/ And sorry, the cranes are strictly pneumatic.
  12. K.B.

    Memorial Day

    Ineffable thanks to those who serve for the countless sacrifices you make. With respectful remembrance for those who have passed, I pray for the safe return for those in harm's way so that we may never remember them on this day. Thank you for all you have done and for all you do.
  13. .Ikaruga, Ace Combat 4, G-Darius, We Love Katamari
  14. Don't forget about Queen Fury! Youtube: There are a lot of tracks that didn't make the ost, a typical product of trying to cram everything onto one disk. They're on the psf though: http://www.zophar.net/music/psf/legend-of-dragoon.html [side note: the psf is missing tracks 1, 3, 32, and 50 from the ost]. Some of the notable ones are (with arbitrary psf numbering): 901: Main Menu 911: Shirley Shrine - Fort Magrad 922: Long, Long Ago 923: Black Castle - Vellweb 925: Valley Of Corrupted Gravity - Gigantos 926: Wingly City 930: Queen Fury That's a somewhat arbitrary selection, since there are other tracks that were BGMs or played at significant events. I think tracks 916, 917, 924, 927, 929, 931, 935, 936, and 937 all qualify, and even then I'm probably missing some. Bottom line: it's worth checking out what didn't make the ost. The soundtrack is also uploaded to youtube. The videos feature several tracks apiece, but lengths are given for each track so it's not too difficult to skip to the one you want to hear. Quality is 480p. Tracks: I'm not as big into this game/soundtrack as a lot of other people seem to be, but there are several really good tracks here. So it would be great to see folks capitalize on this and make this album happen. Best of luck!
  15. If we went to that, I think DS would die of asphyxiation.
  16. Shit, pretty soon they're even going to make you pay for your alter egos. I'm out when they make automatic charges against the voices.
  17. Added pic links to my earlier suggestions. Also revamped the list and the post in general. Post 22. Advocating for games that don't yet have a single mascot. Since I didn't mention it before, I dig this idea of opening this up for nominations and voting. Should be good regardless of what gets picked.
  18. All of the following games are without a mascot. Listed as: suggested character - game appearances...... links to official pictures (no fan art) with white background (unless otherwise noted). *Cecil Harvey - Final Fantasy IV and related...... cg paladin standing in DS remake, cg dark knight standing in DS remake, art paladin standing, art dark knight standing, Giant Bomb gallery Bill Rizer - Contra(s)...... Neo Contra - cg standing; Contra III - Lance and Bill (small pic, dark background)... it's hard to find full-body art; I tried but couldn't find suitable character art from Contra 4 (which would be awesome to have) Quote - Cave Story...... the only thing suitable seems to be fan art, though a pic from one of the endings could likely be cropped and made to work Sarah Kerrigan - StarCraft series...... art infested kneeling, non-white-background pics at StarCraft Wiki and Giant Bomb Master Chief - Halo series...... Halo 2 - cg standing; Halo 3 - cg standing 1, cg standing 2, cg standing 3, cg standing 4, cg standing 5; non-white-background pics at Giant Bomb gallery and Creative Uncut, Halo 3 gallery JC Denton - Deus Ex...... can't find any official full-body art or good cg, only game-generated: cg standing (poor qual; black background) Manny Calavera - Grim Fandango...... no good-qual pics, could probably crop an in-game pic: cg suit standing, cg pea coat standing (meh qual; non-white, game backgrounds) Lenneth Valkyrie (/Platina) - Valkyrie Profile series...... VP1 - art standing (iconic pose; sleeve art); VP2 - cg standing 1, cg standing 2 (floating?) Harry Mason - Silent Hill(s)...... SH1 - cg standing Conker The Squirrel - Conker's Bad Fur Day (and remake)...... cg standing 1, cg standing 2 *Jack van Burace - Wild Arms (and remake)...... art standing Ashley Riot - Vagrant Story...... art standing (right leg is unfinished) Jade - Beyond Good & Evil...... can't find any official full-body art or good cg Wander - Shadow Of The Colossus...... can't find any official full-body art or good cg Rena Lanford - Star Ocean(s) (first appears in SO2)...... SO2 - cg standing (iconic pose; dark background); SO2 remake - cg standing; SO Blue Sphere - cg standing 1, cg standing 2 *Nights - NiGHTS series...... NID - cg prancing, cg flying; JOD: cg prancing 1, cg prancing 2 Chaz Ashley - Phantasy Star IV (and remake)...... can't find any official full-body art or good cg *Maxim - Lufia and Lufia II...... art standing 1, art standing 2 KOS-MOS - Xenosaga trilogy...... X1 - cg standing (black background); X2 - cg standing; X3 - cg standing, cg version 4 standing 1 (same pic with different colors), cg version 4 standing 2 Steelie - Marble Madness Ark - Terranigma Splinter or Shredder or Donatello - many games James Bond - many games Sly Cooper - Sly Cooper trilogy Shinra - Ikaruga Gordon Freeman - Half-Life series Ratchet - Ratchet & Clank series Developed and prioritized based on a combination of personal preference and notability. All but the last four games/series have at least one remix (moved them to the bottom for this reason alone). Asterisk was given to games that have/will have an OCR album (but do not yet have a mascot). Wolverine would also be kickass but I left him off the list since there are already X-Men mascots. I'll edit this later this weekend with pic links (edit: done). Fully agreeing with Joe Musashi, Guybrush Threepwood, and a TF2 char, in that order. Nathan Spencer and Rayman would be good candidates as well. Edit: AUGH! Fully agreeing with Nathan Spencer as well since there is a freaking remix project on Bionic Commando. Man, I need to stay up with the times.
  19. Some of you are being presumptuous in your implication that used gamers would buy new if the prices for used games were raised enough to make them comparable with new games. I posit that many used gamers would give a middle finger to all companies whose games conform to this trend and refuse to buy any of their games/content. That's taking a page from the music piracy saga, but it's relevant. Regarding the argument that this could become an industry-wide standard: it could if there isn't a PR - and consequently, sales - backlash. But that's too slippery-slope and abstract right now to draw firm conclusions. As for it to pass that such locks could be applied not only to online content but to games in general: this would require an entirely new precedent that would defy our current notion of ownership. Well, ownership of anything the government doesn't want to be able to reach out and touch, but that's another topic entirely.
  20. Happy birthday Jade! Hope your birthday is as awesome as you are.
  21. I played it last year and the art direction was so impressive I actually took note of it. 2xEdit: this was regarding FF7. I'd rather play a game with ass-poor graphics and good cinematography than one that can convey every nuance of a facial expression and is so limited in its scope. I enjoy good visual art, but it's never a deal-breaker for me except in survival-horrors. However, I admit that I dislike it when games try for realistic facial expressions yet fall just short so it looks alien (cue valley theory). I'm thinking last-(sixth-)gen there, such as FFX. Those games also seem to spend a lot of time focusing on faces, which makes it all the worse. Edit: wow, nice redundancy, me. Gameplay is obviously another killer, but the worst offender is and shall always be GOD-AWFUL VOICE ACTING.
  22. Clearly. Heh. And he compiles them for download. LAOS, you are a champ. I'll be tracking the progress on this for the next decade.
  23. Actually, as evidenced by the OCAD thread, May is clearly Goth Month. All fun, no supprot.
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