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  1. What bothers me is that it's his running theme whenever he reviews anything on the Wii: Monster Hunter, No More Heroes... It's not a fair game review if the complaint is about the system - it'd be like me saying Halo sucks because it doesn't use PS3 graphics. Although, confessedly, he is funny. The line gets stale when all it is is another vehicle to bash the Wii with, though. It'd be fine if he left it at 'this is disappointing because stuff is taken out relative to No More Heroes'. I love the hate Yahtzee's got; I hate that he basically plugs his opinion of the Wii into every Nintendo-based review he does.
  2. Oh, Klonoa...totally forgot about that. Oh, yeah - that was deadly saddening. Never played the second one, though. Speaking of Yoshi's Story, the implication at the end of Super Mario World 2 is pretty sad - the Yoshis basically have to leave orphan Mario and Luigi. (highlight over if you want to see it - it's in white). Another scene that got to me was in EarthBound. My father had died a few years prior to me first playing it, so the scene with Jeff and Dr. Andonuts, and especially when he says, "well, I guess I'll see you in another decade or so" got me bawling. I realize that one's a bit unique, though.
  3. First I remember was Mega Man, for the NES. That was followed by Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2, then Mega Man 2. When I discovered that other types of games existed, it was a stunning, life-completing event. I forget the kid who had it, but the day I found Zelda was awesome. The first game I bought for myself was F-ZERO. My metje gave me $50 for Christmas, and my Mom got me a SNES. Never forget that day: walking into Microplay with a $50 bill, perusing through games, watching the "big kids" play D&D...and finding F-ZERO.
  4. *sigh* "A real game being exclusively for Wii is like a Matisse..." Why, Yahtzee, why? The review is pretty fair, though - he's got my feelings down, save for the seemingly necessary "Nintendo sucks and shouldn't have real games" that seems to get thrown in to every review he does for the Wii.
  5. Easily. Mega Man gets dramatically overweight after eating tons of crap at McD's (courtesy of their new, faster robots). All Wily has to do is stop Mega Man from snackin' in between boss fights, and victory is his. I've seen this before, but it was totally worth a re-watch. "Honus Wagner Card Man?!?" is the most horrifying boss I could think to fight.
  6. This looks like such a nerdy video...I'm in as soon as I hear a 'it's good!' review.
  7. I couldn't help but initially sort of blink at my screen...I was rather confused - until the beat dropped. This is a damn good track - totally not like any other 1-1...anything I've ever heard. The thing is, I've no way to actually describe it, so I'll just give it thumbs up and tell you to listen to it yourself.
  8. He incorrectly jumps from the 3DS' 3D (which is glasses-free) to 3DTV (which is not glasses-free). This is almost getting sad. I mean, underlying this whole thing is 'motion controls suck and people that use them are ninnies'. Not only is that retardedly untrue, but it's a point back to Nintendo. Maybe it's just me, but the impression I got from this is that this whole motion control thing (which is, for reasons which remain unproven is 'childish' in nature) is Nintendo's fault, and Nintendo killed gaming and probably eats kittens (and its entire staff should get gassed for some reason - I didn't get that either). This wasn't productive, and it wasn't funny. It's yet another rant against Nintendo. We got it the first time - you think motion control and the DS are dumb. Har har har. Repeating this isn't funny - it's a sign that you're out of ideas. As a side-note, Yahtzee's 'realistic' games are no more realistic than Luigi's Mansion. The entire story of Modern Warfare 2 comes to mind - you, Mr. Nothing-Can-Kill-Me-Man, will kill tons of people, including innocents. Should you be hurt, you need only tuck yourself under a table until your wounds disappear. It's not any more realistic than a dude hopping on turtles and eating mushrooms to grow bigger. I'm losing hope in Zero Punctuation. I hope Yahtzee gets back to game reviews and gets off his soapbox soon.
  9. Something about phones. What's with the flare-up of phonies all of the sudden? http://ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=36569
  10. Now, now - that's not eco-friendly at all! Or...you know...friend...friendly. Maybe Xbox Live exists for a reason...'cause I ain't playing with Tootles McGassypants. I'm not so excited for eructation compatibility.
  11. I'm very inclined to agree with this. I mean, Nintendo has never had the strongest machine on the market, but rare is the time that it didn't have the cheapest (or one of the cheapest). It's also a good model to make your competition come to you price-wise, ensuring that, if they are using super high-tech stuff, they sell product at a loss. I'm sure that if Nintendo really wanted to, they could make a PS3-esque machine.
  12. Honestly, that and cost kill 3DTV for me. I abjectly refuse to buy really expensive glasses (that need to fit over my current glasses, because I can't see without them - I'm in the '3D blob moved over there! department' right with you, Brandon) and lots of them to use with a super-expensive television to see stuff in 3D. I mean...my understanding is that the glasses are ~$200/each. For four people to come over and play 3D with me, I need to spend ~$800! But, Brandon, I think this is the clincher - it has...that blue ball thing on top. Does Natal have that? Can you justify a purchase without the blue balls that the PS3 apparently developed? And those buttons...WOW. And only $100 - it's the best thing ever! On top of my ~$200 glasses! All right! And the ungodly-expensive television! YEAH! You may have a novel product with interesting potential, but Sony has blue balls and doesn't care about your wallet. I think the winner is plain to see. Returning to serious-land, I need to see Natal in reality-based reality - I'll admit to being moderately intrigued, which is more than I can say about Sony's entire conference; at the same time, cost, games, and functionality will be issues I need to see Joe Public complain about/laud over. Then again, for someone who decided to skip this generation, I must say I'm quite tempted by two of the consoles available to me.
  13. I've gone from back-to-front - one to the next. If you'd rather me hit similar generations, I can do that, too. But not with Kirby, because Kirby only has Air Ride for the 'Cube. Halo 1 -- Halo Reach Super Mario Sunshine -- Super Mario Galaxy 2 Again, the difference is night and day.
  14. [sarcasm]I dunno, man...the Move has buttons. Can't top that, now, can you? [/sarcasm]
  15. I think Sony's was readily the worst of the E3 performances. All I got was jabs at Nintendo, followed by doing the same thing. To be honest, I watched this cold (i.e.: not looking for anything in particular); I didn't find anything interesting. Portal would be if it was exclusive; Killzone 3 is another FPS. GTA5...I think that title should say it all. Uninspired, childish and crass.
  16. I want this as a poster or something. Like the Incantation from Dune: "It is by will alone I set this purchase in motion/ It is by the love of games that the vids acquire playtime/ The playtime becomes fond memories/ The memories demands another, greater yet title/ It is by will alone I set this purchase in motion" But, yeah - the FPS genre is saturated with 'Generic Space Marine 12 - Gun that Shoots Lightning Pigeons in Gunmetal Grey Environment' (tentative title). Nintendo's franchises have made huge strides; whether it's Galaxy or Epic Yarn, the differences are night and day. Put Halo 1 and Reach together, and then put Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Galaxy 2 together, and then tell me which is samey. Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2, and then Kirby's Adventure-Kirby's Epic Yarn. It becomes plain who's doing the rehashing.
  17. Okay - problem solved. I was under the impression everyone's old games were getting a gigantic 'fuck-you-you-must-redo-everything', courtesy of Microsoft. Thanks for the clarification.
  18. Seconding that. Not only is this cute (name an ugly, 'serious' Kirby game - I dare you), it's also unique and, bluntly, looks like a ton of fun. Kirby isn't meant to be hard-core - I mean, even Crystal Shards is readily cleared in a few hours. They're fun little platformers, and that's what this looks like it's going to be. So, I'm totally stoked. The only thing that hurt was no Tales of Graces announcement - I'm sitting on tenterhooks for it - but what I got was awesome. These all look like 'to the roots' sorts of games - a third-person Metroid, a new DKC, Kirby, Goldeneye...it's awesome-looking. And to tie to that hard-core nostalgia...the 3DS. Wowzers. I'm sold (and I never do this) off the bat if it's DS-backwards compatible. The turning-off 3D thing was a nice touch. And Golden Sun. Oh, man...so awesome.
  19. Maybe my friend's is an anomaly, but that thing is LOUD. And it's not young. The PS3 is also loud as crap. However, since I have heard exactly 3 360s run ever (2 of which are loud; one is an original, the aforementioned one, and a brand new one that's a bit quieter), I'll accept what you say with a shrug. Do be careful with the moniker 'parroting', though - I simply went by my sample, 66% of which are noisy. Somewhere around here it says that old hard drives won't work on new console. Nor will the save carts. Ergo, my Tales of Vesperia data doesn't work on new 360. I have to start over. I don't want to start over. I suppose I should have specified that that point is a major stick in my side. And yeah - backwards compatibility is a must. The PS3 not taking PS2 is retarded. But both are fun. I don't need an electricity hog; if making something less powerful makes it last longer, as you're insinuating, that's perfectly fine by me.
  20. Probably, but my thought is that it's not worth chasing. I mean, those games don't sell new anymore anyways, right? It's not like the company makes any money off of the games. Actually, it might increase business - someone emulates FFVII, decides that they absolutely love it, and then go out and buy Crisis Core. My guess is that it's not worth chasing dudes who make emulators a) because it's a costly legal battle and there's no hope of dude living in Mom's basement being able to pay out hard-core, and it may actually drum up some business, and (this is only true with old gen games) the company isn't losing anything.
  21. That's the idea - you basically learn backwards. That's what I do; say, for example, that we understood no Latin at all. I would probably learn its most modern incarnations (Italian/Romanian/Spanish) and listen to various dialects near where Latin was a strong language (say, Rome). Based on how common certain sounds and phrases are (say, if Sicily says nuevo and Rome nuovo, and Florence neuava, I know that the letter 'a' is not in the Latin word because Florence is far from the source and Sicily and Rome, which are closer, are way closer together).

    If it works in reverse, it can work the other way, too. I can take my Latin language skills, sample audio of Italian, and understand modern Italian that way. It's an awkward process, but absolutely awesome.

  22. Yo man! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your new album. Really chill stuff; it's right up my alley, and it sounds really awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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