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  1. Tales of the Abyss, before at the very end. After the battle with the final boss...yeah. Poor Tear...
  2. So...why wasn't this what they first released? I figure that, five years on, Microsoft should be doing a bit more than glitch control and touch-up on their system. Like the fan. I mean, seriously - I assure you that Microsoft has heard tons of compliants about that food processor-esque fan in the 360. Why did it need the Jasper update in the first place? And why aren't hard drives and games backwards compatible? Was it really necessary to bone people like that? I dunno 'bout you folks, but I'm still staying out of this-gen. I mean, honestly: my Atari 2600 is as old as me (25) and it's working just fine. I've replaced one paddle in its entire lifespan, and the paddle breaking was entirely my fault (I dropped it down a flight of stairs). I understand that things need to be tested and all, but I think there's something to the fact that hundreds of thousands of Ataris and SNES and NES and all those other machines are still goin', just fine; whatmore, they had about this long to get finalized, too (the NES was 1985, the SNES 1991 - the last model of NES therefore took about 5-6 years to get finalized. The SNES had 5 years until the N64. The 360 is going on 5 years [2005] and they're still doing major corrections to the device). Maybe it's because there are more moving parts and sensitive electronics and whatevers, but the point remains: I play hundreds of hours a year on my Super Nintendo, easily. I have a TON of fun with that thing - I don't deny that the 360 contains a library of great games, but if the system's needing this huge an update, what's to say it won't need another one? Will I have to buy another one in 10 years? 7? 5? 3? By contrast, my SNES, which I got for Christmas in 1991, is still doing just fine, almost 20 years later. Also, I dislike all the doodads attached to both the 360 and the PS3. I don't need to check facebook; I don't need to chat with my buddies; I don't need to hear tweets and play music and playback DVDs. I have a machine for that - it's called a computer. All this stuff does is take up HD space that I want to use to save things, like...you know...games. Give me Xbox Arcade (I love that thing; honestly, it's the most alluring part of the 360 to me), give me my games, and go hum quietly in the corner 'till I shut you off.
  3. What sort of Latin? There is a connection between Latin and Italian (although it doesn't make much sense to learn it - it's kind of like learning French as a way to better one's English), but Latin's a really broken language.

    It's probably High Latin that you learned. Still, that's rather unusual - thanks for sharing! Personally, I didn't much like Latin, either - it's wickedly complicated and the vocalizations (the syllables) are hard. It's still important, though.

  4. Hmm...y'know, if I lived in Ottawa for August, I'd do my best to figure it out and come along, even though I hate rides. Unfortunately...I'm studying in Belgium, which is nowhere near Maryland. Or rides, for that matter. If it's really, really late August I may be headed home (if so, I'd fly Heathrow - Dulles and hope for a ride or something) - but don't count on it, and don't make any changes to your plans on my account. For the record, why don't the Canadians host something? The North Coast is as left out as the West Coast... EDIT: Poop. I've got a meeting at the end of August in Prague. Crap.
  5. Meh - no worries. Flemish is utterly useless for travel - it's spoken in its non-Dutch variant by about...15-20,000? The only reason I know it is family. In order to do language, you have to be right stuck in it. I did my university education partly in French; I hang out at community centres and listen for language tics and stuff (think like Canada's 'eh').

    And no worries! Flemish is my first language - I learned English only after I went to school as a kid.

    Edit because I forgot to mention that by no means does monolinguality mean slow learning. I'm sure if you had the same upbringing as I did, you'd be multilingual too. It has its downside, too - I can't count well in English, because I learned my numbers in Flemish...

  6. The language in the "Sex and Relationship" thread is Flemish - my family's Belgian, so we all speak it to some degree. Being born to a first-gen immigrant mother, it's only natural I picked some of it up. It's very similar to Dutch, but it's spoken in a way that makes them almost mutually unintelligible. You can read them in either language, though.

    If you want a sample of the language, here's the website of the brewery my cousin worked for, De Halve Maan (the half-moon). It's wonky.The only reason I posted it in here is because I don't want to derail the thread.


    Do you speak Dutch, per chance?

  7. That took 2 hours and 5 minutes more than it ought to have. Nice Birthday Man needs to arrive at the scene instantly.
  8. Heh - true enough. I'm working on a pile of languages (I'm a linguhistorian by profession - that means I research old languages and try to preserve them): Mayan, Buryat, Khalkha, Navajo, and, believe it or not, Klingon. Yep - Star Trek's Klingon. It's a linguist's nightmare, which means that we want to try to figure it out.

    Trouble is, nobody writes in my 'in-training' languages. Parlez-vous francais? Kannen U sprechen Vlaams?...Those are my only European languages. I intend to pick up German, Italian and Danish at some point, but, with the way research is going, that'll be when I'm retired...

  9. Dude - no worries! Your stuff is thirty flavours of awesome. And that's exactly the mix, too - Cradle. Although it's still a kickin' tune, you've gained a ton of skill, too. Props, dude!

  10. Thanks, man! Now that I see it, it makes a lot of sense.

    That's actually a really good idea - my family's from Belgium, and we all speak Flemish to some degree. Thing is, my Flemish is really weak, and I'm always having trouble understanding things on the phone or in letters or whatever. I never thought to use forums - good call! Your command of English is impeccable in writing - is English common in Italy? I'd imagine not so much as in Belgium (almost everyone speaks it to some degree).

  11. YES!! Holy balls, yes! It's good to finally have some TF2 respect on the scene! djp more or less nailed what I think on the head (less musically complex than most of zircon's works but still thirty flavours of awesome), but that doesn't mean I won't be rockin' out to it while I play. Thanks, zircon! Solid, solid, SOLID stuff.
  12. Sounds like I should be picking this up with the beer money from my next paycheque. Hmm...
  13. You're playing with a masterpiece of a source tune. I'll second Liz - your beginning is okay (the pulsing thing sounds a little bit off, timing-wise - on re-listens, it appears and disappears. Just check - for me?), but your lead synth isn't quite apropo. It doesn't mesh with the bass synth, I don't think. Try to get a blend going - I'll follow up below. Try to remember what's going on in Stickerbrush Symphony. It's a laid-back but intensely energetic place. You've got a semblance of the energy going, but that laid-back thing comes from the blending of sounds in the original. You can hear only a few voices that are active - the rest are backgroundish. This sounds like Brambles on the 4th of July - it's not bad, but I'm not getting the essence of the original. You have too much going on, I think, and the (very decent) writing you've got going suffers for it. So, in short - calm down a little bit here. Make your drums more organic - part of Stickerbrush's charm is that there isn't much of a beat demarcation. Only the hums give you a real downbeat - try that, then throw some drums in, keepin' em nice, tight, and simple. I appreciate the experimentation, but your current drums aren't doin' it. Keep up the good work - like Liz said, there's potential here - I just think you've buried it with too much love.
  14. Hmm...now that's more familiar to Canada. Our Premiers get 4, PMs 5 (in theory), and they can call an election by asking the Governor General for one. He/she's never refused, to the best of my knowledge.

  15. That's odd. So, does anything govern term limits or something for the executive? Or is it more like the ridiculously scattered English system, where everything's 10-million years old and set as precedent so many times it's immortal, but it's not actually in one place.

  16. Seriously? Nothing? Then what checks your executive branch? Are there no safeguards at all?

    I'm sorry for being inquisitive: it just sounds really weird. Case law is the entirety of your civil rights? Whoa.

  17. Hey Wacky - out of curiousity, what covers Australian rights and freedoms? Canada has the Charter; the States the Bill of Rights et al., France has the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (or whatever) - what do the Australians get?

  18. I endorse this product or service. The two complaints (turbo and music) I have have already been aired, so all I can do is say awesome job!
  19. Arek, you are a titan of awesomeness and a paragon of excellence. The songs sound EPIC, the artwork is GORGEOUS, and I can't wait for this to come out. Keep 'er going, man! And happy belated birthday!
  20. Blow the whistle on 'im. Literally - just pile that stuff so high that it hits Newgrounds admins.
  21. Pixie and co.: Is there an antidote to this song? I can't stop listening to this.
  22. This song has been on a loop...for about 4 hours straight now. I want it to stop...but I don't want it to stop...*hypnotized*
  23. Did the DS ever come in retardedly lime green? Hmm...
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