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  1. I picture each of you according to your avatar. Unless you have a particularly attractive lady in your signature. Tensei is my favorite poster.
  2. I was disillusioned by the many upfront changes made after the first Sly. The second still had great gameplay, but I pulled out the disk less than an hour in and it's still collecting dust. The charm from the first game was gone. Your mileage may vary, of course. The first game, though: it's one of the best platformers ever made. The mechanics are smooth and the level design is brilliant. It's also hilarious; the voice-acting is top-notch and you can tell that the actors really got into it. Sure, it's a short game, but for the going rate of five bucks you get more than your money's worth. If you like 3D platformers at all, buy it now. Fixed and amen.
  3. Still partial to the .Favorite vgm. No contest. You have just made my night.
  4. Yes! Now I'll finally be able to see the refracted glisten of the sun's rays off the watermelon seeds. Looks awesome, but just like ella was talking about in her blog, visual crispness doesn't make the atmosphere. I'll withhold judgment until I can actually trial-play these, but I'm concerned that losing the burred imperfections will detract from the mystery. Regardless, this is great for people who haven't played the originals, as they are both phenomenal games. It also gives the current marketing department the opportunity to correct the past mistake in choice of Ico's North American cover art.
  5. This is the first google result for "hiroki kikuta touhou". Zero Symphonic Battalion Zero Symphonic Battalion Zero Symphonic Battalion I dunno. Just because. Squeeze your sources for a tracklisting and estimated release date. Not that I don't have every touhou doujin album still to listen to, but I'm mildly excited for this in particular.
  6. Latest Fail is posted in the ocr of my heart. I mean that as cheesily as possible.
  7. You'd be angry too if you just pissed out a star-shaped kidney stone.
  8. Good to hear from you Jade. Hope things are going as well as they can be. Still keeping tabs on the project, here. From the winds, your team has kept things running, so no stress... just a little played-up drama courtesy of your friendly neighborhood ocr thread. I'm sure folks have missed your direction though; and, like always, it's good to have you around. Welp, this thread isn't going to stalk itself.
  9. The notes themselves have changed, most notably in the final dissonant section. Even if that is a problem with the encoding, which I'm not sure how it could be, it makes this a different remix. Based on how this has been handled in the past, Members would have to resubmit this as a new remix; the current version wouldn't be replaced. A site admin can give you the official word, though. You can still post this info in the review thread. Some folks might appreciate hearing a different version. It's certainly nice that the static has been removed and an ending added.
  10. K.B.


    Game's only $5 now. Well worth it. Been that price since April, but the last post here was in Feb, so there's the skinny for anyone else who missed it.
  11. Holy fuck. I'm not a remixer, so pretty much all I can say for certain is that this rocks. Hopefully the appropriate folks will chime in with regard to source usage and sample/mixing choices. But, from a simple listener's perspective, I wouldn't change a damned thing. It's that good. Tons of variation with the lead; you kept things fresh and, more importantly, building throughout. Digging the guitar effects (ex: 0:20), driving drums, and synth usage. 1:30 and 2:05... oh hell, all of 1:30-2:25 is a fist-pumping climax. This is going directly to my player. In-fucking-credible. Also, Coop post in this thread.
  12. I liked this so much I had to go listen to the original to compare. Similar in many ways yet so, so much better. I'm mostly ignorant on electronic music, but for whatever it's worth I absolutely love this. Edit: still on repeat.
  13. Welcome to the recording industry, daydream believer.
  14. Tempest Roil, Haista Vittu Trombi Mies, and Electro-Flash. None of those have been mentioned. I know I'm not a remixer, so perhaps I shouldn't request specific mixes. In that event: I simply, and humbly, DEMAND THEM. Very much looking forward to the album release.
  15. K.B.


    Hello thread, have a trailer: Keanu-Reeves-level whoa. That's one hell of a cinematic platformer. It (not surprisingly) got overshadowed at E3, but it's on XBLA's summer of arcade and it's getting high praise, so it's hardly an unknown or a dark horse (though I thought a thread-bump was deserved). I know $15 is steep for a short game, but I'm eagerly awaiting to shell that out to get this; I learned my lesson with Ico that a short length does not preclude an amazing experience. Here's to hoping it makes it beyond the 360... I'd looooove to get a copy in physical medium such as, say, a box and CD for a PC version. Anyway, if you take even a passing interest in indie games, particularly those with an emphasis on art, I highly recommend that you check out this one.
  16. YES. Love Uematsu marches, and that one's a favorite among favorites.
  17. Concur. However, I'd say either of the first two would make for a slightly better source than the fourth, since both of those feature the main motif whereas the fourth doesn't*, so everyone who's played the game would immediately get the game tie-in upon hearing a remix. The third might be the least memorable of the bunch since it's so comparably mellow. *At least not prominently. I'm not hearing it, anyway. Of course, the OH SHIT I"M ABOUT TO DIEEEEE track is (cough) vaguely (cough) recognizable to the player and would be another excellent choice of source. Good game; good tunes.
  18. In appreciation of a good winamp shuffle, I just caught myself saying "yes... play that shit". You have invaded my subconscious.
  19. OA, you are awesome. Consequently, you should have an awesome birthday. Make it so.
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