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  1. Because waiting in line is horrid. But saving money is good! No steam deals though because there's already a thread for that. Post 'em as you find 'em!
  2. K.B.


    Anyone who has not seen FLCL needs to stop what they are doing and watch it. RIGHT NOW.
  3. Hey, Dutchman, go ride your bike. Sane as any other hegemony, here, thank you very much. Sup PP.
  4. K.B.


    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
  5. Might have been nine years overdue. You'll never know by visiting semidecadally.
  6. Happy b-day to a cool, low-key poster. Transformice was fun. Touhou is awesome. May the next year bring all the joys your hopes aspire.
  7. Agreed. Please do tell as much as you are willing or able.
  8. I posit that all basing of rythms and pacing from time sigs alone is pure wankery. In that compound meters are inherently fucked. PROVE ME WRONG. In other news, Marble Madness is .Gonna be a racist and post the spoilers in white. 4x3 (or even 5+5+2 if you want to go additive all the way) 4x6 or 4,5,5,4,3,3 (the latter is uglier but makes more sense; additive ftw) 34 beats (wtflol [if you find a time sig here, you win the rodeo]) 5x6 6+7, 6+6, 5+5+6 (or 4x10+1, but that looks worse and is more awkward)
  9. Hey. Hey. chth I have a bone to pick with you. -K.B.
  10. Sources. Spiral Pegacion Web Spider Spark Mandrill Boomer Kuwanger Overdrive Ostrich Blizzard Buffalo How without sources? Thread now with infinitely more source! Engineer is credit to team! I have some drunk touhouing to do for the llulz, but tomorrow I shall listen and vote.
  11. Fantastic. It's not every day one gets to review a mix of a game in which one is currently enveloped, so this is a veritable treat for me. Please forgive the rambling, as this requires a bit of background for full expression. A novice to shmups, I finally took the longstanding recommendation and started EoSD about three weeks ago. Many, many deaths - and no 1ccs - later, this remix was posted. This was a sign. I had to touhou up and beat the game. I had to experience the source vgm in its original glory so I could fully appreciate the remix. I still cheated and read the reviews first; so, when I had finally heard the source (in-game) and then this remix, all I heard was Elfman. While that, in itself, was a brilliant and spot-on realization of a section of the source, that's hardly an adequate descriptor for the entire piece. Elfman does touhou? No sir, that will not do. Not that anyone has painted it solely as such, but it bears clarifying that there is far more going on here than such a first-blush likeness. Taking some time apart from the remix, and many more rounds spent trying to defeat the dirty little secret herself, I have since seen it in an entirely new light. The ominous, restrained chaos... insanity... is manifest throughout. The Elfman-esque sections are playful - dementedly playful - while the remainder are menacing. From a psychological perspective, the portrayal is accurate. And terrifying. The chills at 0:40, for instance: they... the voices. I double the volume in masochistic horror. And that's not the only instance thereof. But, perhaps best of all, is how powerful the piece remains. At first, I was hesitant on this point. The original is driving and unforgiving, and it would be impossible for a subdued remix to match this. After repeated listens however, this has as much, if not more power than the source itself. It is not as consistently direct, no; but it is brooding, and it has its fair share of fury. Then, at the end, it is a culmination of... everything. Then again, I might be biased, as I believe that nothing is capable of kicking as much ass as a well-arranged orchestra. Therefore, I will simply posit that PR has done more than justice to the original, and even if one (however unimaginably so) does not care for the given styles, one can surely appreciate the utilization thereof and the full realization of the undercurrents of the source. Thank you, Mr Paulsen, for haunting my dreams.
  12. http://ocremix.org/artist/4320/kaijin http://ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=106 (not http://ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=1665)
  13. Sharp. That "compare to the original" feature is going to be getting some use. Small thing I noticed: there isn't a page title. The tab/bookmark title just shows the url. Speaking of bookmarks, you could also add details into the bookmark description. Just pointing them out in case you hadn't noticed and would want to edit them. Pseudo-edit... I noticed that the following remixes didn't have an original: Coffee With The Crows, The Wily Malfunction, Lounge Lemmings, Homestar's Mystic Quest, and Mazedude's Kitchen. Also, the following remixes had "OCR Comments" instead of "OCR": The Wily Malfunction and Lounge Lemmings. Noticed these partway through so I did a quick check on the rest; those are all I found.
  14. Today's your birthday! A victory sure would be nice. Cake is too close for missiles; switching to gums. ...ok, I'm done. Happy (victorious) birthday, Douli!
  15. Ohsnap. Thanks for the scoop. Having the info in the tags is probably just as convenient, if not more so, than having it online. I'll have to get used to it (and get a better tag reader), but this is obviously a fine solution. And dang man, thanks for being so thorough to include something like this. A constructive resolution and another reason to look forward to the repackaged torrent. Excellent.
  16. Hell yeah pumpkin-decorating is kosher. BTW: if the whole PM/anon thing is a turnoff, please speak up. I thought that running this like the art compo would be a good way about it, but ultimately the goal is to roust this place a bit and do some pumpkining/seasony stuff. So if folks are 'I would but mehhhhh hoopla and voting and crap, no thanks', then we'll adjust the plan. Sticking with what we have for now, of course, so this isn't some wishy-washy bs, but if you all want to be more casual about it then shoot. We can do whatev. I'm made out of laffy taffy.
  17. That's true. It slipped my mind that djp usually includes something from the artist. Still, from reviewing other paneled mixes, djp usually doesn't post everything. He posts whatever he thinks is relevant for the writeup, which makes perfect sense. I'm aware that we get what we're given. I am not complaining; I am simply requesting that consideration be given to allowing space for the entirety of artist comments. And while threads do not currently exist, they could easily be c+p created.
  18. ...would be nice to see. Could link "evaluated" (as is done with paneled mixes) to a thread with two posts: one with the submission info and another with a YES. I enjoy reading artist comments regarding remix construction. With dps, we frequently get very little, if any, info from the artist. For your consideration.
  19. Let's have one. Simple rules should do. a) Carve (or co-carve) a pumpkin. 2) Do it this month. zed) PM me one-two photos (of the pumpkin) by Weds, 27 Oct. I'll post the photos anonymously in the am of the 28th, and we'll vote 28-30 Oct and declare a winner in time for Halloween. Of course, if you'd rather say 'eff that' to the competition and simply post pics in the thread, that's cool too. Posting now to give procrastinators plenty of time to procrastinate. And to build the hype.
  20. Changed the info on Valkyrie Profile in my previous post; what I had yesterday was wrong. Right, but... Depends where you start. If you start counting at the very start of the track (using the tempo that's apparent later in the track), 7/4 fits much better than 4/4 since held notes come in every 14 beats. There's also seven beats between the changes at 0:28 and 0:31. However, if you start counting at 0:41, 4/4 works better for the held notes. Most interesting of all, though, is how the strings break down. For the first 28 beats, 7/4 fits better than 4/4; for the second 28 beats, 4/4 fits better than 7/4.I suppose you could read all of it in 4/4 if you wanted, but that would make for far less elegant timing. Since the entire piece is divided into 28-beat groupings (except for the seven beats at 0:28*), I think I'm not just imagining the use of both 7/4 and 4/4 and that the switches between the two were done intentionally. I hadn't noticed this until your comment forced me to relisten and try to make it conform to 4/4 throughout. Very slyly done; I like it even more now. Of course, I could just be stinking up the place. And that organ doing whatever the fuck it wants still confounds me. *stupid auto-smiley feature
  21. I, too, have a soft spot for time-sig wankery. Non-4/4 starts at 1:15. Love the cut-offs mid-bar. Entire thing. Seamless. Rhythmically ingenious, indeed. Super Castlevania IV - Dracula's Theme Snapple was trying to pin this down a few weeks ago. I count it as 7/4 (and 4/4), but he thinks, or at least thought, it was far wilder than that. Fluctuates between 6/8, 4/4, and 5/8 (3+2) with the skipping of the second beat in the last bar of some of the 6/8 sections. This one is especially cool since the listener has the urge to count it as 3/4 and 5/4 (and 4/4), but the note groupings make more sense the other way. Sakuraba does, or at least did, a lot of melding of meters, so be sure to check out more of his stuff if you're into this sort of thing. Ella posted another example below. Edit: how did I miss this when I've had it on repeat for days? 3+3+3+2 (/4). Maybe that's too close to 3/4 (as it is, minus a beat), but I figured I'd mention it anyway since I really like the flow.
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