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  1. Nice, bro! Best to you and your new project! Can't wait to hear what else you have in store for us.
  2. looking like the next sd3 release
  3. I get that. I only meant good in a like how raw it sounds. I've never used a tracker and just rely on midi. Maybe one day I'll experiment. I have an old gameboy I should try to tweak out. Ya, focusing on the orchestration and production. It sounds really clean what you did. Very polished.
  4. Gratz, Christopher! Always glad to see new music and to listen to more of your work. I like the range you're showing here and being able to hear your chiptune drafts. Those chiptune tones are so gritty. What are you using for that?
  5. You know I wrote and finished my remix for this album? Cause I don't see my name and the track is up for grabs.
  6. @djpretzel @zircon @JJT Well shit. Thats sucks. I don't know what happened or what was said but for someone who has given a lot of time to this community and then be cutoff is rough. Hopefully bridges can mend in the future, but its nice that you guys want to keep this going. I also do hope that @OA @Sam Ascher-Weiss can get back on the project cause I was rather looking forward to their tracks. I appreciate Brandon and his hard work but lets move forward and see this through for the community. We're all welcome to release our music elsewhere but contributing together is what makes it special here.
  7. Think of it as some tough love cause I do appreciate people like yourselves taking your personal time to make a project happen. It's just gotten to the point of being comical and I think anyone who has a mix on this can relate. Let's see this through guys.
  8. This project has been finished for over 2 years. And we've just gotten to mastering? Is this going to come out this year or are we hoping for 2017 now? Def not going to hold a track for an album again.
  9. Just saw this. I have actually been working on a remix for the port theme. I have live violin recorded and the track arranged but I still have a bit of editing and work to do. I am hoping to finish it in the next couple weeks. Its not even in the original OST, so I never thought it would get any love anywhere else. I would be open to releasing it with the album but I may opt to have it released separately before as well. Let me know if you're interested.
  10. I agree that the verse is striking in similarity but thats about it from the track and besides the soundscape there is nothing really identifiably unique to what Powerman 5000 is doing in their track that correlates. The two chords that are strung together in the same key, with the generic boom-tis beat, and ASMR vocals are what makes it striking but none of those are enough to relay infringement. You can hear it as an homage which Yoshida says was the idea but they don't rip off the original besides mimicking the genre. The song's chorus goes in a different direction and they don't mimic any other parts of the song except the verse. The hooks of both tracks are very different from each other and merit separate creativity as far the songwriting is. Soken is an amazing talent and while he brings influences from other places he has his own stamp and personality. Kanno is also someone with immense talent that does questionable things like this all the time, but she too is a talent that transcends her work with what she is influenced by.
  11. Wes, I have a confirmed collab with Jeff Ball (violin), Abi Coffer (flute/piccolo), Doug Perry (marimba) and Wilbert Roget (recorder) for "Little Sprite".
  12. The only reason i bring it up is because I believe SD3 was around the same when FF7 was in development. It's been around a LONG time.
  13. Let's see if Jeff responds. He's what came to mind for the part but I do feel like I need another lead for color. Not certain what and the obvious for a flute is not something I'm sure of but I would have someone in mind for that. If someone out there had a desire and wanted to riff on the melody with some variations that could serve as a spring board. A live upbeat realistic performance riffing on the sections with variations is my general idea. Fleshing out the instrumentation and giving it new life.
  14. I could still be up for doing Little Sprite but I'd need some talent to pull it off. Want a live violinist who can shred. If @some1namedjeff is interested to play and riff off an arrangement, I'll put it together and claim it. Could also opt for @DrumUltimA to do some mallet/percussion and maybe @bustatunez for some basic flute/etc but need some fleshing to do around the violin first. Gotta keep that fast spirit alive so it'll need some real talent like those guys.
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